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Best Skateboard Brands

Technique and Preference should work together in skateboarding. Giving up either could reduce riding quality or comfort. And much like choosing clothing or technology. We can not help but look for the brand or firm that gives us the most confidence.

Three brothers, Stephen, Peter, and Matt Hill, set out on a trip that would change the face of board sports in Australia in the middle of the 1980s. Initially, their creation, GLOBE, functioned as a medium for outside companies in the surf and skate industries. But driven by their vision and enthusiasm, the three quickly moved on to creating their footwear brand for the fearless souls of skaters and surfers alike. GLOBE’s product line has grown significantly over time to include streetwear and skate hard goods in addition to footwear.

With a global network of riders and designers who are passionate about board sports, street culture, media, design, and cinema, GLOBE is a recognized symbol of quality and creativity in the skateboarding industry today.

We frequently ask experts or seasoned skaters for recommendations on the Best Skateboard Brands and manufacturers. In this approach, the selection procedure will have a more logical and solid foundation. As I take you on a tour of the top skateboard companies of the present, keep reading.

If you are looking for the Best Skateboards Brands here is the detail given.

How to Choose Your First Skateboard Brand

Considering the abundance of alternatives on the market today, selecting your first skateboard brand may be both an exciting and intimidating endeavor. When choosing the ideal brand for you, keep the following important criteria in mind:

Reputation and Quality: Choose companies that have a track record of making skateboards of the highest caliber. Examine reviews and comments left by other skateboarders to determine the performance and dependability of the brand.

Brand Philosophy: Take into consideration associating yourself with a company that shares your values and passions. Select a company that aligns with your values if sustainability, community service, or artistic expression are important to you.

Product Range: Make sure the brand carries the kind of skateboard you’re seeking by evaluating its product line.

Rider Support: Find out whether the company has a group of ambassadors or sponsors professional riders. In the skateboarding community, supporting businesses with a strong rider team may be a source of inspiration and insight into the brand’s authenticity.

Budget: Take into account your spending limits and evaluate the costs of various brands. While purchasing a high-quality skateboard is imperative, there are models to fit any budget, so look for a company that provides good value.

Local Availability: Determine whether the brand’s goods are easily accessible in your region. Selecting a brand that is available locally can facilitate future access to accessories, support services, and replacement parts.

Best Skateboarding Brands

The Best Skateboard Brands are discussed below. The list of best skateboard companies help you to choose a skateboard.


Johnny Schillereff established the American skateboard brand Element Skateboards in 1992. It produces skateboard decks, clothing, and shoes. Element established The Branch, a creative hub in Costa Mesa, California, and relocated there in 2014. 2018 saw Boardriders, Inc. purchase Element.

Various approaches by Element Skateboards to debit nature. These boards have chemical-free decks that were produced without them. The brand’s belief that skateboards would soon wear out and that chemicals cause more harm than good is the reason for this.

The fact that Element offers a choice of goods that are suitable for riders of all sizes and ages is even greater than its well-deserved reputation for toughness.

Best Skateboard Brands

Because the four aspects of its emblem are printed on the deck. It is also aesthetically beautiful. Their distinctive strategy has enabled them to collaborate with well-known media assets like star wars and to compile an all-star lineup of elite skateboards, including Bam Margera and Tom Schaar.


  • Naturalistic deck designs compared to competing brands.
  • Their website frequently offers discounts on a number of their products.
  • Members of the My Element best skateboard company can receive free shipping.

Santa Cruz

NHS Inc. was founded in 1973 by three friends who were surfers from Santa Cruz, California: Doug Haut, Jay Shuirman, and Richard Novak. The initials of their last names Novok, Haut, and Sherman form the acronym NHS.

If you enjoy sliding, Santa Cruz skateboards might be your best friend. The brands distinctive inclusion of graphic seals at the bottom side of the deck allows for these stunts.

The design of these skateboards, which reflects the high standard of construction the brand demands of its googs, is another feature that makes them ideal for technical skating. Let’s have a look at some of the features that make this brand a unique one. 


  • One of the most well known skating businesses
  • Encompassing clothing line
  • One of the top skateboard brands has one of the boardest product lines.
  • Skateboards have long been developed alongside professional riders.

Zero Skateboards

Jamie Thomas, who won a gold medal at the 1995 Xgames, is the creator of the company on our list of the top skateboard companies. In Carlsbad, California, in 1996, a wild man who invented the Leap of faith trick used his vivid imagination to design apparel.

When Thomas quit Toy machine and became the first sponsored athlete of Zero skateboards. 

When they make so many things connected to apparel is likely due to their heritage in the fashion industry. Zero skateboards produce caps, beanies, socks, belts, and stickers in addition to clothing.

Best Skateboard Brands

However, do not be fooled by their stylish appearance into believing they do not care about their skateboards. On the contrary my friend.

Due to the reputation of their boards, American hardcore punk icons Misfits have collaborated with them. The brand’s insignia blends very well with the edgy aesthetic of Zero Skateboards.

The company frequently incorporates horror symbolism, such as skulls, crossbones, and snakes into their designs.


  • Shipping is free on all US orders over $80.
  • Thrasher Magzine’s use of edgy photography helped it win three kings of the Road awards between 2004 and 2006.
  • Make skateboards in a variety of sizes.


One of the most known skateboard producing firms in the world is Girl skateboards, but we suppose that is what happens because your logo features a female silhouette in a business that is dominated by men.

Best Skateboard Brands

Their accessibility distinguishes them as one of the top skateboard brand manufacturers.

The company initially produced solely professional-grade skateboards because all of its founders were competitive skateboarders. They have, however, added beginner-friendly decks to their store.

Additionally, they provide a sizing guide on their website that lists which of their athletes utilize particular sizes and explains how different shapes and sizes affect handling for beginners.

Currently, Crailtap, which also distributes goods from chocolate skateboards, Royal skateboard Trucks, and Fourstar clothing, owns Girl skateboards as a subsidiary.


  • One of the top manufacturers for beginners skateboarders.
  • Important in influencing the culture of modern skating by supporting numerous skateboarding events.
  • $75 in US orders qualify for free shipping.
  • Their whole skateboard often costs $100, making them more inexpensive than other brands.

Almost Skateboards

The company was established in 2003 by Rodney Mullen and Daewon song, two of the greatest skateboarders of all time and one of the top skateboarders in previous 15 years, respectively.

You can be sure a firm is among the good brand skateboards if it was founded by two of the greatest skateboarders to ever scrape their knees on a cement stairway.

Song was the first person Mullen contacted when his other company, enjoi, was having trouble since Mullen had long wanted to partner with him.

They design three different kinds of decks, each serving a distinct function. The support Decks for Almost Skateboards are constructed from 8-ply North American maple.


  • Two of the most influential skateboarding athletes founded the company.
  • Cheaper compared others.
  • By subscribing to their newsletter, you can save 10%.

Plan B Skateboards

 Plan B is the most popular skateboard brand from averall popular skateboard brands.  Plan B skateboards may not be your first option, despite their name. In an effort to imitate the NBA’s idea of a dream squad, Mike Ternasky, Danny Way, and Colin McKay launched the San Diego California-based business.

Best Skateboard Brands

Before starting Plan B in 1991, the three men had each had prior experience working for a production or skateboarding business. They joined together in order to pool their skills and capitalize on their momentum to form a squad that included some of the top skateboarders of the day.

In the present, Plan B is still benefiting from that momentum. They are actually one of the best skating brands because of their limited yet focused inventory.

Plan B exclusively produces skateboards, wheels, and decks but that focus on a certain market helps them improve their goods.

The company continues to put a lot of work into team building. They work with skateboarders like Chris Joslin, Felipe Gustavo, and Tommy Flynn to design their decks in addition to including them.


  • Embody a skateboarding team’s spirit.
  • Orders over $100 qualify for free international shipping.
  • Because they use 7-ply maple wood, their decks are sturdy.
  • A big collection of top skateboarders.

Blind Skateboards

Of all businesses on this list, this skateboarding company has one of the most varied lineups, The Japanese skating sensation Sora Shiral and the Moroccan Nassim Lachlab are among the riders on their rosters, which demonstrates that Blind  branded skateboards have one of the greatest active teams.

Blind skateboards are renowned for their environmentally friendly practices. They follow a regrowth sustainability plan in which they plant three trees for each tree they cut down to make skateboards, Make sure their hiring procedures are fair and responsible, give back to the community by redistributing their profits, and work to reduce their carbon impact.

Mark Gonzalez, who is no longer employed with the company, started it in California in 1988. 

Speaking of odd, the emblem of Blind skateboards featured a grim reaper who appeared to be a dwarf. Their entire skateboards cost a trifle and by a tad, we do mean a tiny bit more than the typical board.


  • The adverse roster of skaters
  • Dependable sustainability techniques
  • One of the best skateboarders of all time founded the company.
  • Street skating and vert skating are intended uses for skateboards.

Flip Skateboards

Flip skateboards comes in top name brand skateboards. They changed their name, moved to the US, hired their first team riders, including Tom Penny and Rune Glifberg, and even had backing from Toy Machine owner Ed Templeton within a few years.

These days, they are well recognized for their standard models and P2 Models decks. Their standard decks are precisely what you would expect them to be, standardized to meet industry standards. The P2 Models, however, are made to be thinner and more robust than typical skateboarding decks.

The Flip Skateboards Team Odyssey Poppy complete 8.1×32.0 is a fantastic illustration of the former and is priced at $110.


  • One of the few well-known skating companies that have originated in the UK, their boards are among the quickest ones available.
  • Classic styles that embody the rebellious spirit of skateboarding.

Creature Skateboards

Creature is a popular skateboards brand. In actuality, Creature skateboards is not the only skating company that is affiliated with NHS; nevertheless, we will discuss their label mates in the following item of our list of the famous skateboard brands.

The business stands out for allowing consumers to construct their own skateboards. They provide three price escalation templates in addition to a fully personalized choice. These are their templated:

Good (Starting at $148, aimed at intermediate skaters)

Better (greater latitude in customization choices, starting at $185)

Best (access to features and accessories of the highest calibre, starting at $228)

This company manufactures custom skateboards in addition to decks, wheels, stumps, hoodies, and t-shirts.


  • Customers can customize their own skateboards to suit their individual tasters.
  • Skateboards to suit their individual tastes.
  • Available models for beginners and kids order over $75 qualify for free delivery.
  • A wide variety of board sizes and shapes are available.

Globe Skateboards

Globe is one from most popular skateboard brand. Skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders are among the elite athletes on its list, demonstrating that the company’s interests go beyond halfpipes. Their skateboarding is till of the highest calibre though.

Additionally producing high-end clothing, Globe skateboards takes pleasure in their transition to more environmentally friendly techniques. They test their products and employ sustainable materials to make sure they will last a lot longer than other quick fashion things.

Returning to their skateboards in order to avoid the variable finishes that frequently result from repeated deck pressing, Rodney Mullen developed a single deck pressing procedure that they use to build their boards. 

Additionally, they use resin adhesive to create lightweight, robust boards.


  • Shipping is free on all purchases over $100.
  • Available in more than 100 nations.
  • The only Australian company on our list that is dedicated to maintaining as sustainable a production process.

Powell Peralta

There are seasoned decks like powell peralta to go along with experienced riders. These skateboards are made of maple, just like the majority of well-known brands, but the addition of fiberglass gives them a special flair.

Because of its epoxy-based adhesive, this brand has become one of the strongest brands on particularly any selling platform. Peralta skateboards are strong, yet they are also lightweight.

Therefore, they are not only ideal for long rides but also simple and gentle on the feet. For big skaters or board breakers, the Powell Peralta is a sturdy, long-lasting board. This board will allegedly live up to ten times longer than previous boards of its kind. 


  • Strong and durable
  • This skate is ideal for heavy skaters
  • Long lasting pop


Since its founding in 1995, Antihero has been a well-known skateboard brand. This business was able to update its products and maintain its relevance thanks to the improvement of skateboarders’ skills and equipment innovation.

Ir promotes improvement in all skaters by offering assistance in the form of contemporary skateboards. The brand makes skateboards at reasonable costs without sacrificing quality, which is wonderful.

The Antihero complete skateboard, which has an ABEC 5 bearing and a 7-ply deck, is a prime illustration.


  • Durable
  • Head-turning design

Complete vs Custom Skateboard

Complete and custom versions of skateboards are also available. Let’s look at each type’s advantages.

Skateboard made to Order

 These skateboards are the one that has the bolts and nuts removed. Users who are concerned about the details of the Wheels, deck, trucks and other pieces should use such skateboards.

But keep in mind that in order to get the build you desire, you must have enough knowledge about skateboard parts.

Complete Skateboards

Compared to the previous kind, complete skateboards make it easier to match the styles and sizes of the parts.

What you receive in the package is a skateboard that is already adjusted and ready to use.

Skateboard shopping tips

Here are some tips for you to buy the best skateboard:


Whether it was because of their practices, attitude, design philosophy, or rider roster, you definitely identified with at least one of the brands on this list. Whatever the case may be , picking a brand is the first step in selecting the ideal skateboard. Skate brand is also important for selecting skateboard.

Typical size

 Skateboards come in the two most popular sizes, 7.5 and 8. These speak of the skateboard’s deck length. A skateboard that is at least 7.5 long can be used by anyone taller than 5’3. After that, size is a matter of taste and performance preferences.

A style guide

The majority of this essay has been devoted to discussing the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “skateboard”. However, several of the aforementioned brands also sell other types of boards, including longboards.

These designs come in a range of sizes, weights, and talents. None of these are as common as the ordinary skateboard, although several are more useful for transportation.


When you realize your skateboard is constructed of 8-ply Canadian maple and is stronger than a home-schooled juvenile offender, it may seem like the pinnacle of alpha-male conduct.

In the long term, a sturdy skateboard will undoubtedly be more advantageous for you. However, you do not want to give up mobility simply to be sure that,  You will never break your board.

Included Parts

Just buy a complete skateboard if you do not want to personalize it and want to personalize it and want to order a board that way. Otherwise, you can combine different decks, trucks, wheels, and other equipment to create your own Frankenstein monster of a skateboard.


Fortunately, there is not much difference in total skateboard prices among the brands. Since they are all close to $100, this normally critical factor is less significant.


Since skateboarding is free of competition, regional restrictions, and preconceived ideals of ideal health, it is one of the cleanest sports on the globe, As long as they have a passable board, anyone, everywhere, can skateboard.

However, given what you have read about the Best Skateboard Brands, why you settle for acceptable enough? Skateboarding offers a platform for movement based self expression that is only ever about a person’s relationship to their equipments.

There are no rules, weight categories, or gender distinctions. The sole rule is to ride as though your life depends on it.


What is the Best Skateboard Brands?

If you are looking for what is the best brand of skateboards then Girl,Zero, Baker, Deathwish and enjoi are the top brands for skateboards among pro skateboarders. These companies are well known for their excellent bearings, wheels, decks, and trucks. Additionally, they produce clothing and accessories for various types of skateboards.

What does a Quality Skateboard Brand Cost?

An average skateboard costs $100 USD at retail. Skateboarders of lower grade cost between $30 and $60 USD, while those of higher quality can cost more than $200 USD, skateboards that are mass-made cost less than those that are assembled by hand.

Does the Brand of a Skateboard Matter?

There are several brands of skateboard decks and a plethora of opinions, but does it really matter which brand do you choose? They are equally as durable and of high quality, so it does not matter. The majority of well known brands are produced by the same company.

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