What are Skateboard wheels made of ,Conical, Classic and Metal

What are Skateboard wheels made of  

What are Skateboard wheels made of is one of the most burning questions among skaters. Skateboarding structure information is as necessary as skateboarding. It might be challenging and harmful without the essential information. Never compromise on the manufacturing material of the skateboard as we know the more you add the jaggery, the more it will sweeten the more tea. On the other hand, concessions on the manufacturing entities will backlash in severe injury. An amateur never looks for price tags but prioritizes the best. In this article, you will be acquainted with the information pertaining to the wheel from basics to advance.

Skateboards wheel are accessible in distinctive sizes, shapes, colours, hardness and softness attributes from average to advanced levels. Different classifications of wheels exist based on distinctive specific purposes; for example, stunt, cruising and street skateboarding utilize nuance types. So if you are looking for what are skateboard wheels made of, let’s burst the bobble meticulously. However, all wheels are manufactured on the single-pivot principle.

Unlike the wheels of the 1970s ( which used to be manufactured with clay and steel), modern longboard wheels are made of polyurethane. The substance polyurethane is comprised to increase the lifespan of the wheel in addition to many other advantages. That was the laconic introduction, but the further guide will unravel the mysterious enigmas of polyurethane. So if you are looking for what are skateboard wheels made of, let’s burst the bobble meticulously.

Why are skateboard/longboard wheels made of polyurethane?

Why are skateboard/longboard wheels made of polyurethane

Before getting deep, it is essential to get familiar with the term polyurethane. Polyurethane is a polymer, a macromolecule constituted by multiple pressing monomers or molecules. The monomer is amalgamated with other molecules through urethane bonds. It contains the attribution of both melt plastic malleability and stiff rubber.

At this stage, an idea might have crossed your mind regarding Polyurethane, but a complete understanding is a residue. Let’s get into the characteristics of polyurethane wheels.

  • Resilient against crash
  • Resistive against abrasion
  • Resistant against tear
  • Moderatelycompressible
  • Reliably long-lasting
  • Very elastic and flexible
  • Weather and temperature proof

Moreover, it allows subtle changes regarding shape, colour and size during the manufacturing process. Additionally, the manufacturer can achieve different specific densities of hardness and softness due to its flexibility and rigidness. This thing stimulates the manufacturer to use Polyurethane as a substantial substance in fermentation. Don’t get stuck with the term Polyurethane, this is the same polyurethane that is often used in mattresses, cushions and in refrigerator insulations. Hope your confusion regarding the question of – what are skateboard wheels made of – is evident now.

Let’s have look at two marvellous wheels manufactured by spitfires:

Spitfire is one of the marvellous logos for the manufacturing of wheels. The marvellous brand has been originating the best-optimal wheels over the years. Over the last three decades, spitfire is struggling to bring innovative and handy features. Plenty of wheels are being manufactured by the association contoured in only 8 shapes. Here are the trendy shapes that are prevailed nowadays:

Classics wheels:

It is obvious from the name that this type of wheel is usually suggested/ designed for street skaters, which is the beginning stage of skating. The shape emerged in the early 1990s and remained trendy ever.  It furnishes a large radius from the bearing seat which begets a fairly narrow contact patch. Skateboards with metal/classic wheels were quite common until 2000, but now they have been substituted by other wheels.

Spitfire Conical & Conical Full wheels:

This wheel has been given the name conical due to its splendid cone shape that stimulates surfaces from the contact patch to the side of the wheel. This wheel offers the most grip and control at high speeds control, available in sizes up to 58mm. The Conical Full is almost 2 to 3mm wider than its partner. In this way, it provides more grip and speed control.

Spitfire Conical & Conical Full wheels:

Spitfire Radial & Radial Slims

This breed of wheels prevents slip-up to some extent and authenticates more locks than the OG classics. In shape, they retain quite a resemblance with OG Classic as they are curved into rounded edges causing a flatter wheel side and a wider contact patch in consideration of the width of the wheel.

The Skateboard wheel hardness scale plays a bottom-line role in the performance.

The hardness and softness refer to the terms stiffness and malleability of the wheels. Hardness and sizes are two things to consider for choosing new wheels. Variants of wheels are designed according to specific purposes, either soft or rigid. Sometimes sizes and hardness is mentioned in the illustration of wheels.

Let’s meticulously look at the distinctive wheels of specific hardness levels.

75A-87A Skateboard Wheels Are made of

This class of wheels is often soft and offers excellent grip. 75A-87A Skateboard Wheels

They are quintessential for rough surfaces. The  75A wheels deliver the smoothest ride and are the go-to setup for cruising, commuting, and downhill skateboarding.

88A-95A Skateboard Wheels

The 88a and 95a skateboard wheel provides less grip but is enough to cruise the bumps. Additionally, they are rigid and remarkable for speed.

96A-99A Skateboard Wheels

These wheels are adept for beginners for skateboarding, such as street skating, skatepark riding, bowls, ramps, and nearly all flat surfaces. These wheels contain a great deal of grip; however, it nourishes less speed. For bumpy, plan and concrete surfaces, 96A-99A wheels are recommended.

96A-99A Skateboard Wheels

100A+ Skateboard Wheels

Professionals will look for this wheel type as they offer tremendous speed and less grip. This race of wheels is adept for competitions, indoor skateparks, and challenging surfaces. 

In a nutshell, you can choose any kind of wheel according to your level. The softened breed will assist you in the novice stage featuring more grip as opposed to hardened wheels that provide speed. So, if you are a newbie, it’s better to commence skateboarding with soft wheels. 

Final words:

Skateboarding is an intriguing and top-notch recreation skill, but it might prove manageable with proper knowledge. In the modern world, a hoard of wheels made of polyurethane substance is available at slashing tags, except for some high-end ones. Always consider the diameter, hardness and purpose before choosing the wheels. With the appropriate equipment and tools, skateboarding would be easy-peasy. It was our blissfulness to answer the query of what are skateboard wheels made of.  Hope! You had a more excellent knowledge of skateboard wheel materials in a fun way.

Be careful and have a lot of fun!


What things to consider choosing wheels?

Sizes, shapes, colors, hardness and softness are essential characteristics to dwell on choosing skateboarding. On top of that, always pay attention to your purpose.

Which wheel, either metal or polyurethane, should be preferred?

Steel wheels were standard in the 1980s, and now they are reckoned antiquated; therefore, you should give polyurethane wheels preference over metal wheels since they furnish an abundance of improvements.

What are skateboard wheels made of?

Polyurethane is a flexible substance that lets the manufacturers mold the shape, size and color during the process. Furthermore, it provides comfy advantages; therefore, modern wheels are made of polyurethane.  

Which skateboard wheels, conical vs classic, are given priority?

A classic is an ancient form of a wheel, which emerged in1990s. It provides an extensive radius from the bearing seat, which bears a relatively narrow contact patch. However, you should prefer conical wheels due to their colossal grip and speed control.

Why are longboard wheels made of polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a helpful material that is utilized in the manufacturing of wheels for:
Resilient against crash
Resistive against abrasion
Resistant against tear
Reliably long-lasting
Very elastic and flexible
Weather and temperature proof

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