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Best Skateboard Bearings for Street

Skateboards come in a variety of designs to accommodate varied riding techniques. Some cruises work well with these. Some are better suited to stunts, while others are more adaptable. There is a variety of best skateboard bearings for the street.

However, if we look more closely at a skateboard’s parts, we will discover that it is not simply the rollers that make it appropriate for the situations we listed. The deck, grip tape, trucks, or bearings are further potential causes.

So, if your goal is to improve your skateboards rolling speed and smoothness, you might want to look for the best skateboard bearings for street. Pay attention to the following:

Rating ABEC:

Before discussing the best skateboard bearings for street, we have to look at the following things.

The ABEC scale is the most accurate way to assess the precision of a bearing. The highest gauge available for this unit of measurement which ranges from 1 to 9, is the best choice.

The best bearings for downhill speed skating, namely, are ABEC 9 bearings. Although it operated at a slower rate than others, ABEC 7 is smooth enough to produce good rides.

Lastly, ABEC 5-wheel cores are more cost-effective and make good skateboard bearings for cruising.

Material of the bearing:

There are only two alternatives for bearing material: steel or ceramic. For this skateboard component, steel is renowned material.

However, if we contrast one steel bearing with another, we will see that the brand and price are important considerations.

Expect better performance from more expensive steel bearings.

Items required:

Washers, speed rings, and spacers are additional alternative parts for skateboard bearings. Your skateboard’s weight is balanced with the aid of spacers.

They increase stability and quality of turns while extending bearing life.

Top Rated Skateboard Bearings for street:

Bones REDS Skateboard Bearings 8 pack Bones REDS Skateboard Bearings 8 pack
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CCS Premium Skateboard Bearings CCS Premium Skateboard Bearings
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INDEPENDENT Genuine Parts GP-R Skateboard Bearings INDEPENDENT Genuine Parts GP-R Skateboard Bearings
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Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings
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If you are looking for what are the best skateboard bearings? then best bearings are given below:

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings:

Bones REDS Skateboard Bearings 8 pack
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Price: Affordable
  • Speed Quality: Maintain Speed
  • Fraction: Low Fraction

The Bones Reds Bearings will be the first to fly off the shelves if there is a frenzied demand for reasonably priced yet performance-loaded bearings. These bearings are comparable to the far more expensive options the company offers, one of the most well-known and popular companies in the US.

These skateboards for all types of skateboarders boast a combination of quality and performance and guarantee lightning-fast speeds. These bearings are very good bearings if you want to purchase them.

These bearings have a detachable shield that makes cleaning a breeze, which also intrigued me. Every ride is silent and smooth because of the bearing’s reduced friction caused by the non-contact rubber coating. 

Best Skateboard Bearings for Street

These bearings spin way better than the ones that came originally with my board, even if I’m still rather new to skating. It rolls considerably better and smoother now, and the change was quite immediately noticeable.

Having said that, I have thus far noticed a small amount of inconsistent behavior after installing them. It appears that some of these bearings are just constructed differently and can spin for half as long.

I can’t really complain, though at this price, compared to its rival a quality product is offered at an excellent price.

These are ideal for me because I am easily irritated by my boards’ noise when they have bad bearings. 


More affordable than other models.

Maintain speed on all types of roads.

Removal of the shield to facilitate cleaning.

Low friction for a quiet, comfortable ride.


The bearing may be harmed by flimsy packaging.

(CCS) Premium Skateboard Bearings:

CCS Premium Skateboard Bearings - ABEC 7 and Ceramic
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Price: Budgeted
  • Good for: Beginners Friendly
  • Durability: Long Lasting

In the skateboard components market, CSS is regarded as one of the pioneers and goo, having produced high-quality goods over the past three decades.

I am using these bearings they are good and are comparable to reds at half the cost. The one drawback was that the bearing sheds were slipping apart, so I pulled them off.

Therefore, if you are looking for something at a tight price, these CCS bearings might be it. Even though CCS is the least expensive skateboard bearing on my list, it is impressive that it does not skimp on build quality or performance.

(CCS) Premium Skateboard Bearings boast an outstanding ABEC score of seven, setting an excessive trend for precision and performance in the skateboarding industry. With a rating gadget ranging from 1 to 9, the ABEC 7 designation indicates extraordinary tolerance and smoothness, important for attaining premier velocity and performance on the skateboard.

These top-rated bearings are meticulously engineered to limit friction and maximize sturdiness, making sure a clean ride and better maneuverability for skateboarders of all ability degrees. whether cruising via the streets or executing problematic hints within the skate park, CCS premium Skateboard Bearings deliver unprecedented performance, making them a preferred desire among skateboarding fans internationally.

Several construction and design details make this skateboard bearing a stand out option. The blue steel shields bend fairly nicely and are compatible with any skateboard design.

Best Skateboard Bearings for Street



For beginners, it is the very best option

Steel construction is very durable

It is very easy to clean

Higher RPM rated for ABEC 7


The performance tends to loose faster

Independent GP-R skateboard Bearings:


INDEPENDENT Genuine Parts GP-R Box/8 Skateboard Bearings
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Affordable: Budgeted
  • Good for: Beginners Friendly
  • Reviews: High Ratings

The selections on this list, which begin with this one, are less well-known on the market but offer good quality and value for the money. These are the best skateboard bearings for street.

Given their cost, I was quite amazed at how nicely these bearings worked. In my other setup, they roll as softly and smoothly as the Reds. I’ll most likely purchase a few more sets of these to have on hand or to give as gifts.

Over the years, I’ve used a lot of other bearing brands in this price bracket, but none of them performed as well as these.

One such bearing for street skating, the independent GP-R, particularly amazed me with how fast and smooth it was.

Independent GP-R skateboard Bearings provide a dependable ABEC 5 rating, supplying stable overall performance for average skating needs. With a focus on sturdiness and smoothness, these bearings deliver regular performance on numerous terrains. best for casual cruising and primary tricks, they make sure a reliable experience for skate boarders of all ability stages.

These bearings are made entirely of steel and have an ABEC 5 rating. Even though durability is guaranteed, some of you might have concerns about the ABEC rating.

Best Skateboard Bearings for Street

You need not be concerned the ABEC 5 rating is still rather good considering the price, and the bearings were buttery smooth during my testing.

The smoothness is still present when you take them out of the box because they are independently pre-lubricated. These bearings shields may also be removed, making it simple to clean the bearings.


For easy cleaning, there are removal shields

It comes with packaging of Pre-lubricated

 steel races with Micro polished


Lubricants present in it fade out quickly

Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings:


Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Performance: Smooth rolling
  • Safety: Safeguard against mud and pebbles
  • Colors: Variety of colors with washers and spacers

The top-rated skateboard bearings for cruising from Yellow Jacket weren’t hard to find. This high-precision package is offered in eight packages and comes with washers and spacers.

I used these bearings and they provide access to ceramics for the same price as traditional bearings and are incredibly quick.

I purchased some Bones Reds and soon sent them back. Purchased these instead, and they spin continuously as they should.

They should work with traditional skateboards, longboards, inline skates, and electric skateboards.

These bearings are, in my opinion, as good as they claim to be. Thar they are pre-lubricated is fantastic. I experienced the speed and smooth rolling in my 22-inch cruiser on my first ride with these.

Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings boasting a first-rate ABEC score top-of-the-line 9 is a first-rate desire for street skating enthusiasts seeking unprecedented overall performance. With an ABEC score system starting from 1 to 9, an ABEC nine rating indicates remarkable precision and smoothness, best for navigating the challenges one of the best avenues skating effectively and with agility.

These bearings are meticulously engineered to decrease friction and maximize durability, making sure a constantly easy and reliable experience on various city terrains. whether tackling rugged pavement or executing unique maneuvers, Yellow Jacket Longboard Bearings with their ABEC nine rating offer avenue skaters an unbeatable mixture of top-of-the-line pace, responsiveness, and durability for an exhilarating skating revel like no different.

They were so quiet even at high speeds, which is excellent because my older ones tended to the louder. While using it I found that these are the smoothest bearings.

The bearings are made with top-notch technology and design. I enjoy how the variously colored etched colored seals provide defense from dirt and rocks. This feature also enables the bearings to keep their accuracy and increase their lifetime.


Pre-lubricated for silent, squeaky rolling, versatile, and exact.

It comes in a variety of colors with washers and spacers

Safeguard against mud and pebbles.

Offers a money-back guarantee


Unsuitable with certain wheels

More expensive than other performance bearings in price.

Bronson Speed Co. David Gravette Pro G3 Skateboard Bearings:

Bronson Speed Co. David Gravette Pro G3 Skateboard Bearings
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Protection: Wrapped in nitrogen-filled shrink wrap
  • Durability: Rust protection
  • Shape: Deep micro with unique groove raceway

This skateboard is not very cheap; This skateboard has a unique design and aesthetic design, which makes the bearings work better and look stylish.

My initial thoughts on the G3 bearings were overwhelmingly positive. The bearings are wrapped in nitrogen-filled shrink wrap and are exceedingly well lubricated. As a result, our first session with them was cool. Although I didn’t race through the neighborhood radar trap, I would still say that those small guys are really quick.

The distinctive shields on these bearings, which give them a whole new appearance, are the first thing you will notice for this.

It can easily survive the wear and tear of street skating because everything is purely manufactured with steel, from the cage constructions to the balls.

The deep micro groove raceway is specifically made to allow for deep interior ball rolling for the best speed and lubrication. It also lessens the possibility of breaking and damage from side impact.

The deep micro groove raceway is specifically made to allow for deep interior ball rolling for the best speed and lubrication. It also lessens the possibility of breaking and damage from side impact.

You won’t need to worry about an inadvertent pop-off because the side shield is detachable and correctly attached. These bearings are best bearings for street skating.

This skateboard bearings review is that these skateboards are unique, and ceramic oil present in them makes them unique as ceramic oil makes skateboards safe from rust.


It has a carrying case

Deep micro with unique groove raceway.

For rust protection, it has ceramic oil.


The price of these bearings is very high.

What makes up Skateboard Bearings

Regular upkeep, in particular cleaning and lubrication, is important to prevent dust accumulation and make certain easy rotations. road skaters, encountering greater particles, ought to clean their bearings twice as regularly. By worrying about each element, skateboarders can lengthen bearing lifespan and optimize skating overall performance. Now let’s take a look at what makes up skateboard bearings:

C-ring: This thin ring suits right into a groove on the outer fringe of the bearing and serves to lock the bearing shields in the vicinity, making sure they continue to be securely connected to the bearing.

Bearing protection: Placed on the perimeters of the bearing, these medium-sized rings act as protecting limitations, stopping dust, dirt, and different debris from entering the bearing and inflicting damage to the internal additives.

Outer Ring: As the most important issue of the bearing, the outer ring affords structural aid and houses all the other inner additives, inclusive of the metal balls, inner ring, and ball retainer.

Inner Ring: Smaller than the outer ring, the inner ring fits its interior and serves as the pathway via which the axles of the skateboard wheels bypass. This allows the wheels to rotate easily around the axles.

Metal balls: These small round Metal balls are the primary components liable for lowering friction and allowing smooth rotation inside the bearing. they are generally manufactured from steel or ceramic and are organized in a circular sample within the bearing.

Ball Retainer: also called a Delrin crown, the ball retainer holds the individual metal balls in the area within the bearing at the same time nevertheless permitting them to rotate freely. It helps hold the proper spacing and alignment of the balls for smooth operation.

Rubber Seal: located on the outer edge of the bearing, the rubber seal is a soft ring that provides a further layer of safety in opposition to dust, moisture, and different contaminants that might interfere with the easy functioning of the bearing. It amplifies the lifespan of the bearing by shielding its indoor components from external elements.

Things to keep in mind while buying skateboard Bearings:


Shields are among the first components you notice when you look at the bearings. Some brands only have them on one side, while others have them on both, and some bearings have none.

These layers prevent debris and other substances from penetrating the interior of the bearing. It is better if skateboard-bearing shields are non-contact. By doing this, you can guarantee low or no friction levels.


Raceways compose the bearings’ frame and are a component of the inner and outer rings. Although raceways exist in various styles, deep grooves remain a regular feature for skateboarding.

By allowing the balls to roll deeply and come into contact with the axles, this component tries to steady riders. Additionally, it lessens vibrations on the skateboard, resulting in smoother rides.


Balls are yet another crucial component of a skate bearing. In essence, these little spheres are what make bearings function. They are available in two common building types: steel and ceramic. Steel rollers enhance longevity and smooth riding, while ceramic balls are more water-resistant.


During operation, retainers keep the balls firmly in place. Even though we cannot determine whether these components are a bearing’s primary mover, they must continue to operate smoothly.

The greatest option in terms of material composition is nylon ball retainers. Many people concur that this style enables smooth wheel motion.

ABEC Score

When choosing the best abec bearings, this is one of the few numbers we must consider. The level of a bearing’s precision, effectiveness, speed, and other qualitative characteristics are determined by its ABEC rating.

Simple logic dictates that larger numbers indicate higher quality. Therefore, accuracy will probably suffer if you purchase an ABEC 1 set of wheel cores. This also applies to ABEC 3 bearings. 


Parts of a skateboard function together. Quality and performance are not exclusively dependent on one component. To get the ideal skateboard setup, we must therefore balance several factors.

We can now control our speed, accuracy, and riding smoothness because we know the best skateboard bearings. During the choosing procedure, keep in mind the information I provided.

Skate more efficiently, quickly, and well. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments area. This article helps you to find the best skateboard bearings for the street.


What is the best skateboard bearings for street?

The bearings below are also very fast skateboard bearings. There are many best skateboard bearings for street, some of them are:

  • Heady Shake pro
  • Oldboy Premium Ceramic
  • Fireball Dragon Bearings
  • Bronson Speed Co. Bearings

What bearings should i get?

You have to follow the following steps:

  • To determine the bearing load and load capacity. The first step is to know the type and magnitude of bearing load your application will apply to the bearing.
  • Know your application’s rotational speed.
  • Take into account Bbearing runout and rigidity.
  • Choose the proper lubricant for your bearing needs.

What is the appropriate skateboard wheel bearings size?

All skateboard bearings are the same size and will fit every skateboard wheel that warehouse skateboards sell, regardless of wheel size. The dimensions of a bearing are 8mm for the core, 22mm for the outer diameter, and 7mm for the width. Since each skateboard wheel needs two bearings, skateboard bearings are sold in eight packages.

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