Best Skateboard Trucks Recommended for 2024

Best Skateboard Trucks

Trucks on skateboards are the foundation and lifeblood of your skateboard, so you should not skimp on them in any way. If you purchase the appropriate trucks, they may last a very long time and truly make the difference between landing a trick and eating crap. There are many best skateboard trucks, which are also affordable.

There is a disagreement among the skateboarders concerning the greatest skateboard trucks, and Thunders and Indys are frequently the subjects of protracted discussions.

Ultimately, it boils down to taste and style, and there is unquestionably a significant difference between low-cost vehicles and high- quality trucks.

Pro Skaters and Their Selections Criteria of the Best Skateboards Trucks

Tony Hawk, the Birdman’s insights about the best skateboard trucks,

“Tony Hawk, a legendary figure in skateboarding, frequently underscores the significance of durable and responsive trucks for executing tricks with precision and stability.”

What Nyjah Huston says about his favorite trucks?

Well is in favour of those trucks which offer excellent stability, and control to support big trucks.

Ryan Sheckler, loves the trucks that provide smooth and consistent riding. He also consider reliable turning ability and responsiveness for executing complex street skating tricks.

Lizzie Armanto loves Independent Trucks.

“Lizzie, known for her fearless approach to skateboarding, frequently stresses the significance of trucks that provide ample turning radius and stability, enabling her to carve bowls and transition with speed and precision”

Best Skateboard Trucks

Top 3 Picks


Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks
Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks
  • Fantastic for street and transition
  • Lightweight
  • Long Lasting
[CCS] Skateboard Trucks - 109mm, Black
[CCS] Skateboard Trucks – 109mm, Black
  • Sturdy Steel Base
  • Quality Components
  • Premium High rebound bushings
Grind King Truck Co. Raw Skateboard Trucks
Grind King Truck Co.Raw Skateboard Trucks
  • Constructed from high-quality materials
  • Grind kings felt pretty good
  • Outstanding menual balance

Some of the best skateboard trucks are given below in detail:

Top 10 best skateboards trucks:


Thunder Polished Hollow Lights 2 Trucks Thunder Polished Hollow Lights 2 Trucks
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Tensor Mag Light Skateboard Trucks Tensor Mag Light Skateboard Trucks
Check on Amazon
Paris Trucks V3 43 Degree Paris Trucks V3 43 Degree
Check on Amazon
Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks
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Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks
Check on Amazon
Grind King Skateboard Trucks Disruptor Grind King Skateboard Trucks Disruptor
Check on Amazon
KRUX K5 Standard Skateboard Trucks KRUX K5 Standard Skateboard Trucks
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Ace Skateboard Trucks AF1 and Colors Ace Skateboard Trucks AF1 and Colors
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CCS Skateboard Trucks CCS Skateboard Trucks
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BYBAIZ Skateboard Trucks 5,5.25,5.5inch BYBAIZ Skateboard Trucks 5,5.25,5.5inch
Check on Amazon

There is no one best skateboard truck; it truly depends on where you want to skate and your preferred skating style.

There are a few trucks that work well everywhere; some are ideal for cruising while others excel in skateparks, streets, or bowls.

Let’s examine a few best skateboard trucks to determine what makes them distinctive. Oh, and if you are on a tight budget, no worries.

1. Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Main Feature: Better Turn
  • Durability: Long Lasting
  • Performance: Quality Performance

One of the most popular brands of skateboard trucks, Thunder Trucks was launched in 1986, and many pros choose them for good reasons.

Many street skaters like Thunder trucks because of their responsiveness, ability to grind, and durability. The best trucks for skateboarding, are also quite durable.

Most skaters won’t even realize that they are less sturdy than Indianapolis.  It is a fantastic option for grinding and flips tricks with excellent performance in skate parks and on city streets.

Best Skateboard Trucks

Very adaptable; choose them if you prefer parks, streets, and trails. Let’s look down at the various trucks offered by Thunder and determine which ones are best for you.

I’m just a guy who likes to experiment with new equipment to determine whether the grass really is greener on the other side.

Even though I wasn’t used to riding, I pushed around a few sets because I had heard excellent things about Thunder Truck from my friends that ride them.

It is reasonable to say that regular vehicles are excellent, but if you want to spend more money, there are many options available.

Thunder’s factory bushings are excellent and break in quickly. You can choose to ride Thunder lows or highs; depending on the size of your wheels, the lows sometimes cause wheel bite. Tranny skaters should aim for the highs.

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of axle and deck according to models of thunder trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.4’’ – 7.9’’7.62’’145
7.9’’ – 8.125’’8.0’’147
8.125’’ – 8.38’’8.25’’148
8.9’’ and up9.125’’161

  • Heaviest
  • Endure the longest
  • Excellent for street skating
  • Turn better
  • Turn slowly
  • Degrade more quickly

2. Tensor Trucks:

Tensor Mag Light Skateboard Trucks,Black
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Main Feature: Optimum Protection
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Performance: Quality Performance

Overall, these are excellent trucks, As I’ve been skating independent trucks for years and really had no intentions of switching, I’m startled to say so.

As I ride, though, I can feel the tensor’s considerable weight reduction, and I value being able to maneuver my board more easily. I might change my view if I manage to break the Tensors, but so far, I’m a big admirer.

Tensors are frequently seen on complete setups; this is mostly because of the truck’s excellent all-around performance. These trucks, for instance, came with my Globe cruiser trucks, and they work just fine.

If you do not have a lot of money to spend, you should avoid tensors because they degrade much more quickly.

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of axle and deck according to models of Tensor trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.5’’- 7.9’’7.625’’5.0
7.8’’- 8.2’’8.0’’5.25
8.1’’- 8.4’’8.25’’5.5
8.3’’- 8.7’’8.5’’5.75

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Decent at technical stunts
  • Lifetime protection from breaking in the event of manufacturing flaws.
  • Lack of durability

3.  Paris Truck Co:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Main Feature: Better Turn
  • Durability: Stable
  • Control: Easy Control

Longboarding trucks, cruising and street trucks, as well as trucks for dedicated cruising are all available from Paris Trucks Co.

I purchased these to use on a spare longboard I had lying around because I had heard excellent things about Paris Trucks.

These trucks have a smooth ride and are really well made; they will carve precisely. To better suit my weight and riding style. I swapped the factory bushings for firmer ones, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

These were included because I am aware that many skaters enjoy doing some cruising, and hoping for some cribs, as well as perhaps some slappies?

In any case, Paris Trucks are the ideal all-around truck since they have something to offer everyone while not quite excelling at anything. 

They provide reverse kingpin trucks for cruising and longboarding in addition to standard kingpin trucks for technical skating. Although I have no experience with the longboard version, I enjoy riding street trucks on two cruisers since I believe they are the best.

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of axle and deck according to models of Paris trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
6.8’’- 7.2’’6.875’’Street 108
7.4’’- 7.8’’7.6’’Street 129
8.3’’- 8.7’’8.5’’Street 149
8.7’’- 9.3’’9.0’’Street 169
8.5’’- 8.8’’8.75’’V2 150, V3 150
9.0’’- 9.5’’9.0’’V2 165, V3 165
9.6’’- 10’’9.75’’V2 180, V3 180

The most upscale savant vehicles are highly pricey, which is primarily due to the production procedure. The savants are as stable as they get; they are wonderful for downhill but could be a bit much for cruising.

They are more expensive possibly because they have a CNC finish, a tighter bushing sear, and a forged structure.

  • Smooth
  • Turn Good
  • Stable
  • Control easily
  • Little expensive

4. Independent Trucks stage 11:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Performance: Optimal Performance
  • Weight: Best Lightweight Aluminum
  • Quality: Highest Quality

Independent trucks are known for being heavy but are also highly strong skateboard trucks. But after releasing the stage 11 Hollows and the Titanium trucks, this situation altered.

The most “flesh” to grind through of any truck, Indianapolis is fantastic for both street and transition skating.

The fact that independent trucks employ unique bushings is something I admire. A supercut bushing with a cylinder bottom is installed on each independent standard truck.

From What I have experienced, this improvement makes turning on these skateboards sharp and precise. These rubbers are favored by technical skaters because they produce good skateboard tricks and carvings.

I believe that the other parts of the skateboard are also shielded by these trucks. They have a 5.75 height, which is sufficient to leave room between the wheels and the deck’s bottom edge. Hence turning would be less of a problem with this style.

On independent trucks, I sometimes feel a bit nervous at the beginning. But after riding for while, I feel more secure and safe. This might be some sort of nervousness with me or these trucks may take some time to get used to it. 

Just like anything else, it takes some time to break them in for me personally. Because the metal on indys feels a little softer, they work well for grinding. 

The forged trucks are 53.5 mm, and the standard/hollows are 55mm, making them rather high as well.

Independent trucks are from best trucks skateboard, they may cost a little more, but since they last so long, the extra money is well spent.

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of axle and deck according to models of Independent trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
6.2’’- 7.6’’6.9’’109
7.4’’- 7.8’’7.6’’129
7.8’’- 8.2’’8.0’’139
8.1’’- 8.5’’8.25’’144
8.25’’- 8.65’’8.5’’149
8.6’’- 9.0’’8.75’’159
9.2’’- 9.75’’9.125’’169

  • Fantastic for street and transition
  • Essential for the mini ramp, bowling, and Pool erratic trucks
  • Promised for Life (Whatever that means)
  • Expensive 
  • Bushings need improvement

5. Venture Trucks:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Main Feature: V-Titanium Venture
  • Weight: Hollow Lights
  • Use: Easy to Use

When you skate transition, it is clear that venture Trucks are among the most stable trucks available. The highs perform admirably in a bowl, pool, mini ramp, and vert while the lows are excellent for street skating. Venture trucks are one of the top skateboard trucks for every skater.

If you prefer a truck that doesn’t turn very well, venture trucks are really decent. These are incredibly light and work well for grinding. The turning is the one drawback I can think of, but other than that, they’re fantastic.

Despite being slightly less turny than indys, they nevertheless aid in keeping your balance. For novices, Venture trucks are also fantastic. Venture trucks further include

  • Venture Standard Trucks
  • V- light ventures
  • V-Titanium Venture
  • V-Hollow Lights Venture

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of the axle and deck according to models of venture trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.5’’- 7.8’’7.62’’5.0
8.0’’- 8.1’’8.0’’5.2
8.1’’- 8.3’’8.25’’5.6
8.4’’- 8.6’’8.5’’5.8
8.62’’- 8.9’’8.75’’6.1

Skaters that want to skate on flat surfaces and on blocks frequently opt for ventures. When practicing flat ground tricks, a board mounted with ventures can actually help because it is so light and responsive and won’t wander off when you are getting acclimated to foot posture for particular tricks.

  • Excellent transition lock-in and flip trick performance.
  • Very good grind on flat bars and rounded ledges.
  • Quick bushing break-in
  • Very sloppy trucks

6.Grind King Trucks:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Main Feature: Provide Additional Clearance
  • Balancing: Outstanding Manual Balance
  • Performance: Excellent for Smiths

The really well-designed Grind King trucks entice you to skate them just by looking at them. These are the best trucks for skating. They have the best-looking trucks ever made, in my opinion, but it is not only about how they look; it is also about how they ride.

I purchased these trucks and thoroughly loved riding them up until about 8 months into their use when one of their kingpins broke at the base. Never experienced that with other trucks like Indys that I have ridden for a longer period of time.

You won’t be let down because Grind King has been around for a while but has taken a significant sabbatical. The saddest-looking vehicle on the market, the disruptor, was recently released by Gring King.

These trucks fit many of you because of their very conventional sizes. This small business exclusively provides vehicles for boards with a size of 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5.

It will take some time before you break into the bushings, and they are not for everyone. Long, steady grinds are excellent for smiths and weak people since they offer enough clearance thanks to the inverted kingpin.

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of axle and deck according to models of Grind King trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
87.5’’- 8.0’’7.67’’5.0
8.0’’- 8.25’’7.87’’5.5

  • Kingpin inverted to provide additional clearance.
  • Perfect for skateboarders who enjoy slamming into trucks
  • Outstanding manual balance
  • Noisy at first

7. KRUX K5 Standard Skateboard Trucks:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Main Feature: Reasonable Manual Feeling
  • Control: Sufficient for Flip Tricks
  • Performance: Smooth Drive

Being lighter than indys, Krux is a good alternative for street skating. To make the baseplates lighter, the hanger has a very minor slope.

In December, I had my first ride using the new setup and the Krux trucks. Trucks are notoriously difficult to break into when it’s freezing outside. Still, they didn’t seem strange or even off; they felt fine. As the year progressed, the weather warmed up, and I increased my use of the trucks. 

I never thought I had a problem with them. They always worked out well. When Julio told me about his problems turning, I had no idea what he was talking about. Although I don’t push these metal objects to the limit with my grinds, which are simple and limited to skateparks, grinding still feels fantastic. They don’t experience extreme highs or lows.

Very distinctive due to the exposed kingpin and bushings in the hole. Not advised for anyone who enjoys riding loose trucks or for transition, small ramps, bowls, vert, or transition.

Incredibly robust, rounded baseplate that can withstand a lot of damage. For individuals who enjoy riding tight trucks, Krux is an excellent one for our residents, even tightens them.

Trucks may not be tight enough for some people.

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of axle and deck according to models of Krux trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.4’’- 7.8’’7.6’’7.6
7.8’’- 8.2’’8.0’’8.0
8.1’’- 8.4’’8.25’’8.25
8.3’’- 8.7’’8.5’’8.5
8.7’’- 9.3’’9.0’’9.0

  • Reasonable manual feeling
  • Sufficient for flip tricks
  • Very stiff and hardly maneuverable

8. Ace Trucks:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Main Feature: Aluminum’s Structural Integrity
  • Performance: Wise Direction for Cruiser
  • Good for: Excellent for bowl skating

Ace trucks are excellent for carving and might be used for cruising on bowl skating. Although the standard bushings are ok. Replacing them is difficult; only Krux bushings appear to be compatible.

Being more difficult to lock in, they are less ideal for technical grinds. Kingpin clearance is quite little, and at higher speeds, they often wobble.

When I first started skating bowls, I noticed an elderly man carving so elegantly that I inquired about his setup and discovered that he used Ace trucks. I bought a pair and adore them, I only skate skatepark bowls now. However, I do believe that finding the right wheelbase, bushings, truck tightness, and skill are all necessary for good carving.

I won’t switch back to Aca now that I’ve gotten used to it, and at my age, I won’t continue to grind through trucks for a very long time.

For skaters who prefer to ride their trucks closely, avoid it.

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of axle and deck according to models of Ace trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.00’’- 7.30’’7.25’’11
7.12’’- 7.75’’7.6’’22
7.75’’- 8.12’’8.0’’33
8.12’’- 8.50’’8.35’’44
8.5’’- 9.12’’8.35’’55
9.12’’- 9.62’’9.0’’66

  • Not necessary to break in
  • A wise direction for cruiser
  • Excellent for bowl skating
  • Slightly lighter

9. CCS designs trucks:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Main Features: Robust, Lightweight, and Stable
  • Control: Simpler to Use
  • Price: Affordable Cost

When you truly do not want to spend a lot of money, this is a solid option not the greatest, nor the worst. When compared to the competitors, CCS trucks sell for about $30 for each pair.

They are not as tough as Indys, so you should probably search for a different truck if you like to grind curbs or Jump five stairs.

I’ve purchased CCS trucks in the past with no problem because I adore their stuff. I have a problem with these trucks because it claims to come with mounting hardware. But, mounting hardware was missing from my order when it was delivered from the company.

They work well for simple maneuvers, and yes, you can scrape curbs, but they will wear out more quickly than trucks that cost more money.

Beginners should not worry about this in any case, and the trucks can undoubtedly withstand some abuse.

They have good turning ability and a medium height making them ideal for parks and ice skating.

Detail about the width of axle and deck:

The detail about the Width of axle and deck according to models of CCS design trucks are given below:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.5’’- 8.0’’109
7.5’’- 8.0’’129

  • Robust, lightweight, and stable
  • Simpler to Use
  • Affordable cost
  • Tough to install with screws because it was thick

10. ByBaiz Skateboard Trucks:

Thunder Polished Lights II Trucks
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Price: Affordable
  • Quality: For Expert Skaters

Bybaiz is famous for producing top-notch goods that meet the needs of both novice and expert skaters. Its trucks are arguably among the best skating trucks available today since they successfully combine functionality and beauty.

Although I was debating acquiring the silver variety, I decided against it because I felt the black one gave my board more personality.

The green hemp emblem complements my personality, therefore, I am satisfied with it. It enhances my personality.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with green hemp icon
  • Paint might chip after a while

Check Price at Amazon

Customization of Skateboard Trucks

Sometimes the trucks you buy from your favorite brand can cause some problems that can be annoying. Luckily you can customise your trucks the way you want.

Bushes Hardness and Softness:

Bushes are the most important components for stability and movement. If you’re looking for stability then hard bushes will be a perfect pick for you. It gives you more stability while taking more difficult turns. The only drawback of trucks with hard bushings is their challenge in turning smoothly.

For soft turns, you to customize your skateboard with soft bushes. It allows you to turn effortlessly. But here you have to compromise the stability. We won’t recommend soft bushes for heavy skaters.

Truck Replacement:

You can completely replace the trucks if they are not up to the mark. Truck customization allows you not to change the whole skateboard. So, it reduced your cost as well.

Riser Pads Addition:

Wheel Bite is one of the most annoying problems when it comes to maintaining your skateboard. Riser Pads are the components that every skater wants to add to his skateboard to avoid wheel bite. It increases the distance between the wheels and the deck.

How Skateboard Trucks work:

 Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of skateboard trucks. Although they appear to be identical to the untrained eye, skateboard trucks differ greatly in terms of geometry, quality, and manufacturing methods.

Hangers & Length for Trucks:

The length of a hanger affects your grip when turning in addition to how wide your deck will be. Shorter hangers are less stable and depend more on mechanical grip for turning.

Wider hangers provide greater stability and turning grip.


Trucks typically come in high and low versions, regrettably, not all companies provide lows, mediums, or highs. A medium brand Y vehicle could be a high truck from brand X.

Since you want your center of gravity to be as low as possible when street skating, low trucks are frequently preferable.

The Baseplate:

The materials utilized determine a lot, as not all trucks are created equal. A variety of metals, including steel, magnesium, aluminum, and brass, are used to make most trucks.

Cheaper vehicles are often made of less material and are cast in a mold. Although it won’t affect performance, cast baseplates are more prone to breaking after prolonged usage.


Though sometimes disregarded, they have a significant impact on how well the vehicles operate. Today’s stock bushings are generally good, but breaking them in takes time.

After 30 minutes, Ace and venture trucks break-in, while Thunders and Indys take longer. Like Wheels, bushings on most trucks are cone-barrel shaped and come in various durometers.

It is a bit of a risk because this is frequently not specified. Just keep in mind that you need tougher bushings if you are a little heavier.

Recommended Trucks for Skating:

There are many trucks that are best for skateboarding and for skating but not every person can afford it so some of the best trucks recommended by us are given below:

  • Ace (44 AF1 Hollow Truck)
  • Independent (144 stage 11 Bar)
  • Independent ( 139 Mid Forged Hollow Truck)
  • Ace (33 Low AF1 Truck)


Another essay about the greatest skateboard trucks, I know. There is a tonne of these articles, but the interesting thing is that they are never put to the test. It will take some time for this post to improve because I actually test things, but it is a work in progress.

All of the trucks and wheels information in our article are trustworthy, some are better for hard-core skating and are more durable, and others are great for beginners who do not want to spend a lot of money.

Although your skateboard’s trucks are its most crucial component, you can always modify them and finally replace them once you know what you really want.

Hope this article helps you to buy the best skateboard trucks.


Are tensor trucks good?

Tensors are typically quite low, which makes the very stable trucks but this can be an issue with larger wheels. Perfect for newcomers. The baseplate of the trucks is designed to make it easier to slide and grind when locking on obstructions.

What are the best low-tech trucks?

 Even though we do not have all the information, the best smallest skate trucks we have seen are 46mm and come from Tensor Trucks. The majority of low vehicles are less than 50mm.

What are high trucks good for?

Since the truck can pivot further due to the differing geometry, high trucks are better for turning. As the axle now rests farther away from the deck, larger wheels, between 53mm and 58mm, can be installed without wheel bite. As the wheel will have more space to move before striking the surface, you can ride looser trucks.

What are the best skateboard trucks 2023?

 Some of the best skateboard trucks 2023 are:

  • Independent Trucks
  • Venture Trucks
  • Tensor Trucks
  • Thunder Trucks

 What trucks do skaters in the Pros use?

The Hollow light II trucks from thunder are especially popular among elite professional skaters. These trucks are best for skateboarding.

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