How to Measure Skateboard Trucks 2023 | Size Guide

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks

Have you ever noticed skateboard trucks that produce awkwardly from the board, Well, buying the wrong size skateboard trucks could be the cause of this? and also if you are curious about how to measure skateboard trucks then you will find your answer soon.

Skateboard truck measurement procedure your skateboard truck size matters since picking the incorrect size can make your ride unfun. Additionally, it does not appear properly.

You can read the instructions on how to measure skateboard trucks below to assist you in taking accurate measurements of the trucks. Let’s start with the width and height of the skateboard trucks that you require in the interim.

This article is helpful for you to find your answer on how to measure skateboard trucks.

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks


Before how to measure skateboard trucks, Let’s spend a little time reading the portions of them. It will assist you in taking measurements more accurately and selecting the best product.

The important components are listed below:

  • Baseplate
  • Speeders
  • Kingpin
  • Bushings
  • Hanger
  • Axle Pivot Cup

Choosing the Right Size

You have to keep in mind the following things for how to measure skateboard trucks and wide skateboard trucks:


The trucks must be sized appropriately for the deck’s width. The trucks must, as much as possible, not exceed the size of the deck.

The core gravity will shift to one side of the deck if the truck is wider than the width of the deck, which will result in imbalance and lopsidedness.

If the trucks are too narrow then you will not see your wheels and your ride can be impaired. Here are a few expert tips to give you an idea:

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks
  • A deck width of 7.5’’ to 7.75’’ may fit a truck with an axle width or outside width of about 194mm.
  • A deck with a size between 7.875’’ and 8.125’’ may suit an axle with a 203mm width.
  • Decks that range in size from 8.125’’ to 8.375’’ may fit axles with a 209mm.
  • A Deck that ranges in size from 8.375’’ to 8.675’’ may fit axles with a 216mm.
  • Decks that range in size from 8.625’’ to 8.875’’ may fit axles with a 222mm width.
  • The 9’’ to 9.25’’ size of a deck may fit an axle with a 232mm width.
  • Decks that range in size from 9.75’’ to 10.25’’ may suit axles with a 254mm width.


Skateboard trucks can be low, medium, or high in height. The modest trucks’ heights range from 46 to 49 mm. Mid trucks measures between 50 and 53mm. As for high trucks, they range from 53.5mm to 58m.

If you want to perform more kickflips, use low trucks with little wheels. In the meanwhile, you choose large wheels with high trucks if you wish to ride faster and cruise more frequently.

Easy Steps for Measuring Skateboard Trucks

Now that you are aware of the size you require, you must precisely measure your skateboard trucks to ensure the perfect fit.

Check out the simple methods for measuring your trucks below for assistance.

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks

Purchase a Ruler for Measuring Tape

To get the right size for your trucks, you will need a ruler and measuring tape. You can measure anything precisely by using one of these tools.

Calculate the Skateboard Truck’s Length

With a ruler or measuring tape, you can start by determining the truck’s length. A lightweight 5.0 truck typically measures seven and a half inches.

Turn your Board Over and Set the Truck Down on the Deck

Grab your skateboard, then place the truck on the deck. Check to see if the vehicle fits on the width of your deck by laying them side by side horizontally.

The vehicle must be placed in the middle of the deck. It must not be excessively narrow or wide in relation to the board’s breadth.

You can also project the vertically to see if it is balanced with the size of the board.

Place the Wheels on the Truck

Check the truck’s width and narrowness after mounting the wheels. If you can see the wheels from the top, the truck might be too wide.

Think about the suggested truck size for the aforementioned deck size. Take a measurement of the width of your deck to make it more precise. For instance, if your deck is 8.125 inches wide, you must have a truck with an axle width of at least 203 millimeters.

Take into Account Truck Height

Determine your truck’s preferred height after taking a width measurement of the vehicle. These could range in height from low to high.

Low truck heights are better for technical flat-ground skateboarding since they make flipping easier. While not ideal for any of these, the medium truck height is suitable for streets, bowls/ramps, and parks.

Your medium truck wheels range in size from 53 to 56 mm. You must select the high trucks if you want to do more cruising and carving. Additionally, this works best for transitions, ramps, and bowls.

The height of your truck must also be measured with a ruler or measuring tape. Alternatively, you may just look at the company’s specifications.

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks

Evaluate the Second Truck

You must gauge the second vehicle after measuring the first one. They need to be the same height and length. Otherwise, they will bring about an imbalance.

Skateboard Truck Size Guide

Understanding the various skateboard truck sizes and measurements can be very confusing, especially if you are new to skateboarding. Choosing the right skateboard truck size can make a significant difference to your skateboard setup.

We will go over everything you need to know about selecting new skateboard trucks in this guide, from comprehending measures to understanding how each truck brand differs, to help you make the best decision possible for your next set of trucks.

The skateboard truck size chart for different skateboard trucks is given below:

Length of Hanger5.0’’5.25’’5.5’’5.75’’6.0’’
Length of Axle7.75’’8.0’’8.25’’8.5’’8.75’’
Smallest Deck size7.4’’7.8’’8.125’’8.4’’8.6’’
Widest Deck size7.8’’8.125’’8.4’’8.6’’8.9’’

You have to keep aforementioned things in mind for measuring the trucks.

How Narrow Trucks Affect Performance

You will experience carpet riding if your trucks do not fit your board and are not broad enough. Only your deck will be visible, your wheels won’t be. It does not really matter if it is a tiny bit too small, but eventually, you will have problems.

Lay your skateboard on the side and check to see if it stands up straight if you are not sure if your trucks are too small.

When it is a few degrees to the left or right or practically diagonal, it is okay, but you should either get a new deck or get new trucks.


Your skateboard truck’s size should be chosen carefully and appropriately. Despite the fact that some riders don’t care if their trucks and deck don’t exactly match, keep in mind that it must be appropriate for the size of the deck.

They can speed up their flips by employing a narrow truck. Wider trucks also provide ride stability. On the other hand, for the finest ride, you must generally still match your trucks and deck.

The aforementioned instructions on how to measure skateboard trucks should be able be of assistance to you.  Following the steps that we provide you will make well-measuring skateboard trucks relatively easy.

You are welcome to leave your thoughts or recommendations in the comment section, we appreciate them and look forward to answering your questions.


How are Skateboard Trucks Measured?

Here is your answer on how to measure skateboard trucks, the axle width or hanger width is used to gauge truck size. Your wheel’s spacing is determined by the width of the hanger and axle. Since different truck widths are better suited for various riding styles, the width of your trucks will have an impact on how well your board performs.

What Size Trucks for 8 Deck in mm?

You should try to match the total truck width to the deck width for the ideal truck size; for instance, a 7.75’’ deck fits a 5.0’’ truck, and an 8.0’’ deck matches a 5.25’’ truck.

What Size Trucks for 7.75 Deck?

You must first identify the width of the skateboard deck you will be utilizing before purchasing a new pair of trucks. You should try to match the total truck width to the deck width for the ideal truck size; for instance, a 7.75″ deck fits a 5.0″ truck, and an 8.0″ deck matches a 5.25″ truck.

How Important is the Truck Height?

Since the truck can pivot further due to the differing geometry, high trucks are better for turning. As the axle now rests farther away from the deck, larger wheels, between 53mm and 58mm, can be installed without wheel bite. As the wheels will have more space to move before hitting the deck, you can ride trucks that are less tight.

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