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Go Skateboarding Day 2023 nyc

Go Skateboarding Day 2023 NYC has fantasised us about getting together with other skateboarders for a fun day of tricks, feats, and new skills at least once. By doing this, we upgrade our skills while also growing our network within the skating community.

However, how is such an assembly possible? Perhaps you’ve heard about the upcoming Go Skateboarding Day? For skaters and anybody else who aspires to be a part of the community, this day will go down in history as the most significant. In this article, we will provide you detailed information about Go skateboarding day nyc 2023.

How Will We Honour National Skateboarding Day?

The purpose of the day is to celebrate and gather with other skaters, even though there may not be a set schedule of activities to undertake. So when will Go Skate Day actually occur? On June 21, Go Skate Day NYC will take place.

Street Invasion

A school of riders will take to the streets on International Skate Day, which was founded by seasoned skaters. As is to be expected, this action will leave passing automobiles in awe of the numerous skaters there.

Street takeovers are intended to expose skateboarding to non-skaters and entice them to try it out. Therefore, never pass up the chance to participate in history if you happen to be in or around large cities like Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, or anywhere else in the world where some skate shops are supporting these events.

Competitions for Skateboarding

On this day, many competitions will take place in your nearby skate park or an arena that is sponsored by a company. These involve avoiding rails, ramps, or any other skateboarding manoeuvre intended to determine who is the best skateboarder overall.

Most professional skaters will be recognised later that day with trophies for their outstanding skateboarding, such as the highest ollie or jump.

The benefit of this activity is that spectators other than skaters can watch it. The skating community would be delighted if you wanted to perform for your non-skateboarding friends and families.

Skateboarders’ BBQ

It would be an understatement to say that the movement has the support of skateboard brand sponsors. They go above and above to facilitate the activity. In addition to contests and skate parades, they hold a BBQ barbecue at the skatepark to ensure that everyone has plenty to eat.

Even if having something to eat throughout the day would make the celebration more enjoyable, it may not immediately affect the objective of sharing skills. There will also likely be live music at most celebration locations, and in my opinion, there is no better way to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day.

Best Skating Park in nyc to Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

The best parks to celebrate Go skateboarding day 2023 nyc are listed below that help you to decide which one is best for you to celebrate your skateboarding day:

Best Skating Park in nyc to Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

Skatepark in LES

LES Skatepark is a well-liked destination for skaters in Manhattan. This spot, which is also known as Coleman or Chinatown Skatepark, is one where skate legends are likely to be seen showcasing their most recent stunts. 

The giant apple, ledges, kickers, and rails are among the skateable obstacles. Recently, LES underwent a much-needed renovation that replaced the old plastic ramps with marble and cement for a fresh look and feel. But don’t be duped by the renovation. The skateboarding community in New York still considers LES Skatepark to be a hotspot.

  • This park is located on Pike Street, underneath the Manhattan Bridge.
  • Daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., the LES Skatepark is open every day of the week.

Astoria Skate Plaza

Another sizable skatepark may be found at Astoria Park: Astoria Skate Plaza. Skaters can skate on a variety of obstacles in this 21,500-square-foot park, including banks, rails, multiple floors with stairs, and numerous ledges of various heights. 

Skaters of all levels will enjoy this enormous skatepark, and the abundance of space provided guarantees that you can do what you want without worrying about running into another skater. For Go Skateboarding day 2023 nyc, this one is going to be a good park for celebration.

  • Location: Hoyt Avenue South in Astoria, Queens, is where you can find Astoria Skate Plaza.
  • Every day of the week from sunrise till dark, this park is open.
  • Good to know: Skaters must put on elbow, knee, and helmet protection and sign a release before using the facility.

Owl’s Head Millenium Skatepark

One of the parks with the biggest space in New York City, Owl’s Head Millennium Skatepark is rarely so full that it seems congested. This skatepark’s open design gives skaters lots of space to go about without having to worry about blocking someone else’s way. One of the few skateparks in the area with a huge bowl for skaters to get as much air as possible is Owl’s Head, which is located right on the water’s edge. The bowl has a double coping spine and is six feet deep. A street course with bowled corners, banks, ramps, and rails is also included in the park.

  • Location: This park is reachable between Colonial Road in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.


It’s always fun to have a skate buddy. But participating in a big event like Go Skateboarding Day is another thrill. Not only will you show off your skills, but you’ll also gain experiences and memories that will last forever.

These are just a few of the things that can lift a skateboarder’s spirits. So if you have the time and resources to lead this momentous day, be part of the history of the skateboarding community. Hope this article helps you to get enough information about Go skateboarding day 2023 nyc.



Where do New Yorkers skateboard?

Staten Island’s ABC Ledges has been a legendary street skateboarding spot for over 20 years. Four-sided concrete pads are part of an outdoor school field with a smooth concrete surface.

 Can you skateboard the streets of New York?

This means that although it is legal to skate on public roads (except highways, freeways and other roads), you must obey all traffic laws (e.g. obey traffic lights, not drive the wrong way, etc.). Do not attach to a moving vehicle. In other words, not the “draft”.

Can I skateboard in Regent’s Park?

There are other areas of the park where skating is permitted: Hyde Park – Approved cycle paths and paths, including winding paths. Kensington Gardens – Albert Approach and wide walking paths. Regent’s Park , On the roads, including the inner and outer circles. 

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