Go skateboarding day 2023 Brazil | A Remarkable Day for Brazilian Skaters

Go Skateboarding Day 2023 Brazil

Go Skateboarding Day, which is celebrated yearly on June 21st and may not be widely known, is a day when people may both celebrate the art of skateboarding and demonstrate their talents. Anyone who is passionate about skateboarding will want to take part in commemorating this occasion, regardless of how experienced they are at the sport or if they have been skating all their life.

But the initial call for skateboarders to take to the streets to show their love for the sport is a bit dated.

In 2004, Brian Chin and Kerel “Srikala” Roach organized the first skate jam in New York City in response to the impact of 9/11 on the skateboarding scene. “After 9/11, security was so tight that downtown New York was practically a ghost town. Everything was very complicated,” explained Chin. “I think people avoid skating with other people. They actually said things like, “I skate here, so you can’t come.” Because they didn’t want too many people to increase their breast factor.”

So, Chin set the date and created an information flyer listing the location of the event to share offline and online. The route was relatively easy.

About 250 skaters walked from Battery Park to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The guards tried to chase them away, but they couldn’t because there were too many children.

When police arrived, the group went to Seaport, Banks, Black Hubba and Tompkins. The flyer said they were traveling from Tompkins to Midtown, but the authorities showed up and wanted to know who organized the event.

They asked everyone, but everyone was silent. The first city-wide skate jam is over, but the movement will grow over the next few years.

In 2004, the name of the event was changed to Go Skateboarding Day. Today, New York City remains the main epicenter of Go Skateboarding Day celebrations, with thousands taking to the streets from dawn to dusk. In this article, we will provide you information about Go skateboarding day 2023 Brazil.

Red Bull Rio Conquest

24 skateboarders, including Brazilians and international Olympians, face off at the famous Red Bull Rio Conquest Park to recreate Rio’s most famous street skating spots on a single course. Gabriel Aguilar took first place in men’s and Rus Cvetslot took first place in women’s.

 Red Bull Rio Conquest is the third in a series of skateboarding festivals that pay tribute to skateboarding culture in major cities around the world. As in the past in Paris and Lisbon, the Red Bull Conquest event will take place on a replica of the most iconic ice rink in the new head-to-head King and Queen format of Skate Weekend. at every stop. Each downtown show brings together the best local and international skateboarding talent, and any one of them can win the day!

Red Bull Conquest is unique among street skating competitions in that its format is all of a sudden a head-to-head knockout. Instead of scoring tricks, the judges choose the round winners based on the overall impact of the riders in each three-minute jam. This event is best for you if you want to enjoy Go skateboarding day 2023 Brazil.

Skate Parks to Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day 2023 Brazil

The skate parks given below are best for celebrating  go skateboarding day:

Konig Bowl

This backyard beauty was developed by owner Marcio Konig with assistance from the RTMF team and has a similar vibe to the Hi Adventures location in that it is close to the beach and has a bar with a wide selection of ice-cold beer.

When you consider that Pedro Barros lives nearby, locals like Caique Silva and Marcos Gabriel are among the gnarliest skaters on the entire island!

Karagua Backyard

It’s beneficial to shift down a gear at Karagua’s house after a demanding practice. Smaller, with easy quarters, waves, and transitions, this is the spot for relaxed cruising and perfecting your lip stunts. Many skaters consider Karagua’s spot to be the ideal setting for capping off the day and letting the last embers of the stroke burn out.


On Go Skateboard Day, many events take place around the world. These events have competitions you can enter. Even if you don’t compete, you’ll learn a thing or two from other skateboarders and improve your skills. Hope so, this article helps you to get enough information about go skateboarding day 2023 Brazil.


How many ice rinks are there in Japan?

Japan had about 243 public skateparks in May, far fewer than in other countries, according to the Tokyo-based association. According to The Skatepark Project, a non-profit organization founded by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, in 2019 there were approximately 3,500 skateparks in the United States.

What is the world’s largest skatepark?

Guangzhou SkatePark in China is officially the largest skatepark in the world. The Monster Skate Park site, with a total area of ​​16,900 square meters, is surrounded by 10 universities and has more than 160,000 participating students. 

How to skate without pain?

As with any sport or physical activity, always warm up and stretch before skating. Gentle daily stretching can help reduce plantar fasciitis pain and loosen the Achilles tendon.

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