Bronson Bearings

Bronson Bearings

Established in 2013 and already a world leader in the industry, Bronson Speed ​​is quickly rising to the top thanks to reinvented skateboard bearings. Described as “next generation bearings”, the company is known for using some of the most precise product testing techniques in the skating world. Bronson Speed​​​​​​Company Skateboard Bearings have deep grooves that reduce side impact damage and breakage. 

The microgroove belt surface improves bearing lubrication, speed and rotation. The company uses high speed ceramic oil to protect against moisture, rust and corrosion. The bearing has a straight edge, frictionless shield that is easy to remove and clean. The shield also goes deep into the groove to keep out oil and dirt. Bronson Speed​​​​​​Co. 

The bearings have a maximum impact cage design to keep the bearing balls properly spaced and ensure oil circulation. They also use “Balls Out” technology, which prevents the shield from hitting the net on impact for faster spin. 

If you are ready for the ultimate bearing, based on Bronson Speed ​​​​​​​​​​, Pack your suitcase, test it and drive like never before! In addition to bearings, the company also sells logo caps. Because Bronson Speed​​​​Co. Who doesn’t want a skateboard hat? What to wear when doing figure skating? If you don’t have access to this brand, check out Bronson Speed​​​​​​ skateboard stickers. Logo stickers can be found on decks, backpacks, laptops and more.

Bronson Bearings


The professional team of the bronson bearing includes:

  • Aaron Momoki
  • Alec Majerus
  • Alex Midler
  • Alex Sorgente
  • Brighton
  • Zeuner
  • Chris Russell
  • Cedric Pabich
  • CJ Collins
  • Corey Glick
  • David Loy

Bronson Bearings

There are many types of bearings produced by bronson. Some of their best bearings are listed below:

  • Bronson G3 bearings
  • Bronson speed co bearings
  • Bronson speed co. G2
  • Bronson raw bearings
  • Bronson ceramic bearings

Bronson Bearings Review

These bearings are designed specifically for skateboarders and offer a range of high quality bearings to improve your skateboarding performance. The bearings are precision engineered and feature durable materials that ensure smooth running and long board life. Available in several sizes to fit all types of skateboards and with high quality lubricants they will continue to perform like new. 

Bronson bearings also offer excellent value for money, making them a great choice for serious skaters looking for the best bearing setup at the lowest cost. With high quality components and excellent design features, these bearings offer a true sliding experience.

Bronson Bearings

These bearings are generally considered to be high quality bearings. They are made of durable materials and designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. If you take care of it, it will last a long time.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering using Bronson bearings. First, it can be expensive. This should be factored into your budget when deciding whether to use it or not.


For your skateboard, Bronson bearings are a terrific investment. They are really strong and will last you for a very long time. They will assist you in swiftly catching up because they are likewise really fast. All things considered, they are a great option for anyone seeking for a premium bearing for their skateboard.


Where are Bronson bearings manufactured? 

The truth is that Bronson has some manufacturing facilities in China, but most of their bearings are actually made in the USA. In fact, about 10% of Bronson’s total production is made in China.

Is Bronson Worth Raw?

They may cost twice as much as cheaper bearings, but will last longer and save you the hassle of buying and replacing new bearings every 6-12 months. Some clean the bearings to extend their life, but you can also buy a new set. Cleaning costs are the same.

What is the ideal oil for cleaning bearings ?

As a cleaning agent, light oil, kerosene, or degreaser based on isopropyl alcohol are typically advised. However, the industry standard has been to give its maintenance crew readily accessible diesel, mineral turpentine oil (MTO), and kerosene as the cleaning agent.

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