How to Put Bearings in Skateboard Wheels | Best Method

How to Put Bearings in Skateboard Wheels

Do you desire a comfortable skateboarding experience? If so, acquire skate bearings and put them in your board wheels correctly.

Your wheels roll smoothly because of these bearings as they revolve. The wheel bearings must be properly installed.

This is the step-by-step guide on how to put bearings in skate wheels to aid you in the process. Le’s start with the steps needed to install the wheel bearings.

We will inform you about how to put bearings in skateboard wheels in this article.0

Things you Need While Installing Wheels

You have to keep in mind the following things before explaining how to put bearings in skateboard wheels.

How to Put Bearings in Skateboard Wheels


For each skateboard, you need roughly 8 bearings. For each wheel, that amounts to two bearings. You must also pick the appropriate bearings for your skateboard.

While selecting bearings, it is important to look at the ABEC ratings, which rank bearing performance in relation to the board’s speed of travel, the material’s hardness, and other skateboarding requirements.

From 1 to 0, the ratings are in odd numbers. The accuracy of bearings increases with grade. The bearings are standard in size and should fit the majority of skateboard trucks and wheels.


You will require two washers for each wheel, totaling eight washers. The washers stop the bearings from rubbing against the axle nut or the hanger’s end.

It would otherwise cause the shields to rub when the wheels rotate.


Skateboards typically have two trucks that are composed of aluminum alloy. These are the points of connection between the wheels and the bearings.

The trucks are fastened to the deck with screws.

Axle Nut

This part will maintain the integrity and alignment of the bearing. It will stop the bearings and other parts from slipping out of place.


You need one spacer, which is a little cylinder, for each wheel. This component of the bearing will reduce the load that the bearings must support.

When the board is in motion. Turns will be stable and fluid as a result.

How to Put Bearings in Skateboard Wheels

A skate Wrench or Tool

The truck lock nuts and truck bolts must be adjusted and tightened using a skating tool. You could also use a wrench if you don’t have a skate tool.

How to Put Bearings in Wheels

If you are looking for how to install bearings skateboard, then you have to follow the steps given below:

Setup your Skateboard’s Trucks

Two components, the baseplate, and the hanger are required to prepare the two skateboard trucks. The axle of the hanger will receive the bearings.

Moreover, the hanger is located beneath the baseplate, which is screwed to the deck of the board.

Mount the Axle with the Washer and Bearing

Slide the washer onto the axle after removing the truck axle nut. After that, connect the bearing to one axle.

A washer should also be used since it extends the life of the earrings by reducing friction between the axle nut.

A Spacer Should be Added to the Bearing

After the bearing, add one spacer. The bearing will remain aligned thanks to the hollow steel spacer. Spacers and washers are included in certain high-quality bearing sets as well.

They come in regular sizes that will fit the axle of the truck.

How to Put Bearings in Skateboard Wheels

Position the Skateboard Wheels

On skateboard wheel should be placed atop the bearing. Till it fits, apply pressure to the wheel as it approaches the bearing.

Next, take the second bearing and insert it into the corresponding hole on the upper side of the wheel. Once more, use your palm to press the bearing into the wheel.

Examine the wheels and bearings, then make any necessary adjustments to get them in the right position.

Add a Washer and an Axle Nut to Complete the

The washer and axle nut can be placed after the wheel is secured with two bearings. To correctly tighten the axle nut, use a wrench or skate tool.

If you’re using the skate tool, tighten the axle nut first before anticlockwise releasing the tool.

Do the Same with Other Wheels

Those three wheels still exist. Installing the wheel bearings requires repeating the aforementioned processes. After done, you are ready to have an exciting journey.


A better outcome will come from taking the time to learn how to put bearings in skateboard wheels. Your speed will increase, and it will make turns more easily. With your board, you will definitely have a wonderful ride.

Please feel free to provide comments and recommendations in the comment section. We appreciate them and will respond to any questions you may have. Enjoy your skateboarding to the fullest.

Hope this article helps you in finding the answer to how to replace skateboard bearings. You can also put bearing into wheels without tool.


Do All Bearings fit all Wheels?

As almost all skateboard bearings are the same size, every skateboard wheel, and truck will accept them. Consider your riding style and level of experience when selecting your bearings. Bearings with higher-quality components will move more quickly and last longer.

Do you Equip Skateboard Wheels with Two Bearings?

The wheels of skateboards have two bearings on each one. If you like, you can insert a spacer in the gap between them. When the axle nut is tightened, this tiny metal cylinder keeps the bearings from being pushed toward the center of the wheels and breaking.

how to Put Bearings in Skateboard Wheels?

A skateboard wheel’s bearing installation is a simple and quick technique that just takes a few minutes.
The installation procedure can be completed in just a few steps which are given below:
Setup your skateboard trucks
Mount the axle with the washer and bearing
A spacer should be added to the bearing
Position the Skateboard Wheels
Add a washer and an axle nut to complete the
Do the same with other wheels
To put bearings on skateboard wheels, you should follow the aforementioned steps in order to make the process easier.

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