OJ Wheels

OJ Wheels

OJ’s Wheels is a trademark of NHS Inc. They were one of the first wheels to use sealed precision bearings, the Road Riders, which NHS made at the beginning. At the time, Bones and Sims produced the most well-liked wheels. Sims had a wheel they dubbed the Juice; the term OJ is obviously a jab at their rival. They originally appeared on the market around 1977 and quickly became well-known for their distinctive orange urethane and iconic OJ Wheel Shapes.

OJ Wheels has produced a variety of particular shapes over the years for street, park, vert, slalom, and freestyle skateboarding.


OJ wheels were among the most well-liked models offered by OJ II Elites in the 1980s. Bullets and Slimeballs, two additional NHS “Speed Wheels” trademarks, joined them. They worked along with Christian Hosoi to develop the OJ Hosoi Rockets brand. The front and back forms of the traditional OJ wheels are conical and radial, respectively. At the end of the 1980s, OJs were briefly unavailable on the market.

OJ Wheels

A few years ago, NHS gave the OJ brand another squeeze, and now they have an incredible lineup of new OJ wheel forms and formulae. They are supported by a world-class team of athletes and model themselves after their historical forebears.

Team Riders

The pro skaters who ride on OJ skateboard or wheels are given below:

  • Ace Pelka
  • Alex Willms
  • Chris Gregson
  • Chris Russell
  • Daniel Lutheran
  • Danny Dicola
  • Elijah Akerley
  • Eniz Fazlioz
  • Eric Dressen
  • Jake Johnson
  • John Worthington


Without such fantastic artwork, OJ wheels might not have achieved the success it did. Jim Phillips is solely responsible for the OJ logos. The screaming hand, one of the most recognisable skate graphics ever, was created by Jim.

OJ Wheels Logo

OJ Skateboard Wheels

OJ skateboard wheels that are really popular are given below:

  • John Worthington Thunder Juice Grey 75MM 78a Skateboard Wheels
  • OJ Eric Dressen Gold Ones Elite Mini Combo 56mm 101A skateboard wheels
  • OJ Ben Raemers foundation Ez Edge 54mm 99A skateboard wheels
  • OJ teamrider original 57mm 95A skateboard wheels
  • OJ speedwheels reissue original blue 60mm 92A skateboard wheels
  • OJ DNA curbsucker blooksuckers 54mm 95A skateboard wheels

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OJ Wheels formulas explained

OJ offers a top-notch Elite recipe for their contemporary street and park wheels after years of wheel production. They come in durometers 99A and 101. Try both to determine which is most effective for you. Click here to read more about what the term “wheel durometer” actually implies.

Along with the aforementioned contemporary forms in soft and mid durometer options, OJ also offers several other unique wheel mixtures, such as their Keyframe series.

OJ Keyframe 56mm 87a Pink Gnar Skateboard Wheels

The Hosoi Rockets and OJ II combos are two examples of OJ’s classic reissue wheels that they provide in addition to their entire lineup of contemporary forms.

The War paint series speed wheels were some of the first to comeout with vivid multicoloured prints in the 1980s. Occasionally,they offer alternative model, durometers, and colours, so keep an eye out for your 80s holy gral.

OJ Wheels Keyframe 56mm 87a

Reissue Classic OJ Hosoi Rocket White 61mm 97a Skateboard Wheels

OJ also made a famous parody of the nearly spherical G&S Rollerball wheel a few year ago called the little Doodies for a little bit of fun. If you ever have the good fortune to get your hands on any, it really is a really enjoyable 92A mid duro wheel to ride.


OJ manufactures wheels for a variety of sports, including treet, park, vert, bowl, and even cruising. OJ was a touch quiet for a time, but NHS provided the brand a lift with an incredible line up. For all disciplines, OJ provides wheels for decade, a reliable wheel brand.


Can you cruise on OJ Wheels?

The greatest, simply OJ has a variety of team tested hard and soft wheels that are suitable for going to the park, riding a bowl, or simply cruising down the street.

Are spacers required for OJ Wheels?

Spacers are not required if the board will be utilized for general riding or commuting. Spacers give more stability for more experienced riders by squeezing in between the wheel’s bearings.

Where are OJ Wheels produced?

Skateboard heritage is deeply ingrained in Santa Cruz OJ Wheels. Since the 1970s, OJ has produced skateboard wheels in Santa Cruz, California.

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