How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster | Complete Method

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster

The problem with how to make bearings spin faster is not always with the wheels if you want your skateboard wheels to spin more quickly so you can move more quickly.

The first and simplest way to increase the speed of skateboard wheels is to release the axle nuts. These will prevent your wheels from freely rotating if they are excessively tight. The wheels and bearings can also be cleaned or, if necessary, replaced.

The choices for how to make skateboard wheels faster, we provide here are not one-time transactions. As part of the routine maintenance, you will discover that you are performing them frequently. It will affect how much you enjoy the activity if you maintain a timetable for these tasks, whether it be maintaining the bearings or cleaning the wheels.

We will inform you about how to make skateboard wheels faster in this article.

Release the Axle Nuts

If your skateboard wheels are not spinning as quickly as you would like, you should always start by loosening the axle nuts. That is simple to do, and you could discover that you can correct problems and return to the board in only a few minutes.

Spin the wheels by hand to inspect the wheels and the tightness of the axle nuts before making any changes to them. They ought to spin easily and cease gradually when you spin them.

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster

If the wheels start spinning and stop abruptly or even reverse direction after stopping, you have a problem. If so, the axle nuts most likely are as well.

To slightly loosen the axle nut, use a skate tool. Spin it in an anticlockwise direction, but not too far. Usually, all it takes to get things moving is a small turn. Many minor tweaks are preferable to one large one that goes too far in the pursuit of tightness.

Restart spinning the wheel by hand after loosening the axle nut. Once the wheel starts to spin without abruptly stopping, continue to gradually loosen it.

The wheel starting to slide around on the axle is another sign that you’ve gone too far. If so, you should slightly tighten the axle nut.

There will always be a sweet spot, and ultimately you will understand how much of an adjustment to make. As you go out, make sure you have a skate tool in your pocket or backpack because it can be something you do frequently.

Clean your Wheels off the Skateboard

You’ll probably discover that you frequently clean skateboard wheels. The speed and feel of the ride may change as a result of this simple action.

Although it doesn’t really matter, you can occasionally get rid of the contact patch by gently sliding the skateboard back, and forth on the pavement if it has gum or tar on the wheels.

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster

Take care not to cause the wheels to become flat. You can remove the wheels with a skateboard wrench if the wheel has to be cleaned since it has a lot of oil or grease on it.

It is essential to clean each wheel individually. You should take the bearings out next, then remove the wheels. Do not use the same cleaning agent to clean the wheels and the bearings.

Warm, soapy water should be used to clean the wheels. As for the soap, you can use Dawn or another brand of dishwashing liquid.

To properly clean the wheels, you might need to scrub them. Carefully, using a wire brush or an old toothbrush are both acceptable options. When cleaning the wheel, take care not to harm it.

Before mounting the wheels again, dry the wheels. Rust will likely form if the bearings are reinstalled before the wheels are completely dry.

Moreover, improperly dried rust wheel spin is more likely to become soiled rapidly.

Wash the Wheel Bearings

The speed of your skateboard wheels and longer skateboard will most likely be affected by cleaning the skateboard bearings. It isn’t the simplest option, which is the only reason I didn’t put it first on the list.

The same dirt and grease that collect on the wheels will likewise do the same to the bearings. If too much time passes, the bearings may potentially seize up, which would put you in a dead-end situation.

Use a wrench or skate tool to remove the wheels. Keep note of the washers and axle nuts once the wheel has been removed. Until you are prepared to resemble the pieces, you can keep them in a small pan.

You should take off the bearing shield after removing the wheel bearings. Make sure you don’t kink or bend the shield. This could slow the wheels down by causing it to scrape against the bearings.

It is feasible to clean the bearings using a non-water-based solvent or cleaning. Acetone, mineral spirits, and rubbing alcohol are a few alternatives. To move things along more quickly, you may either leave the bearings to sit in the solvent or cleaner for a short while or scrub them with a toothbrush.

Tap the bearings on a paper towel or cloth to get rid of as much of the cleaner or solvent as you can after removing them. Compressed air can also be used to assist with cleaning.

Use a lubricant designed exclusively for that purpose for lubricating the bearings. Use of WD-40 or a comparable spray oil is not advised because it can soon wear off and harm the bearings.

Just one or two droplets are required for each bearing, which should then be spun to completely cover it. Repeated until all of the bearings have been adequately greased.

How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster

Replace the Wheels Close to the Tattered Skateboard Wheels

If you routinely ride, you might discover that you need to replace your wheels every few months. By moving them on the axles, you can extend the duration between replacements. Alternate the left rear with the right front before switching the other two.

You might see some flat spots or indications that one is present. Uncomfortable rides and slowed speeds result from improperly formed wheels.

Regular wheel swapping will provide even wear and prevent the need for four different wheel sizes.

Buy Reliable Bearings

You will discover that your bearings last a very long period if you maintain them as we mentioned above. There may be times when you need to replace them or you may simply replace them to make the wheels spin faster.

When you require new bearings, you will typically notice that your wheels are not spinning freely for longer than a few seconds or that you are pushing hard when skating.

Squeaking sounds might also be produced by bad bearings. It’s time to replace your bearings if you’ve cleaned and re-lubricated them but the problem persists. Thankfully, skateboard bearings come in a common size, so you don’t have to worry about picking the right one for your wheels.

Choosing high-quality skateboard bearings from a reputable manufacturer is preferable rather than matching the bearings to the wheel brand.

Get New Wheels that Match your Style

New skateboard wheels should be your final alternative. The performance of skateboard wheels is influenced by the surface you skate on.

On smooth concrete, harder tires go more quickly. Rougher roads benefit from softer wheels.

Larger Wheels will speed you up but will make tricking more difficult. Go through our selection of the greatest skateboard wheels you are sure to discover a set that suits your needs.


Skateboard speed is impacted by the wheels. The performance of the wheel as a whole is also significantly influenced by the wheel bearings.

So, how can skateboard wheels spin more slowly? Utilizing wheels made of premium materials is insufficient. The choice of wheels is important as well; larger and tougher wheels can increase the speed of your board. The performance of your skateboard is greatly influenced by how well you take care of your wheels.

I hope the information in this post helped you learn how to make skateboard wheels faster. Your skateboard wheels will take good care of you if you take good care of them.


How to go Faster on a Skateboard?

You can make your skateboard wheels on the go in a few different ways. Make sure your wheels are kept on. You can also make sure that your bearings are well-lubricated and clean. Finally, change the bushings on your trucks to make them more responsive.

How to Make a Wheel that Spins?

Cut a 1.5cm x 9cm strip from the food tray, punch a hole in one end, and cut an arrow shape in the other. Print your game discs on the card, make a small hole in the middle, and slot them onto the spinner for any spinner game you want to play.

Why is my Skateboard so Slow?

The accumulation of dirt and dust causes friction, which slows down the skateboard. You might only realize how much dirty bearings slow down your skateboard once you clean or replace them. What is this? You don’t need top-notch skateboard bearings, but quality bearings make a big difference.

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