Bones Bearings

Bones Bearings

The quality and design of bone bearings are renowned. Depending on what you require. Bones Bearings has a great collection that ranges from the inexpensive Bones Reds to the incredible Bones swiss ceramic.

George Powell founded the skateboard bearing buisness bones bearings in the early 1980s. Since then they have transformed skateboard bearings, rising to the top of many sskateboarders  favourite brands. Although bearings are their promary offering, they alsp sell clothes, accessories, and stickers. Skate one inclides bones bearings, powell, Bones wheels, bones bearings, Mini logo, Surf one, and Positiv make up skate one.


When George Powell realized that skateboarders needed speedier bearings in the early 1980s. Bones Bearings was born. After searching for a reliable bearing manufacturer that skateboarders could still afford. George discovered a company in Switzerland that produced bearins that were faster than any they had at the time. To create a bearing that would be perfect for skateboarders, he collaborated with them.

Bones Bearings

Professional Team

The professional team of bones bearings includes many famous names which are listed below

•    Vincent Alvarez

•    Brian Anderson

•    Kenny Anderson

•    Daryl Angel

•    Ray Barbee

•    Louie Barletta

•    Donny Barley

•    Chad Bartie

•    Zered Bassett

•    Silas Baxter-Neal

•    Theotis Beasley

•    Steve Berra

•    Caswell Berry

•    Taylor Bingaman

•    Tyler Bledsoe

•    Levi Brown

•    Dennis Busenitz

•    Steve Caballero

•    Devine Calloway

•    Andrew Cannon

•    Mike Mo Capaldi

•    John Cardiel

•    Ronnie Creager

•    Jack Curtin

•    Corey Duffel

•    Ryan Decenzo

•    Benny Fairfax

•    Cairo Foster

•    Danny Fuenzalida

•    Fred Gall

•    Ryan Gallant

•    Danny Garcia

•    Austyn Gillette

•    Jeff Grosso

•    Chris Haslam

•    Jordan Hoffart

•    Jerry Hsu

•    Stefan Janoski

•    Chany Jeanguenin

•    Marc Johnson

•    Josh Kalis

•    Cory Kennedy

Bones Bearings

Bones Skateboard Bearings

Currently there are six models of Bones bearings. These best bones bearings are given below:

  • Bones Reds
  • Bones Super Reds
  • Bones Ceramic Super Reds
  • Bones Swiss
  • Bones Super Swiss 6
  • Bones Swiss “L2”
  • Bones Swiss Ceramics

Bones Bearings Review

Bones bearings would be the first to go off the shelf if there was a frenzy of demand for low cost, high performance bearings. These bearings are in pair with much more expensive options offered by one of the most famous and popular companies in the United States.

For all types of skaters, these skateboards combine quality and performance to ensure incredible speed. These bearings are very good bearings if you are going to buy them. These bearings have removable shields, which makes them easier to clean, which also intrigued me. A non-contact rubber coating reduces bearing friction, so every ride is quiet and smooth. I’ve only just started riding, but these bearings roll much better than the ones that came with the board to begin with. 

Now the ride is much better and easier and the change was immediately noticeable. That being said, after installing I’ve noticed inconsistent behavior so far. It seems that some of these bearings are only of different design and only allow half a turn. I can’t complain, but at this price compared to the competition, quality product is a bargain.


The renowned, bestselling, and original Bones Bearings! And you’re so dang right! Skateboarders all across the world have relied on Bones Bearings for many years.

Your skateboard’s bearings are unassuming hardware components. They are, nevertheless, just as crucial and necessary as your deck and the trucks. More speed and fun the better your bearings are. Skateboarding was in its doldrums during the start of the 1980s, and premium bearings were hard to come by. George Powell set out to locate the world’s top bearings in terms of quality, speed, cost, and manufacturing.


Are Bones super reds preferable than reds?

To set themselves apart from regular REDS, super reds have a black shield and laser engraving. Features higher surface finish, better grade and quality balls and better steel races.

Why are Bones Swiss such a premium brand?

The testimonials on their website and from anyone who has used them attest to the fact that Bones Swiss bearings are the highest quality skateboard bearings currently on the market. They cost more because they are genuinely of a higher quality than any other bearings currently on the market.

Are Bone bearings good?

For simple maintenance, they include a single rubberized shield and a nylon ball retainer. They are greased with Bones Speed Cream, which provides superb roll, just like other Bones bearings. So, this is a place to start.

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