How are Skateboard Wheels Measured | Explain Diameter

How are Skateboard Wheels Measured

Skateboard wheels are available in a range of forms, dimensions, and materials. The size or hardness of your skateboard wheels can have a considerable impact on how you feel when riding.

Are you curious about how are skateboard wheels measured? If so, you are reading the most reliable source of knowledge.

One of the most important and worn-out components of your skateboard is the wheels. Discover which wheels are ideal for your board and you.

In this article, we will inform you about how are skateboard wheels measured.

How to Measure Skateboard Wheels

There are numerous tools available for measuring the skateboard. Both the ruler and the caliper will be used. Choose from either of them.

How are Skateboard Wheels Measured

Employing a Ruler

The first step in measuring your wheels with a ruler is to locate the center of the wheel. Once you’ve located it, set your ruler down there to measure the diameter of your wheels.

Employing a Caliper

When measuring round things, such as skateboard wheels, calipers are preferable to ordinary rulers because they are more accurate.

Choose the side of the object that best represents the length and width of skateboard wheels. We shall measure this side first.

1st Step

The first step is to take the skateboard’s wheels off.

2nd Step

Gently fit the large caliper jaws onto the skateboard wheels after spreading them apart. As the diameter will always be the same regardless of where you measure from, you need to measure one dimension when determining the skateboard wheel’s width.

Step 3

By measuring the separation between the markers on the primary scale, you may determine the length measurement.

The standard skateboard wheel size ranges from 48 to 60 millimeters, however, different sizes are also offered to accommodate various skating surfaces and styles.

What you Will Need to Measure Skateboard Wheels

If you want to how are skateboard wheels measured, you also need to know what you will need to measure skateboard wheels:

How are Skateboard Wheels Measured


A standard rule with millimeters measures can be used.


 The second measurement option is a caliper, which is a tool with two movable jaws or legs. You can use calipers to measure the spaces between holes and the distances across surfaces in addition to the diameter and thickness of an object.

You should become familiar with some of the key elements of the caliper before beginning this course.

Big Jaws

They are used to measure an object’s zie externally.

Ruler/Main Scale

This component measures an object in inches or millimeters, just like a conventional ruler.

Skateboard wheel size

The most common skateboard wheel size is given below:

 Small Wheels

Skateboarding wheels with lower diameters are suited for flat surfaces on level surfaces. In the 1990s, wheels smaller than 50mm were common, but today, the standard skateboard wheel size begins at 50mm for the majority of wheel manufacturers.

Smaller wheels make skateboards more susceptible to becoming stuck in rocks or crevices, but because there is more space between the wheel and the board, wheel bite is less of an issue.

Medium Wheels

These wheels are perfect for skateboarding on the streets and in transition. We advise starting with a 52mm wheel from whatever wheel brand you like for your first full skateboard set. These medium wheels are available in a range of durometers and styles.

Big Wheels

A more stable platform for the rider to ride on is provided by wheels with a bigger surface area. Due to their preference for large wheels that enable them to maintain speed more rapidly, ramp and vert skateboarders.

Notwithstanding their weight, larger wheels are less likely to become wedges in crevices or small objects.

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How are Skateboard Wheels Measured

skateboard wheel size chart

Your weight and height can influence the size of the wheels. The size chart is given below:

50-53mmSmall, slower wheels, stable for trick riding
54-59mmAverage wheel size for beginners and bigger riders skating street
60mm +Specialty riders skating longboards, old school boards, downhill, and dirt boards, made for speed and rougher surfaces.

These are some general recommendations regarding skateboard wheel diameter or skateboard wheel dimensions that take your skating preferences and level of expertise into consideration.

Durometer ScaleSkateboard Wheel Purpose
77A to 80AFor smooth and comfortable cruising
81A to 83AMore focus on cruising, also work in dusty bowls
85A to 90ACruising and tricks
92A to 96AWheels for rough roads, tricks, and a smooth ride
97A to 99AWheels for tricks with grip and park/bowl skating
100A to 104ATechnical street and park skateboarding


For both novice and experienced skaters, having a firm understanding of how to measure skateboard wheels is essential. When choosing your skateboard wheels, considerations other than appearances are crucial. When selecting skating equipment, quality is extremely important.

There are numerous variations available for both size and design. You must determine which choice is best for you. We hope that after reading this post, you have a clearer idea of how to accurately measure the wheels on your skateboard.

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What Size Skateboard Wheels are Ideal for you?

Your skateboard wheels help you move around and enable you to skate at your top speed. Wheels for skateboards are primarily made of polyurethane and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and levels of durability.
The wheels durometer is measured on an A or B scale, and its diameter is measured in mm. 52-54 mm is the suggested size for beginners since it may grasp the surface better and improve stability while traveling. Low durometers are advised for cruising whereas large durometers are suitable for tricks.

How do i Determine My Wheel Size?

The basic rule of thumb for sports cars is to align the wheel width with the tread width in inches. For instance, tire size 285/35-19 has a 9.9-inch tread width “. A 10.0-inch wheel would be the ideal size “because of that tire.

Can you Skate on 54mm Wheels on the Street?

As they are lighter and smaller (for flip tricks) and don’t require the high speeds of a downhill longboarder, regular street skaters choose 52 mm to 54 mm wheels. Bigger wheels are faster and better for transitions and rougher terrain, ranging in size from 54mm to 58mm.

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