Can You Take a Skateboard on a Plane Important Tips 2023

Can You Take a Skateboard on a Plane

Skateboarding while traveling is fantastic. You feel more at ease as a result. Additionally, it keeps you somewhat physically active. People want to know the answer of  Can you take a skateboard on plane? So don’t need to worry we will help you to find the answer.

We must keep in mind, meanwhile, that skateboards also have mobility issues. What happens if you want to transport your skateboard to another state? Skateboards are permitted on airplanes.

The answer is yes, but only in certain circumstances. Continue reading to learn what they are and determine if you can bring your own.

If you are looking for a answer of  can you take a skateboard on a plane?. So many information is given below which helps you to find out your answer.

 Skateboarding on an Aircraft Transporting:

 Can you bring skateboards on a plane or Can you take a skateboard on a plane . Off course but lets first examine certain aspects that affect our luggage at the airport before discussing how to bring a skateboard on a plane.

Skateboarding on an Aircraft Transporting

Transportation Safety:

While airlines are ultimately in charge of what you can and cannot bring on an aircraft, a higher authority, your states transport security performs the same function.

Fortunrtly, many agencies, like the Transport security Administrarton, don’t seem to have problem with people bringing skateboards on aeroplanes.

There are also regulations for the size and weight of packages that airlines must abide by.

Carried on and checkers:

We need to check the airlines regulations in this regard regarding the transportation of items like skateboards. Despite thousands of assertions an Reddit that a skateboard is permitted on aeroplanes, it is still best to double check with the governing airlines to avoid any misunderstanding.

Skateboards on airplanes are only accepted as carry on luggage by a select few airlines. Additionally, should you go with it, doing this requires additional details instructions from the airlines.


Can you transport skateboards on an aeroplanes without being charged? No, not always. Some airlines waive the fee for the first checked bag. 

Therefore you can save money by travelling with your skateboard as your first checked bag.


The size and weight are important in this area. By permitting large or heavy unchecked objects into the aircraft, no airline wants to jeopardise the safety of its passengers.

And if you believe that items as light weight as skateboards won’t have an impact on the flight, listen to what these airlines have to say.

Airline of America:

Skateboards with a size of 126 linear inches and a weight of up to 50 pounds are subject to American standard fees.

Skateboard weighing 51 to 70 pounds are subject to overweight fines.

Airline Esayjet

The weight limit for checked bags is 15 to 23 kg, and 32 kg is the weight limit for carry on bags. The Size must not exceed 275cm.

What is the best way to take a skateboard on a plane?

Can you bring a skateboard on aplane is the main query but what if we don’t know if the airline we choose has a skateboard policy?.Discover the best practices for transporting our gear below.

What is the best way to take a skateboard on a plane

First, Dial your Airline:

Of course, you donot want to arrive at the airport dejected and helpless because you were unable to board your skateboard. Therefore, be sure to phone your airlines and obtain permission to bring your skateboard with you before making travel plans.

If calling them does not work, try all you can and follow up frequently until you obtain the answer you need.

Examine the airline regulations:

If the airline granted your request, they can require you to follow their regulations when bringing equipments like skateboards.

As previously noted, airline operators give precise measurements of size and weight to ensure compliance. So, carefully verify that the numbers on your skateboard match the airline’s recommandations.


Get a bad ready to hold your skateboard. It might be a duffel bag that fits your deck or a skateboard bag you bought.

If neither bag is available, a backpack might also be used. Some companies make bags that have skateboard straps on the back so you can slip your skateboard inside.

Additionally several sktters who commute advocate removing the wheels and trucks. Even though this hack might be useful, not everyone is keen on using it because reassembly is required later.

Flying with Electric Skateboards:

Its challenging to bring an elkectric skateboards on an aircraft. Due of fire risks, most airlines have severe policies and won’t accept e-boards. Some claim that if you dissemle your electric skateboard and carry the batteries in your backpack, you can bring it with you. However, they advise you to tempre your enthusiasm.

The Techie guy claims that the TSA doesnot mind E-boards passing through security as long as the battery satisfies the lithium-ion specifications.

However even if you disassemble your board, almost all airlines won’t let you transport it. Be prepared to be disappointed. You could try your luck.

Flying with Electric Skateboards

How to bring a Longboard on aplane as carry on luggage:

Longboards and skateboards are typically allowed on flights, however not all airlines allow you to bring them onboard with you. This depends on variety of elements, including:

  • Your longboard size
  • The plane’s dimensions
  • Your departure city

Do You Know???

Only few airlines allow skaters to carry their skateboards with them

Airlines List & Skateboard carrying Regulations 

The rules chane. As long as you follow the rules, the majority of airlines let you bring your skateboard on board. These common international airlines are included along with their policies. Always check their websites because information can change. How to bring skateboards on a plane of different airlines are given below.

Names of AirlinesCarry on AirlineCarry on Regulations
Air of Alaska A checked bagSkateboards are permitted as checked baggage as long as they are securely packed in a hard or soft sided case made just fot the equipment.
Air AllegiantA checked bagSkateboards may be brought on boards as long as they are in case or container and are no longer than a penny board.
Continental airlinesA checked bagSkateboards are not permitted as carry-on baggage on american airlines flights. It must be checked in and may be subject to the same fee as the first or second bag fee.
Canada AirA checked bagJust keep in mind that while calculating the maximum number of permitted checked baggage, 1 board or 1 bag carrying your skateboard counts as 1 piece of luggage. Policy of maximum 50Ibs and 62 inches.
Southwest Airlines A checked bagSome claims a board that is disassembled and packed in a bag is ok for carry on, but one that is assembled stil;l requires checking a bag.
Honolulu AirlinesA checked bagOnly carry-on with a maximum size of 45 linear inches and 25 pounds are permitted on Hawaiian airlines flights.

Can you carry on a skateboard on s skateboard on United airlines? Yes, united airline also allows skateboards but have some regulations and rules.


Can you take your skateboards on a plane? yes,Skateboards should have as much adventure as you do, even if that means flying. Security precautions include all kind of restrictions. If the authourities appear overly stringent when it comes to using skateboards or other similars items, donot take it personally. Travelling with skateboard is much fun.

Skateboards are permitted on aeroplanes. There’s no way you cannot accomplish that if there are fair regulations and norms. Keep in mind the advice given to you by us to ensure a trouble free travel. Travelling with Skateboard are totally permissible but have some rules.Hope you will find your answer of can you carry a skateboard on a plae.


Can I store my skateboard in the aeroplane overhead compartment?

It depends on the airlines because each one of them establishes its own rules for this kind of activity.

Can I take skateboard on a Planes of American Airlines?

If you are looking for Can you take a skateboard on a plane of American airlines so the answer is Skateboards can weigh up to 50 pounds and measure up to 62 inches long. The fee will be the same as the first and second baggie fee for your destination.

Is it  allowed to bring skateboards on an international flights?

Skateboards are allowed on international airlines. But you first have to check the size and weight restrictions.

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