Best Skateboard Truck Brands 2023 | Complete Review

Best Skateboard Truck Brands

Those of you who have been skating for some time have probably already used a few Best skateboard truck brands. Some people place the most importance on the steering behavior of skateboard trucks, while others are more interested in the weight or grind behaviors.

The correct pair of skate trucks can be pricey. There are many high-quality brands but each has something that makes it stand out. You may have also pondered which skateboard trucks brand are the greatest given the wide variety. 

There are plenty way to assemble trucks on a skateboard. But it depends upon your skating style. Know everything about loose vs tight skateboard trucks.

In this article, Best Skateboard Truck Brands are listed.

Best skateboard truck brands:

There are many brands of skateboard trucks but some of them are discussed below:

1. Krux Trucks:

Krux Trucks

In 1989, Steve Keenan established Krux with the aid of NHS Fun Factory. Krux’s “K” is Keenan. Krux=Keenan+Trucks.

In its vehicles, Krux features outrageous color schemes and graphics that are robust lightweight, and striking.

Although I haven’t been skating Krux for very long, they are undoubtedly some of the best trucks around. Since it is so smooth when I grind, wax is seldom ever used. Because the truck bushings are so excellent and because I skate loose, there haven’t been any issues with that yet. They have such a wide variety of colors and are incredibly light.

Krux Trucks has always been a company that enjoys displaying its humor and capacity for self-Parody, It has always felt as though the team skaters fit that mold.

Alan Peterson, Eman, Kareem Campbell, Steve Caballero, Ricky Oyola, Karl Watson, Dan Murphy, Anthony Mosley, Windsor James, and pat Washington are notable riders for the Krux Trucks team.

Deck detail:

  • The Krux K5 skateboard Trucks (7.60’’) are the best Krux trucks for a 7.75’’ deck.
  • Krux K5 skateboard trucks (8.0’’) are the best Krux trucks for an 8.00’’ deck.
  • The Krux K5 skateboard Trucks (8.25’’) are the best Krux trucks for an 8.25’’ deck.
  • The Krux K5 skateboard Trucks (8.50’’) are the best Krux trucks for an 8.50’’’ deck.


In terms of skateboarding, Krux trucks are the best skateboard truck brands. After skating on thunders for two years, I finally purchased a pair of Krux.

Comparing them both in grinding, Krux silenced the critics. The thunders would stick, and the Krux would grind like a perfectly waxed ledge.

They have bushings that have been broken in, which makes breaking in trucks less of a problem. Moreover, these are the lightest vehicles available. And entire thing functions as a bottle opener.

2. Independent Trucks:

Independent Trucks

Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, Fausto Vitello, and Eric Swenson created the Independent Truck Company in 1978 in Santa Cruz, California. For trucks, Independent has always been my preferred brand. They’ve always been known for being large, powerful, and long-lasting trucks.

Tensor comes with subpar bushings, while Independent trucks ship with great bushings, saving you the expense of purchasing more bushings. Independent trucks are more well-known and more widely used than Tensor trucks.

Famous skateboarders including Danny Way, Bucky Lasek, Eric Kosten, Lizard King, Ryan Sheckler, Andrew Reynolds, and Tony Trujillo have all ridden for Independent Trucks.

As independent skateboard trucks have improved over time, they have been launched in 11 different stages. Your stage 11 independent trucks are any that you acquired after 2012. They significantly improved their trucks with each stage. This brand is one of the best skateboard truck brands.

Deck detail:

  • Independent stage 11 skateboard trucks are the best independent trucks for a 7.75’’ deck (129mm).
  • The independent stage 11 skateboard trucks for an 8.00’’ deck (139mm).
  • The independent stage 11 skateboard trucks for an 8.25’’ deck (144mm).
  • The independent stage 11 skateboard trucks are the best independent trucks for an 8.50’’ deck (149mm).


To be a true skater, they must be. They react and answer promptly. They smooth out your grinds so you can perform them flawlessly each time.

You never have to replace them because they have very nice bushings. Since I have been skating for more than 20 years, I can perform countless tricks.

3. Tensor Trucks:

Rodney Mullen, a competitive skateboarder, invented Tensor Trucks in 2000. Tensor skateboard trucks were specifically created by Mullen to be unique from any others on the market.

The intention was to design trucks that would be better suited to his particular brand of skating.

The paradoxical combination of stability and turnability is delightful and appears to defy the laws of physics. Even raw cement can be ground to an impressive degree. Moreover, they are now available in a wide range of axle widths, up to 8.5″.

Although tensor trucks are stiffer when turning, they are ideal for flip tricks. They have hardware that is specially built and are frequently referred to as the lightest trucks. 

Both the kingpin bolt and the axle are hollow, which helps reduce the weight of the components.

The riders for the Tensor Trucks team that are most well-known include Rodney Mullen, Daewon Song, Chris Haslam, and Chris Cole. And they said that they are the best skateboarding trucks.

Below are the details of skateboard trucks of thunders:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.5’’- 7.9’’7.625’’5.0
7.8’’- 8.2’’8.0’’5.25
8.1’’- 8.4’’8.25’’5.5
8.3’’- 8.7’’8.5’’5.75

Deck Details:

  • Tensor Alloys Raw skateboard trucks (5.00’’) are the best skate trucks for a 7.75’’ deck.
  • Tensor Alloys Raw Skateboard Trucks (5.25’’) are the best tensor trucks for an 8.00’’ deck.
  • Tensor Alloys Raw Skateboard Trucks (5.50’’) are the best tensor trucks for an 8.25’’ deck.
  • Tensor Alloy Raw Skateboard Trucks (5.75’’) are the best Tensor trucks for an 8.50’’ deck.


Several people claim that they are fragile, and while I am pretty much a bag of bones and cannot test that claim very well, my friend, who weighs around 200 pounds, finds that they are magnesium and function well for him. Hence, don’t be afraid of these divine trucks! However, if you don’t like things to be at least moderately loose, these will probably annoy you. Otherwise, they have and perform flawlessly.

They are extremely lightweight—tensor magnesium is the lightest material known to man—and their mid-response doesn’t break easily. This allows you to carve crazily with them. Moreover, the hollow low response is quite strong and light! Tensor skates are what I would advise to all skaters who desire something lightweight, and sturdy.

4. Royal Trucks:

Royal Trucks

Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson, two skateboarding pioneers, founded Royal Trucks in 1999 in Torrance. California. Although been in business for more than 20 years, they remain one of the smallest skateboard manufacturers.

For many years, I have been riding Royal vehicles. Those are fantastic trucks, I have to admit. They are incredibly robust, tough, light, and turn nicely. Personally, I believe they merit more acclaim. They are well worth purchasing, in my opinion, for the asking price.

Royal Trucks are renowned for their excellent build quality, responsive handling, and stylishness. The most well-known skateboarders to have ridden for Royal Trucks were Mike Carroll, Vincent Alvarez, and Mike Mo Capaldi.

Deck detail:

  • Royal Skateboard Trucks (5.00’’) are the best Royal trucks for a 7.75’’ deck.
  • Royal Skateboard Trucks (5.25’’) are the best trucks for an 8.00’’ deck.
  • Royal Skateboard Trucks (5.50’’) are the best trucks for an 8.25’’ deck.


They are thought to be some of the most dependable trucks on the market. They won’t fall you over time. The hanger and axle sizes of Royal Skateboard trucks are 6.0’’ and 8.75’’.

If you are a good skater, these trucks provide a smooth ride. The fact that this vehicle is among the lightest available while still having several advantages is one of the best features.

I have a set of royals and they are perfect for beginners, in my opinion. You won’t be hindered in any way by the.

5. Destructo:

In 1996, skateboarding distributor Giant Distribution launched Destructo in Los Angeles, California. Although Destructo is a smaller business than independent and tensor, they nevertheless offer high-quality trucks with a lifetime warranty.

They are impervious to bullets. If they ever fall, Destructo will also replace the.

Super formula bushings and Pivots that provide a smooth ride, hollow kingpins, smooth weight, and weapon-grade aluminum is used in the construction of Destructo trucks.

They have attractive trucks and a good pinch. The modest pop balances out heavier or steeper decks while also making manuals easier. Also, they are solidly constructed and have a lot of slide bases.


We can immediately draw the conclusion that these trucks take a while to break in, particularly in colder locations.

Although kingpin clearance was a problem, the D2 mids rather than the highs were being tested.

Ben explains to us that the music has a light pop vibe. Depending on how you use the trucks, this may be advantageous or detrimental, but in some circumstances, it may cause some techniques to be thrown off.

Moreover, the truck has a little taper at the end that might lead to unforeseen grinds on some skateparks’ metal ledges.

The trucks run obviously tightly, which could be a concern for people who want their trucks to run loose.

6. Venture Trucks:

The best trucks I have ever skated on are certainly venture trucks. As they are very good skateboard trucks. Ventures are particularly good for grinding and are light in comparison to other trucks.

If you prefer a truck that doesn’t turn very well, venture trucks are really decent. These are incredibly light and work well for grinding. The turning is the one drawback I can think of, but other than that, they’re fantastic.

Also, they are reasonably priced and accessible. Hence, the next time you need a pair of trucks, acquire ventures.

Because of how they feel, ventures are my favorite. They have felt several lighter trucks, but I usually choose to strengthen weight. I always have and always will skate ventures.

Although I have nothing against other brands, these are my favorites. The details about the skateboard trucks of this brand are given below.

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.5’’- 7.8’’7.62’’5.0
8.0’’- 8.1’’8.0’’5.2
8.1’’- 8.3’’8.25’’5.6
8.4’’- 8.6’’8.5’’5.8
8.62’’- 8.9’’8.75’’6.1

During the past year that I have been riding venture trucks, they have never let me down. They are substantially lighter than thunder trucks., have a lot smoother grind, and unlike thunder trucks, never come apart if you loosen them.


If you prefer a truck that does not turn very well, venture trucks are really decent. They are incredibly light and work well for grinding.

The turning is the one drawback I can think of, but other than that, they are fantastic.

7. Thunder Trucks:

I recall getting my first Thunder two years ago. Even now, I still skate them. I had skated many kinds of surfaces before thunders, including Tensors, Independents, ventures, and Theeves, but none of them could compare to my Thunders.

Having used many pairs of trucks in the past, including independent, venture, theeve, royal, and destructo, these are the longest-lasting pair I’ve ever skated. They grind incredibly well, are incredibly light, and are quite affordable, but don’t let that deter you; they are the greatest in both quality and cost. Thunder is simply unbeatable.

Thunders are from top-rated skateboard trucks. Thunders turn remarkably well, make the toughest curbs grind like butter, and are not only incredibly light but also incredibly durable.

Every skater who wants to try something new or is unsure of what sort of truck to use should get a Thunder because they are the best truck available by a long shot.

The different skateboard trucks of Thunder have the following specifications:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
7.4’’ – 7.9’’7.62’’145
7.9’’ – 8.125’’8.0’’147
8.125’’ – 8.38’’8.25’’148
8.9’’ and up9.125’’161


These vehicles were the ideal complement to my personal flair. The standard bushings are excellent and Perfect for technical maneuvers. 

While turning less frequently than independents, they are significantly lighter and simpler to control during extended periods.

Till I find something better, I will keep using thunders.

8. Grind king Trucks:

Grind king was established in 1988 by Donald Cassel, and it has strong ties to the Venice and Dogtown cultures. Donald created the high-performance inverted kingpin with the intention of enhancing the grind of skate trucks. He abbreviated the moniker to “ Grind King”.

I have skated on Indys, thunders, and even ventures, but none of them match my Grind Kings, which are incredibly light and have an unbreakable kingpin. Thunders and Theeves are also recommended.

The following are the specifications of Grind King skateboard trucks:

Width of DeckWidth of AxleModel
87.5’’- 8.0’’7.67’’5.0
8.0’’- 8.25’’7.87’’5.5

Grindkings have been with me for almost two years, and if I regularly replace the bushings that wear out, they still skate like new. Aside from bushings, the trucks skate fantastically.


I adore these vehicles. They turn slightly less than independents but are just as good. In my opinion, they grind the batter.

There is just something satisfying about riding grind kings the way I used to when I was younger. I have been riding them for the past four days, and I adore them.

9. Theeve Trucks:

The company was established in 2007. A noteworthy milestone in the history of the suspension business is that Theeve introduced titanium to the skate industry.

The company debuted the first iteration of its top TiHanger pendants in 2009. One of the company’s guiding principles is to use the strongest and lightest titanium alloy possible for its tracks. Only the CSX variant is now devoid of titanium components.

I used to solely ride Krux trucks, but when my board size started to increase, I had to switch to Theeve because, at the time, Krux only produced smaller trucks.

Over the past three years, I have been riding them, and I adore them so much. Eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Ti King V3s. Because they are light, but not as light as the Ti Hs, I prefer the Ti Kings the best.

They are very stable, robust, and lightweight. Compared to other “high” trucks, it boasts among the best grind clearance.

These are the Best skateboard trucks for tricks and you can enjoy using these.


Years ago, I had some Theeve CSX, and they were excellent. No grievances, Like their basic model, the CSX. CSX employs titanium alloy while the majority of trucks use aluminum or aluminum alloy.

Theeve’s marketing strategy highlights the fact that they invented titanium trucks. Titanium is more expensive yet lighter and stronger.

10. Silver Trucks:

The best trucks I’ve ever skated on are by far the silver ones. These turned beautifully, and I had them for a very long time. Silver trucks are incredibly strong and light.

The Silver M-class Hollows is a great choice if you are considering purchasing silver trucks since they turn well, are sturdy, and are incredibly light.

I have had silvers before, and while they destroyed two completely whole skateboards, I still liked them overall and believe they were of the highest caliber.

These trucks are on my zero. They have survived much longer than the Indus.


The turn on these seems smoother when I put them on my board and step on it, and the bushings feel like they have already been broken in, which is odd because they are the same as the m-class bushings and with these, they felt pretty hard when I first got them.

I honestly don’t see why more people don’t skate silver trucks because they are well-built, durable, and grind incredibly smoothly!

The L class has a smooth, stable ride but can turn when necessary.

The next time you’re deciding which trucks to buy, I would definitely suggest looking at the Silvers.


All the Best Skateboard Truck Brands on our list are trustworthy; some are better for hardcore skating and are more durable; others are great for beginners, who do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive brands.

Although your skateboard’s trucks are the most crucial component, you can always modify them and finally replace them once you know what you really want.


what are the best skateboard trucks?

The top rated skateboard trucks: 

  • Independent Trucks
  • Venture Trucks
  • Tensor Trucks
  • Thunder Trucks

How do professional skaters choose their trucks?

The Hollow lights II trucks from thunder are especially popular among elite professional skaters. These trucks are the best for skateboarding since they have hollow kingpins and axles that are lighter and enhance impact resistance in addition to a forged baseplate.

Which trucks have the best grind?

The strongest, best turning, and best grinding trucks available are Indys. The new Stage 10 truck weighs less than any Indy product to date. The truck is unbeatable because of a new, extremely strong kingpin and unbendable axles. The heights of Indys are Hi and Lo.

What trucks are used by street skaters?

Trucks come in two varieties: Kingpins and reverse kingpins. The most typical sort of truck is a kingpin truck, and because they are simple to operate, they are excellent for beginners. Although less frequent, reverse kingpin trucks provide greater control and stability. Choose the truck type that most closely matches your skating style. 

Are high trucks preferable for cruising the streets?

Trucks with a higher height are better at turning since their different shapes allow them to pivot farther. As the axle now rests farther away from the deck, larger wheels, between 53mm and 58mm, can be installed without wheel bite. As the wheels will have more space to move before hitting the deck, you can ride trucks that are less tight.

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