Darkroom Wheels Are Good Option for Skateboarding 2023

Darkroom Wheels

People who have been “Boiling” for many years in the depths of the skateboarding industry have created something new in the world of skateboarding.

Don Pendleton, who has ruled skateboarding for more than 20 years, was involved in this story not from a skating perspective but rather from a design perspective.


Don Pendleton the creator of his own company Darkroom has collaborated with individuals like Mike Sinclair and Kevin Furtado until this day to bring ideas to life.

Darkroom is regarded as having its formal birthdate 2018. However, it is evident from an interview with Don. The Berrics that he attempted to launch this idea in 2006. Then, in 2012, he picked it back up. The “real” start of this firm wasn’t until 2018.

Who is Don Pendleton

Don was born in west virgina’s ravenswood in 1970. Pendleton has been creating art and making friends through skating since he was a young child. In 1998, Don Pendleton was hired his first skateboard deck.

Notably, he exclusively worked within the corporation at full time in thai one, ploughing from 8 to 17 like you are doing right now in the office. He was employed with Allien Workshop until 2005. From 1998 to 2005, the artist worked on the majority of his skateboard deck design.

Don served as a full-time designer for Element Skateboards on a contract basis from 2005 through 2009. He quit the business in 2009 and developed an interest in abstract creation.

The following list of brands should help you understand why Don Pendleton is a talented skateboarding artist: Alien Workshop, Element Skateboards, Volcom, Vans, Nike, DC Shoes, The Berrics, Zero Skateboards, Nocturnal Skateshop, Penny Skateboards, Stereo Skateboards, Heroin Skateboards, Landscape Skateboards, Designarium Skateboards, DVS Footwear, Etnies Footwear.

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Don envisions his ideal company as a remarkable immersion in the brand’s creative components, but this does not occur. Mike and Kevin, two of his friends assist in handling distribution issues and everything else the artist’s hand does not wish to do.

Brand Team

On the make up of the brnd team, there is no publicity available information. Do any, though? Excellent query. But it’s unusual that images like this, which resembles motorcyclists showingcase their wares, can be founded on instagram. Skaters like Cole Dixon and Alan Krohn can be seen in the images.


A recent graphic design project for skateboards involved a partnership with the primitive company. Regarding the development of this line. Paul Raudriguez stated “Each primitive rider has his or her own spiritual animal, which has been making appearances on skateboards in the form of the graphics since the brand’s inception. One of my all time favourite artists was Don Pendleton. His famous artwork emphasized the animal realm. 

Doon was the first person who sprang to mind when we discussed asking an artist to create a series of drawings featuring spritioual animal. The Pendleton zoo collection was thus established.

Darkroom Wheels

Darkroom is the famous brand and have reliable wheels. Some of their wheels are given below:

  • Darkroom Triclops crush 90a skateboard wheels
  • DarkroomTriclops Skateboard wheels Goblin 56mm 92A
  • Darkroom Routlette 54mm 99a wheels
  • Darkroom Triclops Hypnotic 54mm 99a wheels
  • Darkroom night riders 55mm 95A wheels

Darkroom Wheels Review

Despite the small number of available wheels, Darkroom wheels are reasonably priced. Darkroom produces excellent-looking, far more cheap wheels that skate, as skateboarding can get rather pricey.

These wheels come in durometers ranging from 92a to 99a between 50mm and 58mm, offering a good selection of hardness for all types of skating.

The wheels are made of high-quality urethane with excellent rebound and grip. Additionally, most of their wheels have treaded surfaces, which offer more traction out of the box.

Whether you’re a tech street skater or a casual park cruiser, darkroom is a great option to consider.

  •  Affordable
  • outstanding grip 
  • Suitable for bowls, streets, and skateparks


 A brand that is relatively new to the market is Darkroom, which made its debut in October 2018. Having said that, Don Pendleton, the company’s owner is one of the most accomplished artists in the industry with more than 20 years of expertise.


Where was the skateboard made?

Skateboarding is a sport that involves using skateboards as equipments it is typically constructed of a 7-8 ply maple plywood deck that has been particularly developed and it has polyurethane wheels joined to the underside by two skating trucks.

At what place Darkroom wheels are formed?

Darkroom wheels are formed at Louisville, Ky.

Are Olympics skaters limited in age?

However, in the 2023-2024 season, senior skaters must be 16 years old, and in the 2024-2025 season, they must be 17 years old. The new, higher age limit will be in effect as a result of the phase in process in time for the 2026 winter olympics in Milan and Cortina.

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