Ricta Wheels

Ricta Wheels

In the Flip skateboards camp, Ricta skateboard wheels were created on january 1st, 2022. The goal of jeremy fox and lan Deacon’s design was to revitalise the stale skateboard wheel industry with a fresh aesthetic and cutting edge technology.

The great people at NHS Inc. are the makers of Ricta wheels, a top selling brand of skateboard wheels. NHS, home to legendary skateboard brands including Santa Cruz, Independent Trucks, OJ, and slimeballs wheels.

NHS asserts that they are the industry pioneer in speed reinvented wheel technology. The NRG hi energy urethane formula is used in the production of Ricta Wheels. Stating that is without a doubt the skating industry’s quickest non cored wheel.

According to their website, which was pro tested and shown to be more flat spot resistant than any other wheel on the market.

Recently they unveiled their news ricta rapido recipe, which in their words provides “Max speed and smooth roll”.


The team of Ricta wheels includes many pro skaters. Their names are given below:

  • Alex Risvad
  • Blake Johnson
  • Brandon Westgate
  • Chaz Ortiz
  • Clive Dixon
  • Cody McEntire
  • David Loy
  • Garrett Ginner
  • Jeremy Knibbs
  • Sewa Kroetkov
Ricta Wheels

Ricta Cloud Wheels

There are different types of ricta wheels which are discussed below in detail:


For a smooth roll and maximum speed. Urethane made from natural materials slides when you want it and gives you control when you need it. Naturals has less flat patches and is Ricta’s longest lasting urethane.


When landing tricks, Cores maintain shape integrity and have been shown to roll over cracks with less feedback than traditional urethane due to their unique speed and reduced rolling resistance.

Speed Rings

Speed rings have a distinctive core design that places urethane around the bearing bore like a non cored heel, giving you the speed and lower rolling resistance of a cored wheel while mainating the classic wheel’s feel. Roll more, Rattle less.


The largest family of skateboarding cruiser wheels, with sizes ranging from 52 to 60 mm with durometers of 78, 86 and 92a.

Ricta Wheels Review

When I use this brand to film and explore the city, I feel light. Only when I had to ride my skateboard on a rough road did I feel at  ease. It has 78a wheel softness, which decreases the impact of object contacting the wheels and road irregularities.

Ricta Wheels

I needed something that would be easier to cruise on because my used skateboard had hundreds, so I did some research and came across these treasures. We have used these all summer long because they are fantastic. A great wheel for great price. I heartily support them.

Additionally, the wheels give me the sense that I’m travelling on an airplane’s floor. These wheels don’t just offer a passably smooth ride; they also operate silently.


These wheels are quite excellent being between soft and a firm wheel. I can slide and revert like hard wheels, but still cruise over pebbles and cracks. However, these aren’t that different than standard 99a wheels as they are still slowed down from rolling friction.


Do Ricta Clouds make noise?

For starters, they are noticeably quieter than standard street wheels, but not quite as quite as big cruiser wheels like orangutan’s fat free wheels, Landyachtz’s fatty hawgs or bustin’s premier formula whels. It’s still pretty narrow at just 52mm, so it still makes some noise.

Can you glide above the clouds of Ricta?

These wheels are pretty good between soft and hard wheels. It can slide and bounce like a hard wheel, but it still rolls over rocks and cracks. However, rolling fiction slows them down, so they aren’t all that different from his regular 99a wheels.

Will ollies be lighter with smaller wheels?

Small wheels accelerate quickly when pushed and have a low center of gravity. This means your deck is closer to the ground, making it easier to learn and perform tricks like ollies, nollie pushes and flip tricks by hitting the nose or tail.

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