Best Skateboard Wheel Brands | Choose the Best for 2023

Best Skateboard Wheel Brands

At first glance, picking the finest skateboard wheel brands can seem simple, but there are numerous factors to take into account. 

I chose a few brands that are excellent for different kinds of skating. You’ll find the knowledge you need in this article to make the greatest choice for your needs. 

We’ll go into detail about how various wheel type effects performance and talk about several best skateboard wheel brands used in the market.

best skateboard wheels brands:

Let’s examine the ten finest and worst brands of skateboard wheels. Notice that the worst-case scenario does not imply that the wheels are defective, only that you are paying too much.

The absolute premium skateboard wheel brands are included at the end of this piece, but I wanted to start with a company that is still relatively new and unheard of. The best name brand wheels are discussed below.

So, now let’s discuss the best skateboard wheel brands.

1. Darkroom:

Darkroom Skateboard Wheels

Darkroom, which debuted in October 2018, is a brand that is relatively new to the market. Having said that, the company’s proprietor, Don Pendleton, has over 20 years of experience and is one of the most skilled artists in the business.

Darkroom wheels are fairly inexpensive, despite the limited selection of available wheels. As skateboarding may get very expensive, Darkroom offers significantly more affordable wheels that skate and look fantastic.

These wheels provide a good variety of hardness for every sort of skating and are available in durometers ranging from 92a to 99a between 50mm and 58mm.

The wheels are constructed from premium urethane that has great rebound and grip. Also, the majority of their wheels have treaded surfaces, which provide additional traction right out of the box.

Darkroom is a fantastic option to think about whether you’re a casual park cruiser or a tech street skater.

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  • Affordable
  • Excellent grip 
  • Suitable for skateparks, streets, and bowls


  • No options for soft wheels on cruisers

2. Mini Logo:

Mini Logo Skate Wheels

Mini Logo is a wheel company that takes into consideration for skaters on a tight budget that wants the highest quality but can’t buy Bones or Spitfire wheels.

Powell Peralta, which began selling blank setups (Wheels and Decks) in the middle of the 1990s, includes Mini Logo. It’s possible that I ever skated one of their blanks. The blank complete setups were soon given the Mini Logo branding.

Frequently, entire setups with Mini Logo wheels still have brandless wheels. The tiny logo isn’t the Walmart brand of skateboarding, but neither do they claim to be the finest.

You’ll receive what you need with Tiny logo if you’re on a tight budget but yet they want dependable service.

Three alternative wheel styles, including softer wheels for individuals who prefer to learn to ride first, are available from Mini Logo.

The C-Cut wheel, which measures roughly 101A and is available in 50mm to 54mm, is their most popular model.


  • The wheels are reasonably priced and of decent quality.
  • There are many options, but make sure to choose wheels that match the style you want.
  • A great option for those who enjoy cruising and technical skating.


  • These wear out more quickly than the expensive brands, which is not surprising.
  • Avoid power slides; Mini Logo wheels quickly develop flat spots due to the less expensive plastic formula.

3. DGK:

Despite the fact that they fade quickly on wheels, Dirty Ghetto Kids’ incredible designs are one aspect I adore. 

Stevie Williams established DGK in 2002, and they have become well-known. One of their Bruce Lee limited edition cards, which I own, will remain on my wall.

The skateboard wheels that DGK sells aren’t the greatest on the market, but they’re also not the worst. For street and park skating, DGK offers tougher wheels  (101A) with a diameter ranging from 48mm to 54mm.

The broader shape of their wheels is it’s the finest feature. Similar to Orbs wheels, DGK wheels have a broader than usual contact patch, which makes them exceptionally stable and a suitable option for street skaters who seek more stability.

For bumpy roads, 101A’s wheels aren’t the best, but the skate park is where they really shine. The wheel profile has both rounded and flat sides. This indicates that the inside is great for locking in grinds.


  • Enhanced ability to lock into grinds on rails and copings.
  • Technical tricks benefit greatly from their modest size.
  • Excellent robust and quick wheels.
  • Compared to premium brands, inexpensive.


  • Just for skaters who use parks and streets
  • Extremely harsh wheels are not suitable for beginners.
  • Designed not for cruising.

4. Haze:

Bertrand Soubrier created Haze Wheels in 2010 as a successor to his Travel Wheels business. The company is entirely autonomous, created by skateboarders for skateboarders, with no big budgets, huge warehouses, or secretaries, just a lot of passion and a determination to do things the way they should be done (well). Bertrand collaborates with graphic artist Func’88 and gives him control over the entire art direction.

Compared to well-known brands like Spitfire and Bones, Haze provides wheels that are both reasonably priced and of high quality.

If you want to get them, you should since they’re excellent for powerslides, I adore them, and when I drop in, they don’t slide.

For skaters on a tight budget, Haze offers high-quality wheels. You’d think Bones and Spitfire would have mastered the Urethane recipe for flat spots, but Haza managed to get it just right.

Although the tougher 101A wheels are difficult to flat spot, many wheels experience slight side crumbling. 


  • Less expensive than high-end brands.
  • A good option for technical street skating and skateparks.
  • Extremely gripping wheels that nonetheless permit powerful slides.


  • After repeated use, the sides tend to disintegrate.
  • Greater cost than Mini Logo

5. Santa Cruz:

The oldest continuously operating skateboard business in skating is Santa Cruz Skateboards. The company NHS, which is an abbreviation of the surfer pals Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman‘s last names, was created in 1973.

The world’s first skateboard manufacturer in Santa Cruz. Their most well-known wheel is the Santa Cruz Slimeball, and they recently released one of the best, most reasonably prices, and long-lasting skate decks.

They continue to be one of the most well-known skateboard companies in the world today. Although Santa Cruz isn’t the best wheel company, they do have a few highly unique wheels that are excellent for a variety of disciplines.

The wheels are excellent. They are made from the original mould from the 1980s and still feel as sleek as they did more than 25 years ago. 

This set of wheels is EPIC! With my new wheels, I can powerslide three to four feet instead of just one (with my old wheels). Excellent purchase! For both experienced skaters and beginners, I would suggest these. Oh, and it has four wheels in case you were curious.


  • Fantastic for bowl skating, with tonnes of stability.
  • An excellent option for beginners and children.
  • Almost every size and hardness are available in slimeballs.


  • Quite Pricey
  • Extremely limited choices; not great for technical skaters who need small, firm wheels.

6. Welcome orbs:

Orbs wheels, a division of welcome skateboards, was established in 2010. If they match your style, the limited selection of wheels offered by orbs makes the decision much simpler.

For instance, orbs specters are excellent all-around wheels with a larger than usual contact patch that are similar to Spitfire OG’s but less resilient.

The broader riding surface of orbs makes them excellent for both street and transition skating, and beginners will appreciate them for this reason.

Most of the wheels on orbs are under 27 USD, which is a great deal. These wheels are the better options if you have a limited budget and want a unique setup for skating in parks and on the street. They are on my list of the best skateboard wheels for a reason.


  • A wonderful option for beginners is the jack of all trades.
  • Great for skating in parks and on the streets.
  • Extremely reasonable price.


  • Ineffective for bowl skating
  • Durometer scale variation is minimal.

7. Powell Peralta:

Powell Peralta founded in 1979 by George Powell, a pioneer in the development of new technologies and various skateboard goods, and Stacy Peralta, a former manager of the renowned Bones Brigade. These are the lightest skateboard wheels.

Powell Peralta is a business with a distinguished past. They remain fierce competitors in the skateboard wheel market thanks to their cutting-edge technology and high-quality urethane.

Powell also provides a wide range of other goods, like the nearly indestructible fight deck. 

Wheels by Powell Peralta are available in a variety of styles. Both hard street skateboard wheels and large, soft 75A cruiser/longboard wheels are available. From 53mm to 72mm, great for technical skating as well as cruising, longboarding, downhill, and other activities.

Four alternative formulas are available from Powell Peralta; the soft slide, Bomber, Classic, and Pro series.


  • They provide reissues for skaters from the past.
  • This Kind of brand’s history usually makes for interesting conversation.
  • Configuration for cruising, downhill, and cruiser.


  • In the field of street skating, there are few options.
  • Softer tires are more likely to chunk.

8. Ricta:

Ricta is a different NHS label that is both adored and despised by the skateboarding world. One side asserts that these are filmer wheels rather than skateboard wheels and are not intended for technical tricks.

On the other hand, beginner skaters adore them for their stable ride. Here is the solution. The wheels from Ricta are excellent for people looking to initially learn how to ride properly and cater to the needs of novices. Once you go the technical path, they can be a little too soft and bouncy for your tastes.

The good news is that Ricta has a variety of compact, hard wheels for technical skaters who need them in addition to softer wheels. This is the one from the best-rated skateboard wheels.


  • A wide array of options, both in terms of style and toughness
  • fantastic wheels for beginners.
  • An excellent option for trick/cruiser setups
  • superb performance on difficult terrain


  • The softer wheels can flat spot and are sticky.
  • There are few options for seasoned skaters 

9. Spitfire Wheels:

In a close race with Bones, this company is the leading manufacturer of skateboard wheels. They have a huge variety of wheel styles, Formula Four urethane that rolls incredibly quickly, and it doesn’t flat spot.

To begin with, Spitfire offers a selection of wheel shapes that go by the names Classics, Lock-Ins, Radials, Conical, Conical Full, Radial Slims, and Tablets.

99a and 101a durometers are the most common durometers for Spitfire wheels. Street skating is better suited to the 99a formula. It’s a hardness that maintains speed, pop, and a smooth ride while offering excellent grip on most street surfaces. The 99a is significantly more forgiving on impact due to its minor softness compared to the tougher 101a.

For slides and grinds, a wheel’s form is important because it creates a lock-in. Because of the Spitfire tablets’ straight, edge-like design, the lock-in is excellent. A straight wheel typically creates more friction on slides because the entire side of the wheel can make you go slower.


  • Very Dependable wheels
  • Sturdy; you can use them for over 100 hours on rough terrain without any problems.
  • Although at 101A they offer less grip and won’t work for vert, they are still very sticky.
  • fantastic for all styles save for cruising


  • Absolute none, even if they cost more than lesser wheels they last twice as long.

10. Bones:

One of the top wheel manufacturers and one of the first to produce urethane that is genuinely flat spot resistant is Bones Wheels.

The STF and SPF formula wheels are among the best in the business providing an absurdly quick and comfortable ride.

The most flatspot-resistant wheels in our cabinet, tests show that Bones exceed other wheels. This explains why their clientele is so devoted. Additionally, they provide a wide range of forms in each formula, so there is something available to suit each individual’s demands and skating preferences.

Bones skatepark formula has  extremely high-grade urethane that has been specially designed to resist flatspotting on slippery or smooth surfaces while maintaining a stronger rebound for a quicker response and a faster roll. Bones Skatepark Formula provides excellent abrasion resistance without sacrificing hardness or slideability.


  • Bones provide wheels for particularly all sports, including cruising, transition, street, and bowling.
  • Sufficient grip for most types.
  • One of the swiftest wheels available.


  • Bowl and vert skateboarding don’t work well with the hardest formula.

11. OJ Skateboard Wheels:

One of the many brands owned by NHS Inc. (Santa Cruz) is OJ’s Wheels, which sold its first set of wheels in 1977. This is one of best skateboard wheel companies

OJ is not just any brand; they have a long history, extensive knowledge, and fantastic wheels that are nevertheless reasonably priced. 

OJ was one of the most well-liked brands of skateboard wheels in 1980. They worked together with well-known skateboarders like Christian Hosoi, Steve Olson, and the father of vert, Steve Schneer (RIP).

OJ manufactures wheels for a variety of sports, including cruising, street, park, vert, and bowl.

It was a little quiet around OJ for a while, then NHS provided the brand a lift with a standout lineup.


  • OJ provides wheels for all sports.
  • Trusted wheel manufacturer for decades.
  • Excellent for cruising, skateparks, streets, and bowls.


  • The softer wheels may damage ledges with their teeth.
  • Due to the huge diversity, it is difficult to choose the proper will.


The best skateboard wheel brands for you will depend on the type of skating you intend to do. There are many excellent skateboard wheel brands available.

To get the best performance possible, remember to take the diameter and durometer into account when picking your wheels.

High durometer, tougher wheels are ideal for street skating, and wider, softer wheels are better suited for vert skating. Moreover, look at some wheels in the 78A to 95A range if you want to cruise through town or bomb hills.

We hope this article helps you to solve all your queries.


What type of wheels does street skater use?

Since they allow for good pop, are better shaped for sliding, and are lighter for flip tricks, street skaters often choose small skate wheels (between 50mm skateboard wheels- 56mm skate wheels). When skating over coping, transition skaters often use a slightly larger wheel for better control and faster speeds.

Which wheel type is ideal for a skateboard?

Wheels with a durometer grade of 99a and higher are suggested for the majority of street skating. On smooth terrain, harder skate wheels are more responsive, glide more easily, and maintain speed better. They are more suitable for popping and flipping tricks since they absorb less energy than their softer sibling.

Is Bones is one from best skateboard wheel brands?

Bone’s contemporary products are some of the greatest in the world, and they are now in their fourth decade as market leaders in the skateboard wheel game. The defense 100a durometer of the retro og wheels, a wheel designed for the streets and skateparks, allows for unmatched speed and grip on flat surfaces as well as a powerful rebound after slides.

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