Go Skate Day Logo for the Skateboarding Event Shows The Importance

Go Skate Day Logo

On June 21, there will be a Go Skateboarding Day. The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) established GSD as an annual promotional event.

It began in New York City in 2002, and in 2004 it changed its name to Go Skate Day. The addition of skateboarding as an Olympic sport in 2016 has had the biggest impact on the sport in recent years. Another justification for skateboarders worldwide to enjoy the unadulterated joy, imagination, and spirit of this significant pastime. Although the majority of skateboarders do this every day of their lives, here is yet another excuse to put down your computer, television, and video games and go skateboarding!

The event attempts to encourage people to skate on any surface that can be ridden, including sidewalks, skateparks, roads and even swimming pools.

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) created Go Skateboarding Day in 2004. Skateboarders were given the task by the organisation to put down their phones, play video games, and use computers for the entire day in favour of their sport.

In its initial year, Southern California hosted a number of skateboarding sessions, demonstrations, and barbecues. Today, a wide variety of events are taking place around the globe, including contests, workshops, fundraising efforts, protests, and equipment demonstrations.

Skaters congregate at neighbourhood hangouts to enjoy pavement surfing, exchange trick advice and pick the brains of accomplished athletes. On this unique day, skateboarders reclaim their culture and celebrate the rebelliousness, independence, and inventiveness that are ingrained in the activity. Go skate day logo is of Red and White colour.

The opportunity presents itself for skateboarders to publically tout the sport’s advantages and emphasize how it benefits young empowerment. In this article, we will provide you with details about the go skate day logo.

Logo for the Zero Skateboard

Perhaps you’ve noticed the intricate and covert logos of skateboard manufacturers. The Zero logo’s original gangster skull icon is overused.

Originally intended for clothing like t-shirts, this 90s-inspired, logo font-based design ended up becoming the company’s main logo. People adore the concept of using a skull as a brand’s logo because it stood out from the alternatives offered at the time.

Zero made the bold decision to produce the blood variant of the same sign. The Skull logo, which was used by a well-known skate manufacturer, was one of the iconic skate logos of the 1990s and has since attained cult status.

Logo for skull skates

Logo for skull skates

Skull Skates is undoubtedly one of the great skateboarding logos, although it wasn’t the first. On the left side of the logo in earlier iterations were the letters G.N.C. Great North Country Skateboards is referred to as G.N.C.

The company’s logo was black and white and featured a Yin and Yang motif. The skaters gave the new Skull Skates emblem to the firm when it decided to alter its name to G.N.C Skates.

Additionally, the grip tape on the skate deck was cut away on the original edition of the skull. This technique produced the sharp, angular lines on the cranium.

The Circa Logo

Can you make out the two bands encircling the rounded triangle? The best skateboarding brand logos are those with the main design explicitly referencing the company name.

Although the triangle is regarded as a symbol of strength, the corners are maintained rounded to keep things seeming welcoming. The message of power and warmth is also conveyed by the bold, gently curved lettering.

The letter “I” is similar to the number 1, which demands excellence in all the brand undertakings.


A great approach to celebrate the day is by showcasing your talents. While you’re at it, make sure to teach the basics to another skateboarder. Invite people to activities where they can hone their abilities as you assist others in developing theirs. Additionally, you can create an event or attend ones in your area. Hope so, this article helps you provide enough information about the go skate day logo.


Why People love to go skate day?

Skateboarding is a fantastic pastime that will get you outside and give you a completely new perspective on your surroundings. Not to mention that it’s a fantastic low impact exercise, making it perfect for anyone who wants to maintain their fitness without overworking their bodies.

How Will We Honour National Skateboarding Day?

The purpose of the day is to celebrate and gather with other skaters, even though there may not be a set schedule of activities to undertake. So when will Go Skate Day actually occur? On June 23, Go Skate Day NYC will take place. A school of riders will take to the streets on International Skate Day, which was founded by seasoned skaters. As is to be expected, this action will leave passing automobiles in awe of the numerous skaters there. Street takeovers are intended to expose skateboarding to non-skaters and entice them to try it out. 

What is significant in skating?

The skill of skating requires balance, but not everyone is born with it. Skateboarders therefore practise until they master the skill. As the core muscles become stronger through the variety of postures and workouts that they would not normally receive from daily activities, regular practice eventually improves balance.

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