How Long do Skate Wheels Last | A Detailed Guide for 2023

How Long do Skate Wheels Last

Every responsible skateboard owner should know how long do skate wheels last. And when to change these skateboard wheels. The answer is straightforward, it should be changed when they wear out. 

It would be best to replace worn-out skateboard wheels for security immediately. Accidents and injuries may result if they are not given adequate attention. Knowing that you were harmed due to your carelessness is not pleasant.

You might have noticed your surroundings and your skating companions. For a year or two, people should store their skateboard wheels. Yet, some of them aren’t even able to survive for a few months. What might be the possible reason that why some skaters fails to keep skateboard for long, let’s find out.

Have you ever discovered the cause? No, allow me to elaborate. The first stage in determining the lifespan of skateboard wheels is the material quality. Since wheels made of inferior materials not only wear out quickly. But, it also fails to give you the necessary riding speed and comfort.

The skate tool or pliers are needed to remove the bearings and wheels. Establish a routine for cleaning the board’s wheels and all of its other parts to keep it in good condition.

The purpose of this article is to inform you how long do skate wheels last.

How to make Skateboard Wheels Last Longer

A skateboard deck would not move without wheels on the bottom. Despite how hard you pushed the board, it wouldn’t move because wheels are required. Maintaining your skateboard’s wheels is always the right thing to do.

How Long do Skate Wheels Last

Although skateboard wheels inevitably wear out, numerous ways exist to prolong their life. To have a better and longer skateboard wheel service life, take notice of these suggestions and try them as soon as possible.

To ride your wheels at an angle less than 90 degrees and maintain that angle comes in first. By doing this, flat patches on your wheels will be avoided. Avoiding flat places will help slow down the aging and wear of your wheels.

The second is to develop the practice of rotating the wheels. This can prevent asymmetrical friction that could damage your wheels and even out the uneven wear on the wheel.

Moving the smaller wheels into the giant wheel’s place will do the trick. If you keep sliding and riding the board, your wheels will eventually even.

You can extend the life of your skateboard wheels by taking good care of them. Responsible skateboarder should maintain their board well and keep them clean.

You should pay attention to other aspects of your skateboard in addition to the wheels to effectively implement the above suggestions and recommendations to extend the life of your skateboard wheels.

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Causes that Shorten the Lifespan of the Wheel

Not just can the wheels become worn out over time, but all the parts can work as agreeably. The future of skateboarding depends on how well you take care of your valuables.

Because regular maintenance is necessary if you want your board to last an extended period, all the elements that influence the lifespan of skateboard wheels are listed below:

Your Size

If the board you are skating on cannot support your weight. Then, in addition to losing the skateboard’s wheels, you also lose other parts. A heavier weight may cause the deck to split in half.

Suppose you complete an ollie or other trick and land on the board. Some skateboards are designed for heavy users, while others are for average users. So, you must select the wheels and the entire board appropriately.

The Kind of Wheels

You must already be aware of good skateboard wheels; you must purchase them before visiting the skateboard retailer.

How Long do Skate Wheels Last

If you want a lightweight set of wheels and want to perform tricks like flips or ollies, you can go between park and street wheels.

You can select cruiser or filmer wheels if you want a giant, softer wheel. The last kind is longboard wheels, the largest but softest of the bunch. For racing and carving, these wheels are ideal.


This point may have escaped the notice of some of the more seasoned skateboarders, but I won’t because it plays a significant part in the wearing of skateboard wheels. Because each vehicle has a unique surface need.

When you skate on an inappropriate surface, even if the wheels are built of high-grade materials, the quality will be lost. because those wheels were not intended for that type of surface. You are initially dragging the vehicles in the wrong direction to do damage quickly. And stay away from riding the board on the terrain and pebbles.

Wheels Cleaning

This is yet another crucial element that has the power to lengthen or shorten the lifespan of skateboard wheels. Do you enjoy skating in the rain, or have you considered it?

I will advise you to avoid riding in wet or muddy conditions. Because it could result in injuries as well as ruin the entire board. It will be destroyed if you clean the board after riding.

Create a routine or a habit; however, cleaning must be done correctly to avoid damaging any component.

Riding Level And Style

You may enjoy simply driving around town with friends or on the streets. Your board vehicles will then last for many years. But, more is needed to decide whether you only cruise. It would be best to evaluate how much time you devote to skating each day or each week.

Determining the lifespan also considers how often the board and its wheels are cleaned. The wheels deteriorate more quickly while performing tricks than while riding. Because it can withstand your weight when you land on it.

Fast Riding

When you ride the board quickly, friction is created. Also, the conflict forces your skateboard wheels to degrade quickly. Ride the board according to doing so.

How Long do Skate Wheels Last

Typically, the lifespan of regular skateboard wheels is three months. Yet, given all the variables, it could be impossible for us to pinpoint the precise lifespan of a brand-new skateboard wheel.

Some wheels wear out sooner, while others last a little longer. The main reason some people can use their wheels for years and others need to replace them after only a few months is this.

Only skateboard owners can reliably respond to concerns about longboard and cruiser wheels’ lifespan. Because various skateboarders have different riding techniques and behaviors that can affect the longevity of their skateboard wheels, you might get other answers to the same question.

You must know how to choose the best skateboard wheels for you and your board if you want to keep them for a more extended period and avoid having to replace them frequently.

How Long do Skate Wheels Last

Skateboard Wheels Replacement for Wear and Damage

Skateboard wheels wearing out is normal, especially if you’ve been using them regularly. Skateboard wheels experience typical wear and tear due to the following factors:

  • The more friction you produce, the faster you skate. The sooner the wheels on your skateboards wear out, the more conflict you create.
  • Also, too much weight might harm your skateboard’s other components and its wheels. The features will wear out more quickly the larger the load.
  • Your riding technique might also impact the durability of your skateboard wheels. You should anticipate that your skateboard wheels won’t last very long if you are the kind of rider that enjoys jumping and pulling off many tricks.
  • The service life of your skateboard wheels might be severely impacted by carelessness. Make it a routine to clean them in a secure location.
  • How soon your skateboard wheels wear out will also depend on where your skateboard is most frequently. Skating over rough, uneven paths can quickly ruin your wheels.

When to Replace

Here are some recommendations and suggestions to help you decide whether to replace your worn-out skateboard wheels.

Don’t ignore the wheel’s uneven shape or any flat sections that have already become apparent. Here are some clear indications that you require new skateboard wheels.

If your ride seems choppy even while skating on smooth, level surfaces, you have worn-out skateboard wheels.

Pay attention to the fact that the color of your wheels has changed. When the skateboard’s original color seems to have vanished, it’s time to examine your wheels because this is a sure sign that there is a problem.

The size of your skateboard wheels alters when they start to contract. That is one of the warning indicators you should pay attention to because it may result in wheel misalignment and accidents that could seriously harm you.


Skateboard wheels go through wear and tear just like any other wheel. how long do skate wheels last will depend on the quality of the wheels, how they are used, and how well they are maintained.

You can better understand how to extend your skateboard wheels’ life from this article. To assist skateboarders like you in properly caring for your wheels, we’ve also included some potential causes of rapid aging and prevention advice.


How do you Fix Wheel bite Skateboarding?

There are five ways:
Think about riser pads. Riser pads are generally necessary for skating wheels more significant than 56mm.
Your skateboard trucks should be tightened.
Change your bushings.
 Buy smaller skateboard wheels
Purchase a deck with wheel wells

How Frequently do you Change the Skate Wheels?

If you are simply skating straight, your wheels should last six months to two years. However, for more seasoned skaters, your wheels should only last two weeks to two months.

What is the Average Skate Wheel Hardness Rating?

Soft skateboard wheels typically range in size from 75A to 95A. The most common hardness or durometer on a cruiser and longboard wheels is 78A. The rubbery, springy sensation of 78A wheels makes them roll over extremely rough surfaces quite smoothly.

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