8.0 vs 8.25 Deck Size | Difference and Similarities | A complete Guide

8.0 vs 8.25 Deck

You are attempting to select between an 8 and an 8.25 inch skateboarding deck. Skateboard are available in a variety of sizes. Skate deck size is just one of many factors to think about when purchasing a new skateboard.

With so many sizes now available, you will need to consider a number of factors. Here, we will compare the difference between an 8.0 vs 8.25 deck.

8.0 Deck

One of the most popular sizes for skateboards is 8.0. The typical adult who enjoys recreation will love this deck. 

You will quickly discover if an 8 inch skateboard deck is best for you of if you need to move to something a little wider if you start out with one. The size skateboard deck that will work for you depends a lot on the kinds of the tricks you can do.

8.0 vs 8.25 Deck


  • Suitable for any move
  • Ideal for small skaters
  • Great flexibility


  • Less reliable

8.25 Deck

A larger board of 8.25 deck is more comfortable for people who prefer to jump down enormous gaps and steps and skate massive bowls and hands. Wider decks are better for sailing and transit since they are more comfortable and stable ones with a smaller breadth.

Beginners seeking for a new skateboard deck should look for something slightly wider. This will provide the cysclist more stability, thus we recommend it. You can switch to a thinner deck once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.


  • Ideal option for tall guys
  • Better landing
  • Great stability


  • Slower
8.0 vs 8.25 Deck

Difference between 8.0 vs 8.25 deck

There are many factors through which these decks are different but some of the min factors are given below in detail:

Size of Truck

In the case of ACE skateboard trucks, the 8.25 skateboard truck size is model 44 or 33, however the latter type may only be used with 8.0 decks. If you’re utilizing products from venture or independent, you’ll need 5.2 and 5.6 trucks for 8.0 and 8.25 respectively.

Depending on the brand you’re using, the variation in deck width may also lead to different truck sizes. You will need to consult each brand’s guide to determine the precise truck you require for your skateboards because different companies label and size their trucks differently.

Shoe Size

Skateboard with an 8 inch deck will probably accommodate a pair of shoes that are little larger than 8’’. This corresponds to a US shoe size of 9 to 10 roughly.

In general, skaters with wider feet are better suited for skateboards with 8.25 inch decks. Therefore, those who wear US shoe sizes 10 to 12 would probably find these boards to be decent fit.

Wheelbase and length of board

Although the length of the board normally has little bearing on how you skate, the wheelbase considerably affects the board’s stability and speed. The skateboard will be more stable with a longer wheelbase, but at the sacrifice of speed.

A normal  8.0 deck will measure 31.38 inches in length and 14 inches in wheelbase. If you upgrade with 14.38 inches or so separating the first and the last wheel. The skateboard’s deck length and wheel base will also grow as its width does.

Height of Skater

8.0 decks are more adaptable and ideal for those 4.6’’ and taller. 8.25’’ decks on the other hand have slightly fewer options because only people who are at least 5’6’’ tall should use them.


Skater’s argument’s over 8.0 and 8.25 boards sparked conversations that drew pertinent responses.

Despite the fact that 8 inch skateboard decks are smaller, the size difference makes them simpler to lift when performing tricks. Additionally, the board’s size decreases of ¼ inch makes it easier to transport considering that skaters frequently carry them around.

8.25 inch decks have a wide stepping area, making them better for landing tricks. The stability increase when the size increases.

Choosing the correct size

When purchasing a new skateboard deck, especially if you are new to a sport, there are a few rules we advise following before we go into those recommendations, keep in mind that they are merely meant to bea starting point for you, you are not used to utilize them exclusively in decision making.

8.0 vs 8.25 Deck

What kind of terrain will you be riding on, your riding style, your body weight and height, and the size of your shoes are some key considerations when choosing the proper size board. Your decision making process will get off to a strong start with the answer to these questions.

Let’s discuss your riding technique, if you want a skate deck that is little bit wider, something over 8 will work excellent if you usually skate transition, vert, park or polls and you like a little bit more stability.

It’s not too difficult to determine what those standards may be when we talk about height and weight. You should use a little or mid size skate deck if you are on the smaller side. If you are taller or larger in stature, you probably desire something that is bigger or full size.

When choosing a skate deck size, it’s important to consider your shoe size. You don’t want a skate deck that is too narrow, for your feet, but you also don’t want it to be too broad either. Your heels and toes should just barely protrude from the skateboard surface.

Which one is better 8.0 vs 8.25 deck

When deciding between these two skateboard deck sizes, there are a few things to take into account. Your shoe size is one of the first things to take into account. To be able to grip and manage this size skateboard deck effectively, you need to have somewhat larger shoe size.

However, in all honestly, it really comes down to how the skateboard feels to you. Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to skateboard size, you definitely want one that fits you well and is comfortable to ride.

So the dilemma of whether to acquire 8 or 8.25 inch skateboard remains. Here are some considerations to make while making this choice. If you enjoy performing technical feats such as flips, manuals, ledges, and flat bars, you will probably want a board that is on the narrow side. Actually, either of these sizes would suffice/ It ultimately comes down to how they make you feel.


The slight variations in skateboard sizes produce discernible alterations, much like colour tints. Some people claim that they are insignificant, but this is only true when tragedies or discoveries occur while they are riding. It is appropriate that we focus on these specifics as a result.

There are significant differences between an 8.0 vs 8.25 deck, including the ideal skater heights, shoe sizes, wheelbase and other details.

Each skateboard deck size ultimately has advantages and disadvantages on its own. You decide which to take.


Is a Deck of 8.0 too Small?

One of the most popular sizes for skateboard is 8.0. The typical adult who enjoys recreation will love this deck. The 8.5’’ design is a wonderful choice for catching flip tricks since it offers additional stability.

Can a 8.25 inch Board be Used for Tricks?

It’s fantastic that you’re beginning with an 8.25 board as a novice skater. Even while it might be a little bigger than you’re used to, it might still be useful size for learning and honing skills. The size of your board shouldn’t necessarily limit your capacity to pull off tricks.

Who Ought to Purchase 8.25 inch Board?

A larger board is more comfortable for people who prefer to jump down enormous gaps and steps and skate massive bowls and hand rails. Wider decks are better for sailing and transit snce they are more comfortable and stable that ones with a smaller breadth.

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