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How To Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

On Monday, June 21, 2023, it will be Go Skateboarding Day, so clean your wheels and stretch. On this day, skateboarders all across the world celebrate the excitement, originality, and pleasure of the sport. 

On this day, every skateboarder in the globe stops what they’re doing and dedicates the day to reminding the rest of the world why skateboarding is so popular. 

We’re going to talk about the history of this day and how you may commemorate it, regardless of whether you’ve been skateboarding for a long time, you recently picked up the activity, or you’d simply rather sit on your sofa and watch the pros do their thing.

In this article, we will provide you details about How to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day.

What Is the Origin of International Go Skateboarding Day?

The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) and other skate companies created Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) in an effort to enhance public awareness of skateboarding and attract a wider audience. 

In 2004, a few events in the United States and Canada spearheaded the first Go Skateboarding Day. The IASC member and founder of Go Skateboarding is Don Brown. He founded GSD to offer other skateboarding industry workers the time they needed to spend with skaters and pursue their passions. Numerous skateboarders continue to congregate on GSD nearly 16 years later with a shared love of skating.

Celebration of Go Skateboarding Day Around the World

At the Go Skateboarding Day event at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Girl Team & Etnies showed up. Street artists Neckface, Natas Kaupas, Jose Rojo, Kyle Leeper, Chris Haslam, and Kenny Anderson were among the attendees. 

The only public sporting event in Afghanistan where girls, boys, and foreigners can all participate is skateboarding, which was held on the streets of Kabul for a third year in a row. Since 2009, the number of skateboarders has increased from 40 to 180.

Thanks to the staff at Fiveboro Skateboards, thousands of skaters took to the streets of New York City. This time they took over locations in three of the city’s five boroughs: the Maloof skatepark in Flushing Queens’ Corona Park, the Coleman Oval Skatepark on the Lower East Side, and Brooklyn’s McCaren Park.

 They assisted in organising an excellent collection of events. Several sponsors, including CCS, Volcom, and Fiveboro, together with the neighbourhood skateshop KCDC, assisted in throwing a sizable block party on the street next to the skatepark.

For the “Wild in the Streets” celebration, Emerica’s skate squad teamed up and took over downtown Los Angeles. “Wild in the Streets” brings skateboarders together with the intention of fostering community and increasing awareness of skateboarding. 

Jerry Hsu, Andrew Reynolds, and Braydon Szafranski, all professional skateboarders, were seen showing their support. All sales went to support Board for Bros, a nonprofit that collects, restores, and gives discarded skateboards to kids in need. 

Celebration of Go Skateboarding Day Around the World

How to Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

Brandon Novak, a professional skateboarder and supporter of recovery, is aware of the value of skateboarding. His heroin addiction had an impact on his skating career, but it quickly emerged as his favourite activity along with certified intervention specialist work that helped others restore their sobriety. He is a member of the drug rehabilitation community in addition to the skating community. Here are a few ideas for how you may celebrate Go Skateboarding Day in 2021 if you enjoy skateboarding.

Learn some new skateboarding tricks on Go Skateboarding Day. What better opportunity to show off your abilities and meet new people?

Assist the park’s younger visitors

This year, try to assist the young children who are still learning because they can occasionally obstruct others at the skatepark. This improves the skatepark’s dynamics for beginners and encourages peer support and community.

How To Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

Take a Look at a Skateboarding Documentary

Skateboarding-related documentaries abound, including Skateboard Kings, Blind Video Days, Dogtown and Z Boys, among others. Observe some of the greatest skating legends as they developed.

Purchase a new skateboard Now is the perfect time to get a new skateboard if you haven’t done so recently.

Register For a Skateboarding Contest

Look for any contests in your area that you can enter. This is a fantastic way to meet other skaters and improve your abilities. It’s also just enjoyable. The Boardr Am Series, Volcom’s Wild in the Park competitions, and Zumiez Best Foot Forward are a few popular amateur skateboarding events.

How to make a skateboarding video On the internet, several of the most renowned skateboarders began their professional lives. Skateboarders uploaded their homemade skateboarding films everywhere they could before YouTube even existed. 

By making your own video, you may pay homage to your heroes and join the broad online skating community. This is a terrific approach to keep an eye out for any advancements.

How To Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

Invite Friends to Join You in Celebrating

 Even if your friends aren’t skaters or have never skated before, invite them to join you in commemorating Go Skateboarding Day. It doesn’t matter how many tricks you can pull off; what matters is that skateboarders come together to do what they love.

Help a Neighbourhood Skatepark Grow

By volunteering at your neighbourhood skateparks, you may express your gratitude for the locations where you’ve developed as a skateboarder and practised. Simply picking up any rubbish that has been left behind or making a small donation to fix something in the park can suffice. You should treat your practice space with the same respect that you give your tools.


Grab your board and head to the sidewalk or your preferred skate park to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day to the fullest. 

It’s also a good idea to stop by your neighbourhood skate shop, pick up some new tricks, or assist your neighbourhood in creating its own skate park.


What is the Culture of Skateboarding?

Individuality, inventiveness, and freedom are highly valued in skateboard culture. Skaters are renowned for their unwavering commitment to the holistic advancement of the sport. The skating community is based on respect; rather than competing with one another, skaters frequently support one another and celebrate their individuality.

Is Skating a Creative Activity?

Skateboarding’s thrill largely stems from the riders’ originality. Skaters compete to develop new moves or new trick combinations. The kickturn, ollie, and grind are three of the most basic skating manoeuvres.

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