How to Change Skateboard Wheels | Best Guide Step by Step

How to Change Skateboard Wheels

Are you having a rough and painful time skating? Not to worry. Changing your wheels is a straightforward task as long as you have the necessary equipment and supplies at home.

You can return to your board as soon as possible now that we have answered your frequently asked questions.

We will inform you about how to change skateboard wheels in this article.

When Should you Change your Wheels

Skateboard wheels can last you for an extended period, but they will deteriorate more quickly if you can use them frequently or perform a lot of powerslides. It’s time for replacement wheels if they get coned, are very small, or develop ugly flat spots, to name a few solid indicators.

When Should you Change your Wheels

Your board will feel slow, and the ride will be rougher due to all these problems. These issues are annoying, but they can be resolved by replacing your damaged wheels with new ones.

You will learn how to put wheels on a skateboard in just 4 simple steps. Following along or skip to one of the following actions:

  • Take off wheels
  • Take out Bearings
  • Assembling bearings to new wheels
  • Mount Wheels


  • Harder wheels will be more challenging to replace than softer ones since removing and reinstalling the wheels and bearings takes less effort. Harder wheels are best for standard skateboards, whereas softer wheels are used on longboards and cruisers. Changing wheels is the same procedure regardless of board style.

Collect Materials

You will need a few tools and materials before you begin for the replacement skateboard wheels. Once you have everything ready, we’ll walk you through the simple 4 step process of changing your skateboard wheels.

  • Tray for skateboard tools
  • Trucks for skateboard

How to Put Wheels on a Skateboard

You have to consider following steps while replacing wheels.

How to Change Skateboard Wheels

Take off wheels

First, slide the wheels off your vehicle axle after removing the axle bolts with your skate tool or wrench. Keep an eye on the washers on either side of the wheel.

To prevent losing any little bits of hardware, we think arranging and storing the axle nuts and speed washers in a compact tray is advisable.

Take out Bearings

The next step is to remove the bearings from the wheels by pulling them out with the truck’s axle. To accomplish this, place the wheel halfway onto the axle’s end so that just one bearing is attached.

Twist the wheel outward and around while prying the bearing out, ensuring that the axle firmly grabs the inside of the direction. Reverse the rotation and continue.

Some setups employ bearing spacers that, when installed in the wheel, sit between the two bearings, while other bearings already have pacers built into them.

Wheels and bearings for longboards are the most typical places to find these. Keep track of any spacers your bearings may have in your hardware tray.

Assembling Bearings to New Wheels

Start by positioning your two bearings shield side down on the truck of your skateboard. To fully seat your wheel in the wheel, press it onto the top bearing.

Once the bearing is evenly installed, you might need to turn the wheel while applying weight. For replacing bearings, flip the new wheels over and repeat.

Mount Wheels

You can mount your new wheels back on the axles of the truck now that the bearings are installed. With the right side facing out, switch wheels onto the axle. The side that should be on the exterior is indicated by graphics or angled cuts on some wheels.

Though others are unaffected, you are free to mount them any way you like. When you decide, thread the axle nut onto the unit until it is finger-tight. Tighten the nut using a wrench or skate tool until there is almost no space between the wheel and the truck.

Your bearings may be harmed by overtightening.


Skateboard wheels eventually need to be replaced, but occasionally you may extend the lifespan of your current set of wheels. Here are some pointers regarding wheel maintenance.

How to Change Skateboard Wheels

Turn the Wheels

You can rotate your wheels to separate axles to stop them from coming or wearing down unevenly. It would help if you crisscrossed the front wheels to the rear and the rear wheels to the front. You can do this every three months when you clean or replace your bearings.

Repair Flat Spot

Harder skateboard wheels tend to develop flat areas after some use. Flat places cause your board to vibrate roughly, jeopardizing your smooth ride and slowing you down. 

Clean off your Wheels

While cleaning your skateboard wheels won’t do anything to improve their performance, it can help your bearings last longer. Use a paper towel and clean any debris from the center of the wheels whenever you take your bearings out of them. 

How to Put Bearings into Wheels

Your wheel rolls smoothly because of these bearings as they revolve. The wheel bearings must be properly installed.

You simply have to follow six steps to putting bearings into wheels:

  • Prepare the trucks of your skateboard
  • Put the washer and the bearing on the axle
  • Equip the bearing with a spacer
  • Put the skateboard wheels into place
  • Finish with a washer and axle nut
  • Repeat the process


In actuality, anyone can change skateboard wheels without expert assistance. But only some have the skill to execute it properly.

The only way to guarantee high-quality wheel improvements and skateboard performance simultaneously is to know How to change skateboard wheels with the proper principles.

Thus, remember the advice I gave you and change those rollers expertly. I hope you get your answer on How to change skateboard wheels.


How Long do Skate Wheels Last?

I found that after 3 months of use, the wheels start to function poorly and their grip starts to show indications of wear. Skateboard wheels will survive longer if they are made of sturdy materials, but generally speaking, they only last three months.

How to get Bearings out of a Skateboard Wheel?

The nut on the end of the axle can be removed using the socket on your skateboard tool. Use a crescent or socket wrench if you don’t have a skateboard tool or if it doesn’t have a socket. Use the standard size of 12″ (13 mm) for wheel nuts. 
 Remove the nuts from all four wheels at once if you’re replacing all the bearings. Place the nuts in a location where you will be able to place them.
Remove the nut and bearings from the wheel; you know that is the issue. A bearing pole is a common item used in skate shops.

What is the Standard way of Removing Casters Wheels?

After knowing How to change skateboard wheels, let’s talk about removing caster wheels; the steps are given below:
Put the flathead screwdriver between the base and rotation of the office chair.
Your hand should be used to pull the caster wheel as far as feasible.
Wrap the stem with the prying tool.
Use light pressure to pop the wheel off carefully.

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