Go Skate Day 2023, June 21st | An Unforgettable Day for Skaters

Go Skate Day 2023

Every June 21, Go Skateboarding Day is observed. Skateboarding is an action sport and leisure activity that entails riding a skateboard and pulling off tricks. 

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) organised the skateboarding competition to promote this sport more broadly.

We have all fantasised about getting together with other skateboarders for a fun day of tricks, feats, and new skills at least once. By doing this, we upgrade our skills while also growing our network within the skating community.

We have all fantasised about getting together with other skateboarders for a fun day of tricks, feats, and new skills at least once. By doing this, we upgrade our skills while also growing our network within the skating community. Now let’s discuss details about go skate day 2023.

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The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) established Go Skateboarding Day in 2004.

It attempts to popularise skateboarding and foster a sense of community. The IASC hopes to inspire skateboarders to prioritise their sport on Go Skateboard Day and put away all electronics by hosting this event.

This enjoyable event encourages skateboarding on any surface that can be ridden, including a skatepark, a road, etc. The festival featured a number of skateboarding sessions, demonstrations, barbecues, and other enjoyable activities when it was originally celebrated in Southern California.

There are many events, competitions, workshops, and fundraising activities going on right now all across the world. Skaters gather to perform at local venues on Go Skateboarding Day.

The first All-City Skate Jam in New York City was organised by Bryan Chin and Kerel ‘Srikala’ Roach in the same year that the day was established.This event was held in response to how the 9/11 tragedy affected the skateboarding community.

Skateboarding is a symbol of creativity, independence, and defiance. Go skating Day draws attention to the benefits of skating and how it fosters independence. Thousands of people continue to flock to the streets of New York City for Go Skateboarding Day, which acts as the event’s crucial hub. You won’t be sorry you took part in this. go skate day chicago is celebrated every year and people really love it. 

Go Skate Day 2023

Interesting Facts About Skateboarding

There are many interesting facts abouts the skateboarding. Some of them are given below which helps you to celebrate go skate day 2023 more effectively:

  • In recent years, skateboarding has grown in popularity as more and more people take up this energetic and leisure activity. In order to discover more about skateboarding today, check out these fascinating facts.
  • Skateboarding was previously referred to as “sidewalk skating,” and it is now regarded as one of the top 10 sports in the world.
  • In the past, skateboards had handles to help riders grip on while they skated around. The skill today is to skate without handles. In the beginning, the bikers would ride without shoes.
  • Skateboarding’s beginnings cannot be attributed to a specific individual or organisation. But it’s said that surfers who wanted a choice in the matter invented it.
  • According to studies, there are more than 85 million skateboarders in the world. Additionally, the majority of these individuals are minors.
  • More than 500 of the more than 3000 skate parks in the US are located in the state of California alone.
  • In honour of the well-known Disney character Goofy, the Goofy Stance is a well-known skateboarding move.
  • Aldrin Garcia accomplished the 45-inch-highest ollie in skating history.
  • Studies have also revealed that the majority of skating pros are ambidextrous.
  • Skateboarding was introduced in 1995 as a part of ESPN’s Extreme Games programme.
  • Using skateboards, the US military’s Urban Warriors 99 programme was introduced in 1999.

Go Skateboarding Day 2023 Celebration Ideas

The go skateboard day june 21st is coming and it is also a national skate day and we will provide you ideas on how to celebrate it. Some of ideas are given below:

Visit a Skate Park

This is the ideal day to visit your neighbourhood skate park and demonstrate your skateboarding prowess. Spend the day practising new skills with pals.

Arrange a Collective Skate Session

Invite your family and friends over for an all-day skating session. Together, map out a course to follow or just skate around freely. Enjoy yourself, be careful, and snap lots of pictures!

Go Skate Day 2023

Go out on The Town

Look for street locations in your neighbourhood to practise your moves. Before trying larger rails, go slowly and practise on the smaller ones.

Take a Spin on a Longboard

Grab your longboard and head out for some leisurely cruising on the roads or trails. Enjoy your city’s sights and sounds while getting a fantastic workout.

See a Skateboarding Motion Picture

Watch one of the great skateboarding films, such as “The Search for Animal Chin” or “Lords of Dogtown.” While you celebrate Go Skateboarding Day, take in the tales of some incredible skaters.

Some Cool Skateboarding Tricks to Try on go skate day 2023

Learn the fundamental skateboarding skills before attempting to achieve any elaborate feats. You must be able to push, balance, accomplish positive falls, and push. You can go on to the fun stuff as soon as you have mastered these basic techniques! If you’ve never tried skateboarding before, attempt some of the simplest yet coolest moves listed below:

Go Skate Day 2023

The Kickflip

This tip is perfect for those who are just starting off! In order to do this, you must lift your board’s wheels up to 180 degrees off the ground. Simply lift the skateboard’s nose and swiftly and precisely slip it around!

The Heel flip 

With your back foot, you raise the board’s nose in this trick. As you jump, lift the face of your skateboard off the ground with your back foot. Once you are in the air, rest your thumb on the board’s nose and flick it up. Once you’ve finished flipping, make sure to land firmly on the board by using your feet.

The Tick Tack 

As a newbie, you should probably try out this trick first. Once your balance and agility are put to use, “tick tacking” will come effortlessly. On a skateboard, you basically move from side to side as you skate down the sidewalk.


Skate parks are springing up all over the place as this activity gains popularity, and skate punk culture is in full bloom. Video games and legendary skateboarders like Tony Hawk gave us the impression that it had reached its zenith, but it was really just the start. go skate day nyc seems very exciting because their people love skating.

Skateboarding Isn’t A Crime bumper stickers and other controversies around this topic. If you’ve never skateboarded, get out there and start discovering the wonders of this incredible sport. After all, Go Skateboarding Day is your chance to join them if you can’t beat them. Hope this article helps you to get enough information about go skate day 2023.


What is skating’s past?

Over 2000 years ago, ice skating undoubtedly began as a mode of transportation in Scandinavia. During the Middle Ages, it was also practised on the canals of Holland. Skating was first mentioned in England in the seventeenth century.

What is skateboarding day?

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) hosts the yearly promotional event known as Go Skateboarding Day (GSD).

When is go skateboarding day?

21st  june is the national skateboarding day. A reliable skating partner is always enjoyable. The joy of going to a large event, like Go Skateboarding Day, is different. Not only are you exhibiting your abilities, but you are also accumulating experiences and memories that you can treasure always.

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