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Theeve Skateboard Trucks

Theeve Skateboard Trucks are not popular as it should be. The mere fact that this brand is obscure causes people to undervalue it. These trucks are great trucks.

Theeve Skateboard Trucks History

The company was established in 2007. A noteworthy milestone in the history of the suspension business is that Theeve introduced titanium to the skate industry. The company debuted the first iteration of its top TiHanger pendants in 2009. One of the company’s guiding principles is to use the strongest and lightest titanium alloy possible for its tracks.

 Only the CSX variant lacks titanium components at this time. Although more information about the brand’s founders could not be located, Theeve should merely be thought of as the innovator who opted to produce pendants out of titanium.

Theeve Brand Facts:

The pink version of the suspension of the base segment is shown in the catalogue the link to which is above, and it is said that many ladies started riding skateboards and that they should be respected.

Small capsule collections of T-shirts, caps, socks and sweatshirts with long sleeves are also produced by the company.

Team of Theeve Skateboard Trucks:

There are many professional team members of the theeve brand given below: 

  • Brandon Turner
  • Moose
  • Larelle Grey

Suspension Lineup:

Theeve currently produces a sizable selection of skateboard trucks. There are up to 4 collections in the lineup:

  • The coolest and priciest brand of pendants is TiHangers. The hanger and wheel axle are constructed of titanium, as is evident from the line’s name. No one will be able to relax due to a pretty odd form; although it is out of the ordinary, the track is not weaker as a result. The hanger and axle of these pendants are said to be made of titanium, making them unique in the world, according to the manufacturer. Yes, the $250 pricing is just absurd. It should come as no surprise that the collection exclusively comes in metallic.
  • As they cost $ 88 for a pair, TiKing pendants are already a more cost-effective offering. In this case, titanium is just used for the wheel axle. Which component of the pendants is made of which material is shown in the image. I never would have imagined that the suspension’s development may result in the use of up to three different metals in its construction. Since titanium is already lightweight, there is no need to weaken the strength of the track section, therefore only the kingpin on these suspensions is hollow; nevertheless, the wheel axles are not hollow.
  • TiAX pendants: It’s difficult to tell how these differ from the KING series. Suspensions are essentially identical, even when compared to the manufacturer’s standards. However, the cost is very different. TiAX is priced at $64. The colour line is similarly not very rich, although there are now at least two models instead of only one. You will also receive a titanium wheel axle in such a variant.
  • The simplest and least expensive products from this manufacturer are the CSX pendants. The item has a $50 price tag. You will receive a good “truck” for your skating instead of being spoiled by the titans here. You will undoubtedly love the large selection of pendants and even the models with distinctive designs that are included in this collection. This pendant model is the one that was submitted for evaluation, so we encourage you to read the article that goes into greater depth about it.


In 2009, the business unveiled the top TiHanger pendants in their initial form. The usage of the strongest and lightest titanium alloy feasible for the company’s tracks is one of its guiding principles. Now, only the CSX variant lacks titanium parts.

When my board size started to grow, I had to move to Theeve Skateboard trucks because, at the time, Krux only made smaller trucks. I used to only ride Krux trucks.

I’ve been riding them for the past three years, and I really adore them. looking forward to the Ti King V3s’ arrival. I like the Ti Kings the most since they are light, though not quite as light as the Ti Hs. They are lightweight, incredibly strong, and sturdy.

theeve skateboard truck sizes

Theeve Skateboard Trucks Key Model:

There are four key models of skateboard trucks. Which are given below:

  • Theeve CSX skateboard trucks.
  • Theeve TIAX V3 skateboard trucks.
  • Theeve Tiking V3 Skateboard Trucks.
  • Theeve TIH Titanium Skateboard Trucks.


Users admire Theeve Skateboard trucks for their high level of craftsmanship and variety of colour options. The trucks include a hollow kingpin to decrease weight, and certain models incorporate an anti-slipping axis. The hollow kingpin and wheel axle are constructed of steel, while the baseplate and hanger are built of a unique aluminium alloy. Speed rings are included in the kit, and the original bushings are of medium hardness.

In order to match the size of the skateboard, Theeve only differentiates their pendants by width. Their pendants are all 55 mm tall, which is between mid- and high-height on average.


How big should the trucks be?

You should try to match the total truck width to the deck width for the ideal truck size; for instance, a 7.75″ deck matches a 5.0″ truck, and an 8.0″ deck matches a 5.25″ truck.

What length does a vehicle have?

The average pickup truck is 19.8 feet long, 6.7 feet wide, and 6.3 feet height. These figures obviously fluctuate greatly depending on the particular ride you select to claim as your own.

What does trucks size capacity means?

The greatest weight that may be securely added to a truck’s cargo area in addition to its empty weight is referred to as its payload capacity. The greatest weight that a truck can tow, on the other hand, is referred to as the towing capacity, which takes into account the weight of the truck as well as any cargo.

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