CCS Bearings

CCS Bearings

For more than 30 years, CCS has been the fo to place for snowboarding, skateboarding, and skate inspired footwear and apparel. In 1985, they established themselves in San Luis Obispo, California Cheap skates, entered the mall order market at a very early stage.

Orders were shipped out of the back room, and the additional dressing room was used to store goods. The CCS catalogue and CSS website eventually become mandatory reading for skateboarders and fans of the skate culture.


Millions of customers have relied on CCS since they first opened their doors in 1985 to get them the most unique products and difficult-to-find things from Adidas Skateboarding, Nike SB, Polar, Quasi, Krooked, Welcome, Baker, eS, Element, Vans, Obey, Nixon, HUF, and hundreds of more companies. Our CCS-branded goods, which include jeans, chinos, shirts, and skateboards, are all of the highest calibre but considerably more affordable than those from other premium labels.

CCS Bearings

CCS provides the widest range from the top brands in the world for anything from skateboards to shoes to clothing and everything in between. They promise to offer all of this to you at competitive costs and to expedite order delivery to your door.

CCS Team

The professional team of CCS includes:

  • Louie Lopez
  • Nora Vasconcellos
  • Jamie Foy
  • Mason Silva
  • Fabiana Delfino
  • Ryan Lay
  • Marbie Miller
  • Duckey Kovacs
  • Chandler Burton
  • Darke Johnson
  • Aiden Caruth

CSS Bearings

There are two options of CCS bearingsand both are best if you want to skate:

  • CCS ceramic skateboard bearings
  • CCS Abec 7 skateboard bearings

CCS Bearings Review

CSS has been the go-to destination for snowboarding, boots and skate-inspired footwear and apparel for over a decade. In 1985 they settled in San Luis Obispo, California. These skateboard bearings stand out as an option due to their various configurations and design features. 

CCS Bearings

The blue steel shield can be used with any type of skateboard bearing and is very flexible. We have been producing high quality products for the past 30 years. CSS is recognized as one of the pioneers and leaders in the skateboard parts market. Classic ABEC 7 or premium ceramic bearings are two options offered by CCS Premium Skateboard Bearings.

 Eight bearings are enough for a complete skateboard, and the removable fins make maintenance easy. CCS bearings are pre-greased for durability and are tested and approved by CCS Skates.


Although nothing to get very enthused about, the bearings will work for a while. Although ABEC 7 may seem good, it actually doesn’t matter because the ABEC rating only indicates how much RPM they can tolerate rather than anything about the quality. You’ll discover that in order to achieve a good rate of speed, you must push the board firmly.

For new skateboarders, the CCS bearings work fine, but not so well for seasoned riders. When riding a skateboard, you don’t want it to move too quickly.


What does CCS stands for?

CCS has been the go-to destination for skateboarding, skate and snowboarding inspired footwear and apparel for over 30 years. We started our business in 1985 in San Luis Obispo, California. Originally known as California Cheap Skates, we started when the mail order business was just getting started.

At what place CCS decks are made?

With 7-Ply canadian maple CCS decks are made. These decks are available in four different widths (7.75’’, 8’’, 8.25’’ and 8.5’’). They are shipped from Oregan, Portland, USA.

How do I know that which bearings is good for my skateboard?

Regardless of wheel size, all skateboard bearings are the same size and fit all skateboard wheels sold by Warehouse Skateboards. The dimensions of the universal bearings are 8 mm (core), 22 mm (outer diameter) and 7 mm (width). Skateboard bearings are sold in sets of 8 because each wheel requires two bearings.

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