Santa Cruz Wheels

Santa Cruz Wheels

The oldest continuously operating skateboard business in skating is Santa Cruz Skateboards. The company NHS was established in 1973 by three surfers who were also friends: Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman. NHS is an acronym for Novak, Haut, and Sherman.


Due to the low profit margins from making surfboards, the startup company struggled to stay in business. However, unexpectedly, a friend from a Hawaiian company placed an order for 500 skateboards. 

Since they had an excess of fibreglass and few customers, they used the materials to fill the order, and the first Santa Cruz Skateboard was created in 1973. Santa Cruz Skateboards was founded after additional 500 boards were ordered after the skateboards quickly sold out.

Santa Cruz continued to innovate and advance skateboarding outside the realm of skateboards; one such example were their Road Rider wheels. Wheels mounted to the axle in the early days of skateboarding were composed of metal or clay. The lifespan of these wheels was short due to their weak construction.

Santa Cruz Wheels

With one enhancement over the present loose ball bearings used in skateboard wheels, Santa Cruz produced their own urethane wheel in recognition that this was the future of skateboard wheels. Due to this transformation in the wheel market, they sold more than a million sets of wheels globally by the end of 1975, and an additional six million the following year.

With the additional funding, NHS was able to make significant investments in Santa Cruz, leading to the development of further ground-breaking goods such trucks, one of the first five-ply boards, and slalom boards laden with graphite. 

Santa Cruz was one of the first companies to use concaves and an upturned nose in its board designs in the 1980s. In 1994, Santa Cruz also created NuWood, a type of wood.

Team of Santa Cruz Wheels

The professional team of Santa Cruz may involves:

  • Blake Johnson
  • Devin Flynn
  • Emmanuel Guzmana
  • Eric Dressen
  • Erick Winkowski
  • Fabiana Delfino
  • Henry Gartland
  • Jake Wooten

Santa Cruz Screaming Logo

Santa Cruz Screaming Logo

In the skateboarding world, Jim Phillips and the photographs he produced have a legendary status. Phillips a santa cruz high school alum, stated submitting his artwork to regional surf publications in the 1960s.

Santa Cruz Wheels

The top wheels of santa cruz are given below. By riding through these wheels you can enjoy riding:

  • Santa Cruz Slime Ball Vomits
  • Santa cruz skate 78a slimeball 66s
  • Slime balls OG slime cruiser wheels
  • Speedwheels bullet 66mm 95a
  • slime ball maggots wheels
  • Snot rockets pastel pink 95a 54mm
  • Slime balls big balls yellow 97A

Santa Cruz Wheels Review

Santa Cruz is a part of NHS, or was once NHS, the primary distributor for numerous brands. Originally, Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman formed them as a surfboard business.

They continue to be one of the most well-known skateboard companies in the world today. Although Santa Cruz isn’t the best wheel company, they do have a few highly unique wheels that are excellent for a variety of disciplines.

Santa Cruz unveiled the Road rider wheel in 1974, seven years after Frank Nasworthy created the Polyurethane skateboard wheel in 1967. In 1975, they sold more than a million sets since it was such a big hit. The past was recorded.

In contrast to hard core technical skaters, Santa Cruz offers wheels that are perfect for beginners, kids, and bowl/ pool riders. No one hit 100 A over their wheels.

Santa Cruz Wheels

Santa Cruz has best wheels because of the reasons given below:

  • Fewer options, which reduces the sense of overload.
  • Fantastic for bowl skating, with tonnes of stability
  • Excellent option for beginners and children.
  • Almost every size and hardness are available in slimeballs.
  • There are many excellent wheels for cruiser trick setups.


Since very long time ago, Santa Cruz has produced excellent wheels and skateboards. Their older models are still of excellent quality and have smooth rides. The majority of the materials utilizes are some of the best on the market, amking them durable. Santa Cruz wheels are best wheels if you want to purchase them for your skateboard.


Are 99A wheels suitable for street use?

Wheels with a durometer grade of 99a and higher are suggested for the majority of street skating. On smooth terrain, harder skate wheels are more responsive, glide more easily, and maintain speed better. Since they don’t absorb as much energy as their softer sibling, popping and flipping routines benefit from using them.

Do tinier wheels rotate more quickly?

Small wheels have a greater RPM due to their smaller circumference, however the speed of the tyre relies on how quickly you’re moving.

Are 52mm wheels are too small?

This is fantastic size for beginning skaters, especially those who are younger. This size of wheel is appropriate for both transitional and street skating. When they first lstart learning to go down slopes, they won’t go very fast.

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