Street League Skateboarding Finals

Street League Skateboarding Finals

The Street League Skateboarding Finals electrified the skateboarding world by showcasing unmatched talent and crashing techniques. Held in harsh urban settings, the latter united the top players in a fierce battle for power. As each skater pushed the limits of creativity and skill, the competition reached a new high of passion and intensity. 

Spectators were shown technical prowess and daredevil moves as the competitors navigated precision and technique through challenging courses only one skater ultimately won, and his legacy as a street skateboarding legend was solid and left viewers eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the epic story of street racing.

2018 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Events

The best skateboarders in the world were featured in thrilling events during the 2018 Street League skateboarding finals. The season began on May 26–27 with the London Pro Open, where Yuto Horigom skillfully demonstrated his extraordinary abilities on the city’s streets. The SLS Los Angeles event took place in Los Angeles, California, USA on July 7-8, 2016. where signature powerhouse Nyjah Huston is located superior in terms of flair and technical skill.

Visiting the SLS World Tour stop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 26, we saw Calvin Hofler dominate the competition with his impressive consistency and innovative techniques. 

2017 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Finals:

The Street League Skateboarding 2017 finals never ceased attracting spectators worldwide with its thrilling competition. The season began on May 20–21 at the SLS Pro Open in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where Shane O’Neill won for his outstanding technical skills. On June 24, SLS Munich was the next event, where Nyjah Huston once again demonstrated her supremacy in the sport with her debut performance and unmatched caliber.

Continuing the excitement, the SLS World Tour headed to Chicago, Illinois, USA. on August 13, where Calvin Hoffler won with his powerful new machine. The year ended on September 15 with the Street League Skateboarding 2017 Los Angeles Super crown finals in Los Angeles, California, USA. game, where Nyjah Huston reaffirmed their status as the best in the world, winning the tournament with another stellar performance.

2016 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Finals:

At the SLS Pro Open in Barcelona, Spain, on May 21–22, the season got underway.  At the SLS Munich event on July 2, Nyjah-Huston won with her unmatched skill and consistency, adding to the excitement.

Next, the SLS World Tour moved on to New Jersey, USA on August 28th, where Shane O’Neill proved his dominance once again with another impressive victory. The season ended at the SLS Super Crown World Championships in Los Angeles, California, USA on October 2nd, where Nyjah Huston cemented his status as the best street skateboarder in the world with yet another extraordinary feat- The job was celebrated by winning the tournament title

2015 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Finals:

The 2015 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) World Tour continued to showcase the world’s best skateboarding talent in electrifying events. The SLS Pro Open kicked off May 16-17 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, hosted by Nyjah Huston who flawlessly asserted his dominant performance July 11 SLS. The excitement continued at the Los Angeles event, where Calvin Hofler wowed the crowd with his powerful new style and took the lead.

Heading into the SLS New Jersey event on August 23, we saw Nyjah Huston rise to the occasion again, masterfully claiming yet another well-deserved win. The season ended on October 4 at the SLS Super Crown World Championship in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Calvin Hoffler excelled to win the championship and write his name in SLS history.

2014 SLS Nike SB World Tour Finals

Top street skating expertise changed into on display in locations like Chicago, New York, and street league skateboarding Los Angeles 2014 finals for the SLS Nike SB world excursion. Skaters including Nyjah Huston and Shane O’Neill rose to the assignment of extreme opposition and hard hurdles, charming spectators worldwide with their explosive performances.

2013 SLS World Tour Finals

The 2013 SLS World Tour took outdoor skateboarding to new heights with events in Brazil, Spain, Kansas City, Munich, Portland, and Los Angeles. 

Both the Street League Skateboarding 2013 Kansas City Final and Street League Skateboarding Finals x Games Los Angeles 2013 were iconic events in the world of the street. skateboarding, showcasing the sport’s top talent and athletes from around the world in Kansas City pushing the boundaries of what’s available is possible on the board.

They’ve gathered to compete in challenging courses, captivating audiences with outrageous tactics and gravity deliveries. Now at the X Games Los Angeles, the world’s best skateboarders took to one of the event’s biggest stages, delivering electrifying performances that let fans sharpen their technique. Favored by skill and daring tactics, these events not only highlighted the skill and athletic prowess of the competitors but also solidified their place in skateboarding history.

Street League Skateboarding 2010 Glendale finals

The 2010 Glendale Finals Street League Skateboarding opposition became a turning factor in the sport’s evolution.

The competition, which befell in Glendale, California, featured some of the exceptional athletes in the game competing in a traumatic route that examined their competencies through using advanced era, accelerated flexibility, and the adaptability and creativity of competitors for the Glendale Finals. 


The Street League Skateboarding Finals represent the top of the competition in street skateboarding, bringing collectively top athletes from around the arena to exhibit their skills in a selection of challenging classes these activities don’t showcase the expertise and athleticism that it is not simplest the marvel of the individuals however additionally a platform for innovation and development within the game. With electrifying performances, nail-biting finishes, and remarkable moments, the Street League Skateboarding Finals draw spectators and inspire skateboarders of all stages to push their limits and attempt greatness.


What’s Streets League Skateboarding (SLS)?

Street League Skateboarding (SLS) is an expert skateboarding opposition series based by way of professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek in 2010. It functions as the sector’s first-class street skateboarder competing on numerous occasions worldwide.

How are SLS activities dependent?

SLS events typically consist of qualifying rounds, semi-finals, and finals. opposition earns points based totally on their overall performance in each round, with the pinnacle-scoring athletes advancing to subsequent levels till a winner is decided within the very last round.

who are some exceptional winners of SLS occasions?

Over the years, SLS activities were won via iconic skateboarders which include Nyjah Huston, Shane O’Neill, Luan Oliveira, and Paul Rodriguez. Those athletes have always validated remarkable ability, creativity, and consistency at the route, solidifying their popularity as legends in the game of skateboarding.

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