Royal Skateboard Trucks 2023 | A Complete Review of the Brand

royal Skateboard Trucks

Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson, two of the most influential street skateboarders, launched Royal Skateboard trucks in 1999. There have been criticisms in recnet years about the design of trucks . Like any good skate company, Royal Skateboard trucks staff was attentive. The truck has undergone a thorough facelift.


Skateboard trucks and clothing are produced by Royal  Skateboard Trucks in Torrance, California. According to Transworld Buisness. Rudy Johnson and Mariano launched the business in 1999. 

They have a long history and have earned a solid reputation as a high end, yet lightweight truck. In contrast to other brands, Royal’s products all offer a fairly consistent design without any gimmicky elements.


Many important professional skaters, including Daniel Espinoza, Justin Eidridge, and Vicent Alvarez, praise the high quality trucks and wide selection of products offered by these Trucks.

They are solid by the Girl Distribution Company, which also sells popular skateboard brands including Girls Chocolate, Four star clothes,and Lakai in addition to clothes and footwear.

Shapes and Sizes

The array of these trucks changes frequently, offering a wide variety to pick from. Every Royal Truck is available in standard height, with the customary 5.0’’, 5.25’’ and 5.5’’ widths. 

It’s important to note that the Royal low trucks are only available in the popular 5.0’’ and 5.25’’ heights for some of their trucks including the Raws.

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Shapes and Sizes


Expert skaters are aware that trucks serve as the physical “glue” that binds your entire board together, thus there is simply no point in setting for inferior products, especially if your board sees a lot of wear.

The ideal trucks to use will, of course, depend on your skating style and personal tastes, and can occasionally be a difficult choice. The most well known Royal Skateboard  trucks are examined below.

Royal Raws:

This traditional geometry truck, which has an 8″ axle and a 5.25″ hanger, has earned a reputation for being among the lightest trucks available while yet being very strong.

Other sizes are also offered to fit a variety of decks, and the reinforced quality has a positive reputation in the skating world.

Like most Royal trucks, they are reasonably priced and will fit the majority of standard and/or low profiles.

Overall, the durability and performance are superb, offering a smooth ride and decent value for the money. Obviously, there are more opulent trucks available, but these are a good product at a good price.

Royal Crailtap

Although its distinctively adorable cloud pattern and blue baseplate can cause controversy. This partnership between Royals and their distributor Girl Skateboards is fantastic.

Many have remarked that they require very little riding to wear the bushings in, some have stated that it only takes two hours before a manageable smooth ride is attained.

Royal Crailtap:

Royal MikeMo Pro Trucks

Due to their eye-catching appearance and dramatic silver and black colour contrasts, these slightly more ornate and lavish trucks are sure to make other guys in the skate park envious.

There are the exclusive trucks of pro skater MikeMo, who has been active for a while and skates for Girl Skateboards.

It is still unclear whether these trucks are more style than substance and whether they can rival  the simpler Royal Raws trucks. 


The trucks are arguably the most crucial component when it comes to skating because they support the majority of the weight during kickflips, hardflips, heelflips and other kinds of flip you would want to do. By focusing more on getting a nice deck, unskilled or new riders frequently ignore these.

Royal has a wide selection, and there’s no disputing that their professional trucks and collaborations are stylish. However, we believe that for the price, the standard Royal Raws are a solid option.


Who founded Royal Skateboard Trucks?

In Torrance, California, Royal  Skateboard Trucks is a business that produces clothing and skateboard trucks. Rudy Johnson and Mariano launched the business in 1999, according to Transworld business.

How tall is Royal Trucks axle?

The axle is 8.25’’ and the hanger is 5.5’’ on these Raw  trucks. You can rely on Royal skateboard trucks because they are among the most dependable trucks.

What is Royal Truck’s history?

Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson, two of the most influential street skateboarders, launched these Trucks in 1999. There have been criticisms in recent years about the design of trucks. Like any good skate company, Royal’s staff was attentive. The truck has undergone a thorough facelift.

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