Best Skateboard Wheels for Street 2023 | Softness, Hardness and Size

Best Skateboard Wheels for Street

The greatest skateboard wheel for flat ground tricks and street skating has a small wheel profile, a durometer of 99a to 103a, and a diameter of 50mm to 53mm. These wheel specifications enable your wheels to slide more easily for technical tricks and spins while also enabling speedier rolling on flat surfaces.

Having the greatest skateboard wheels for street riders is ideal if your village roads are your favorite skateboarding spots. 

Street skating is more pleasurable and more comfortable with this kind of roller. We will inform you about the best skateboard wheels for street in this article.skate w

Expert’s Recommendation

Spitfire Bighead Wheels

Spitfire Bighead Wheels

  • Fast Speed
  • Soft Skate Wheels
  • Good for Paved Roads
Spitfire Bighead Wheels

Spitfire Formula Four 99D Tablet Skateboard Wheels

  • Unique tablet design
  • Smooth Ride
  • Fast Moving
Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels

Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels

  •  Soft Cruiser Filmed Wheels
  • Smooth Rolling
  • Hard Plastic Core

Best skateboard wheels for street:

Skating wheels may differ insignificantly in the majority of ways, but if you choose the wrong set, they will have an impact on how well the board performs as a whole. That is why the selection is more important than anything else. 

To determine the best street skateboard wheels that suit your preferences and riding style, have a look at the several options below. Also, the purchase guide includes additional advice to ensure your best wheels for street skating.

The best skate wheels for best street skaters are given below:

Bigfoot Skateboard wheels:

Bigfoot Skateboard wheels

For every sort of skater, Bigfoot Wheels offers a huge selection of high-quality skateboard and longboard wheels. offering a wide range of sizes, designs, and colors for wheels. You can be confident that Bigfoot Wheels has the ideal wheel for you.

  • Colorful
  • Offering a wide range of sizes
  • Durable

These Bigfoot Islanders have a central hub and an extremely high rebound 78a durometer urethane. Having a diameter of 65mm, a hardness of 78a, and a width of 45mm. 41mm contact patch in the center, with a slightly rounded inner edge.

It’s comfortable to ride and adaptable, we always favor this brand as filmmakers. These wheels are not only smooth, but they also roll quickly. A strong plastics core is included with each roller and is in charge of bearing alignment.

I believe this component contributes to both the stability of the skateboard and my own rides. I am pleased that these wheels easily navigate road imperfections and stones for a 53mm wheelset. Also, they simply function anywhere.

In comparison to my other wheels, I can perform a couple of tricks better with these rollers. These maneuvers consist of kick turns, ollies, and a few flips.

I am pleased that these wheels easily navigate road imperfections and stones for a 53mm wheelset. Also, they operate quietly in any setting. These wheels are silently working and agile at the same time, in contrast to several noisy and unsteady wheel brands I’ve tried.

  • 83a wheels are ideal for filming
  • Fast-moving and fluid
  • Strong plastic cores
  • Softly rolls through road fissures and trash
  • Ideal for learning fundamental skateboarding maneuvers
  • Doesn’t include bearings

Bones STF V2 Locks Wheels:

Bones STF V2 Locks Wheels

These rollers consistently provide excellent grip. I can always feel the rollers holding nicely, whether I’m using them for metal skateboard ramps or street skating. These rollers also have good grips, even on dusty surfaces.

  • Best for street skating
  • Perfect hardness
  • Durable

The form of Bones Street Tech Formula (STF) V2 wheels are intended to facilitate locking into grinds. These wheels form fits onto ledges and rails better than other wheel types because it has a little bulge around the bearing bore.

These wheels are the best choice if grind tricks are more your style than flat terrain. These wheels should not be used if you intend to skate on rough concrete because of their excessive hardness. Yet, these wheels are a fantastic option if you mainly skate in indoor or outdoor skateparks.

I bought these wheels are they are great wheels. They are very hard and fast. The skatepark is one of my favorite places to ride them.

  • Bones provide wheels for practically all sports
  • Sufficient grip
  • More durable
  • SPF and ATF don’t feel good on rough asphalt

Spitfire Formula Four 99D skateboard wheels:

Spitfire Formula Four 99D skateboard wheels

The Spitfire Formula four 99D skateboard wheels have a special riding surface. Spitfire wheels made them even more prone to wear than other manufacturers, who try to preserve these components.

  • Unique tablet design
  • Perfect wheel size
  • Durable

The formula four wheels on the Spitfire are made of a specially created performance urethane that keeps its shape, has fewer flat patches, and has a manageable grip. These wheels are available in durometers of 99 or 101. Whatever your skating style, Spitfire manufactures a very wide selection of wheel sizes that will work for you.

The rollers are ideal for advanced skaters because of this feature, which calls for less friction and more sophisticated tricks.

The distinctive tablet design of these spitfire wheels is another feature I adore. The wheels become lighter and more responsive as a result. Hence, these rollers are not only ideal for skating in street but also easy to maneuver.

These wheels are my favorite because they roll easily and quickly. These rollers have a 99D hardness rating, so they never become caught on the surface. Also, they have adequate rebounds so they don’t feel cheap.

  • Possesses a unique tablet design
  • High rebound for a faster and smoother ride
  • Good for advanced skating
  • Slow item delivery

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Bigfoot Skateboard wheels

The Spitfire Bighead skateboard wheels are both firm enough to make sliding easy and soft enough to provide excellent grip and a smooth roll. These 53mm skates are ideal for bigger riders and beginners skating the street, skate parks, bowls, and vert ramps.

  • Fast rolling
  • Smooth
  • Affordable

These pair of wheels may be among my quietest rollers. I set them on the street and briefly glided with them, but I never heard any irritating noises. Even though I travel on harsher ground like asphalt highways, these skate wheels don’t make a sound.

The Spitfire Bighead skateboard wheels are one of my favorite wheelsets as an adult skateboarder due to their size. The 52mm diameter of this skateboard wheel is sufficient for me to easily glide through the streets. These wheels are  99a wheels skateboard.

Although Spitfire wheels may look pricey, they are among the strongest skateboard wheels. Compared to cheaper products, they endure two to three times longer because of the quality of the polyurethane.

Depending on how frequently you skate and the surface you ride on, Spitfire wheels last for a very long period. On asphalt, they can survive for more than two seasons if you ride every day. They will survive for many years if you simply skate over concrete. To extend the lifespan of your wheels, always rotate them; coning will affect performance.

  • Fast-rolling 99a wheels
  • Even on paved roads, rolls without sound
  • Softest skate wheels
  • Yellowish urethane that was once white.

FREEDARE skateboard wheels

FREEDARE skateboard wheels

Some skateboarders would only use these 60mm skateboard wheels for street cruising. But all went smoothly when I attempted to take these for simple street rides. Even for their 83a hardness rating, they are resilient. On top of my deck, I always feel secure and stable as a result.

  • Quite and smooth riding
  • Fitted entire bearings and spacers
  • Good for paved surfaces

My street board will be the ideal size to convert into a cruiser. With my digital calipers, they indeed measure 58mm. After a little riding-induced break-in, the bearings perform brilliantly. Initially, I planned to replace them with a set of Bones Reds bearings, but I don’t believe that will be necessary. For the price, these wheels offer good value.

The FREEDARE skateboard wheels are consistently among the top wheels for skating out of thousands of available options. These rollers were packaged neatly when they were delivered, and the urethane rollers are glossy and smooth.

The majority of skateboarders consider the urethane body and bearings to be part of the full wheel and go above and beyond with installed bearings and roller spacers.

This is advantageous, in my opinion, because spacers don’t use a one size fits all approach. I, therefore, benefit from these in terms of time, money, and effort. These are the best wheel size for skating in street.

Also, adaptable to the riding conditions are these wheels. These wheels are reliable whether they are being used on a smooth surface or an asphalt road. They are simple to control, and I always feel at ease using them.

  • Comes in tidy packaging
  • Fitted entire bearings and spacers
  • They are simple to maneuver
  • Not the best for making quick turns

Ricta Cloud 78a Skateboard wheels

Ricta Cloud 78a Skateboard wheels

Excellent wheel all-around. The really hard wheels are a tad uncomfortable for an older skater, especially in some of the ditches and on the street. Lots of quick in the park. Skate largely on the streets (every day), and they are durable.

  • Perfect maneuverability
  • Easily pass through cracks
  • Excellent grip

The grips on these rollers are another feature I enjoy. Brands of street skateboard wheels are not typically picky about grip but for me, this is still an important factor. Regardless a matter whether the weather is rainy or dry, these wheels always provide ample traction.

The controllability of the Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard wheel is one of my favorite features. I don’t have to work very hard to maneuver these rollers. Also, these might be the best skate wheels for practicing on the streets in my opinion as beginners.

No matter what kind of rollers I use, road cracks are always my enemy. But because Ricta wheels have a 78a durometer. Although not the fastest, these wheels constantly function. Yet they still aim for the fastest speed even when I kick less frequently.

I don’t have to constantly exert myself physically because the velocity is consistent.

  • Perfect maneuverability
  • Wheels with a 78a durometer that easily pass through cracks
  • Excellent grip
  • Sometimes wheels will adhere to the earth

Orbs Apparitions Wheels

Orbs Apparitions Wheels

These wheels are better option if you have a limited budget and want a unique setup for skating on the streets.

  • Great for street skating
  • Smooth
  • Affordable

A division of Welcome Skateboards is a smaller wheel company called Orbs. These wheels glide well at the skatepark and are usable on rough concrete with a durometer of 99a. However, if you want to session the street in front of your house, they won’t offer a completely smooth ride.

They have a really smooth ride and they look awesome. Although their wheels don’t have a particularly distinctive form or construction, they do have some amazing colours. 

This specific set of wheels has a broader contact patch, which is excellent for the extra stability and grip that many beginners seek. They are still thin enough, though, to perform admirably for more intricate flat ground grinds.

  • Great for street skating.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Usable on rough concrete
  • Limited selection of shapes.

TGM Skateboard Wheels

TGM Skateboard Wheels

These wheels are a wonderful option for someone wishing to perform tricks in skate parks while yet needing something reliable for the streets because they have good speed and grip. These wheels are excellent for newcomers who aren’t sure what kind of wheel they want.

  • Dependable
  • Good speed and grip
  • Stable

This brand is dependable since its cores endure longer, especially under high-speed conditions. This wheel brand also includes bearing spacers in addition to urethane bodies and bearings. These wheel parts increase performance while extending the lifespan of the wheel cores, and also make it with spacers.

These wheels are a wonderful option for someone wishing to perform tricks in skate parks while yet needing something reliable for the streets because they have good speed and grip. 

These wheels are excellent for newcomers who aren’t sure what kind of wheel they want. This is thought of being rough on cruiser wheels and longboard wheels.

These wheels and bearings are exceptional for the price! They are expertly packed and just as seen in the picture! I don’t want to spend my money anywhere else now that I’ve found this buyer! You won’t be let down!

  • Features a timeless plain black finish
  • Features ABEC-7 bearings for dependable operation
  • Stable
  • Slow item delivery

Kissone Skateboard Wheels

Kissone Skateboard Wheels

These robust street skateboard wheels are comfy for the rider’s ears as well as their legs. These rollers are 40% quieter than those from competing brands. Moreover, it features a 55% greater seismic filter than standard rollers making the ride more comfortable.

  • Buttery smooth slides
  • Comfortable rides
  • Less noisy

The conical design of these wheels makes them even more appropriate for both skateboarding parks and city streets. The board slides more easily and smoothly with this design. And like the majority of Reddit users, I believe that these wheels are far superior to most skateboard wheels.

They cost half as much but provided better riding and durability than my bones wheels.

The Kissone skateboard wheels are one of the greatest brands I use for both skate parks and the streets since they are packed with the highest possible hardness for street rollers. These rollers with a 101a durometer may be too firm for certain people, but they are still sufficiently springy.

  • Buttery smooth slides
  • Customization is easy
  • Less noise
  • Comfortable
  • None as of yet

BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels

BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels

Though these wheels are one best pairs for street skating but they also work well at skateboarding parks and on city streets. I tried performing some tricks at the skatepark and cruising on the city streets with these wheels.

  • Hard and fast
  • Perfect for park skating
  • Good grip

I’m delighted the wheels performed well in both of these setups. These roller designs are gorgeous, too. Although they aren’t simple, BYBAIZ made sure they will go well with any skateboard deck.

They are excellent wheels for the street because they don’t flatspot quickly. I do recommend rotating the wheels to prevent cone out because of the contact patch of the wheel.

They also consistently provide me with a quick and comfortable ride with a pair of street wheels.

For their grips, these rollers are a great alternative. On the skateboard, each 102a polyurethane wheel provides superior control and agility. 

Also, this wheel brand is not overly springy but is very durable, which frees me from being stranded on the streets.

  • Fast and smooth
  • Perfect for skating in parks
  • Excellent wheel styles
  • Bearings are not included with the wheels

Bones Skateboard Wheels:

Kissone Skateboard Wheels

The flattest spot-resistant wheels in our list, tests show that Bones exceed other wheels. This explains why their clientele is so devoted. There is something for everyone’s unique needs and skating style because they offer a wide range of forms in each formula.

  • P5 Sidecut design
  • Strong and hard
  • Good for every terrain

Master of none, but a jack of all trades. For people who live in an area with a mixture of coarse asphalt and concrete, Bones ATF wheels are excellent.

Bones created these wheels for rough terrains, but they also work well on slicker surfaces like bowls and micro ramps. Because of their sticky nature, transition skating will just require you to push or pump a little harder.

My friend, a proficient street skater, uses these in his neighborhood skate park. He also performs some very gruesome acts in his neighborhood concrete bowl. These are the best wheels for street skating.

The pavement is cracked and uneven across the ancient park. Bones ATF wheels are a good option if your neighborhood park or area resembles this in some way.

  • P5 Sidecut design
  • 84B hardness wheels that are strong
  • Has sufficient abrasion resistance
  • Not recommended for bumpy roads

After adding street wheels to your skateboard, you should be aware of the following.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing these Skateboard Wheels


 Compared to cruisers, which you can also use for riding on the streets, street skating wheels are smaller. Street skating wheels typically range in size from 49mm to 56mm. Because of the acceleration produced by these rollers, thinner wheels are generally preferable.


 Because they are lighter, harder wheels are excellent for street skating. Furthermore ideal for parks or performing feats, this kind of wheel. Hence, search for the best tire skates with a durometer between 96 and 99.

Wheel shape: 

A set of wheels with a large contact patch is not necessary. Wheels with a square lip are only ideal for cruising. This means you can take pleasure in employing round-lipped wheels, which are popular among skateboarders as well. 


Becoming excellent at skating the streets, skate parks, and other skateboarding locations is every skateboarder’s goal. And in order to accomplish these, we must value the tools we employ.

Make the streets your new favorite skating area by purchasing the best skateboard wheels for cruising the city. You’ll locate the best one for your boards if you keep in mind the advice I’ve given you.

Experience a new street skating adventure. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section and we’ll be happy to answer them.  Hope you this article helps you with the best skateboard wheels for street.


Are spitfire wheels good?

Although spitfire wheels may look pricey, they are among the strongest skateboard wheels available. They endure two to three times longer than lesser ones thanks to the polyurethane quality.

Are 78a wheels suitable for ice skating on streets?

Skateboarding is wonderful to use for 78a wheels since they offer a decent combination of grip and speed. For skateboarders who want to get the most use out of their boards, it’s crucial that they also have a tendency to be very durable. Many forms of skateboards, from longboards to street boards, can use 78a wheels.

What is the best skateboard wheels for street?

Wheels with a durometer grade of 99a and higher are suggested for the majority of street skating. On smooth terrain, harder skate wheels are more responsive, glide more easily, and maintain speed better. They are more suitable for popping and flipping tricks since they absorb less energy than their softer sibling.

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