Penny Board vs Skateboard Best Guide| What is the Difference

Penny Board vs Skateboard

Penny board vs Skateboard? If you are in confusion that which one is best we will tell you in this article about both. For years, Penny boards and skateboards have existed but which is superior? Here are the Pros and Cons of each to aid with your decision.

Penny Boards are easier to transport and take around than skateboards because they are smaller and lighter. They are simpler to balance, and they are also excellent for novices. Nose vs Tail Skateboards provide quality performance too.

Being boarder and longer than Penny boards, Skateboards give you more stability and control when you’re riding. Since they have a greater surface area to work with, they are also excellent for tricks and acrobatics.

While appearing small, there is a major difference between these two boards. Let’s go over a few elements to clarify how skateboards and Penny boards differ from one another.

Penny Boards

Penny Board vs Skateboard

Similar to how someone may refer to tissues as a “Kleenex,” which is a brand of tissue, “penny board” refers to the style of the skateboard while “penny board” refers to the brand of skateboard.

The penny skateboard is a little, light, small device. It typically only weighs 4 pounds or so and has a maximum length of 22 inches.

Penny boards come in a wide variety of styles and designs and are all composed of extremely durable plastic. Regardless of how many times you crash, bail, or drop the board, it will survive and be used again.

Penny boards work well for the small-ship cruise. The skateboard can be used to get to work and then put away in a rucksack till you skate back home.


Skateboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the word is used to describe everything from Penny boards to longboards and other items. But, when people use this general term, they frequently envision the classic, traditional skateboards made for performing tricks on the streets.

The solid deck of a conventional skateboard is made of wood. Its end is rounded and nearly rectangular. Every end of a typical skateboard has a kicktail, which helps the skater flip the deck into the air.

Penny Board vs Skateboard

Difference Between Penny Board and Skateboard

Both boards have different functions hence, the difference between penny board and the skateboard is given below in detail:

Deck Shape and Size

The most obvious distinction between penny boarding vs skateboarding is the form of the deck. Penny boards are flatter and better suited for cruising around town, whereas skateboard decks are often more curved and concave, which is fantastic for performing tricks.

Skateboard decks typically have a length of 28 to 33 inches and a width of 7.5 to 8.25 inches.

Length and Width of Deck (Penny Board)

The details of the length and width of the penny board skateboard are given below:

TypesLength (inches)Width (inches)
Penny Nickel27”7.4”
Standard Penny22”5.9”
Penny Skateboard32”8.5”

Deck Material

The primary distinction is that Penny boards lack grip tape, making it simple to fall off when riding them. Skateboards, on the other hand, feature grip tape on the decks that makes the board more sticky for your feet.

Penny Boards are products of Penny skateboards, an Australian business founded in 2010 by Ben Mackay. Skateboarding also uses a board of this kind. Yet, it serves a different purpose, which we will explore later, better.

Hard Plastic is used to build the penny board decks. The fact that this plastic flex makes it rather unique. It can be run down and it will revert to its former form.

The majority of skateboard decks are constructed from 7 ply maple plywood. To make the deck smooth and sturdy polyurethane is applied to its surface.

Penny Board vs Skateboard


Skateboard bearings are made with a sturdy design. The substance is top-notch stainless steel. The bearings are made of a substance that withstands your weight without soon disintegrating.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say regarding Penny boards’ bearings. Titanium, steel, and ceramic are the frequently used materials for this Penny board component. The majority of manufacturers don’t prioritize Penny-bearing quality to cut costs. They might not be as powerful as ones of the ordinary variety because of this.


There are significant differences between penny board trucks and skateboard trucks. The hanger and baseplate are the two parts that each of their trucks has. The wheels and bearings are firmly fastened to the trucks.

With penny boards, there are two truck sizes available: 3 inches and 4 inches. The 3-inch and 4-inch sizes are intended for 22- and 27-inch boards, respectively.

Skateboard trucks, for instance, have heavier, more durable, and cast aluminum construction, which increases their stability at faster speeds. Because it is lighter and easier to drive, a penny board truck is better suited for making sharp turns.

Moreover, compared to penny board trucks, skateboard trucks have a larger turning radius.


Urethane is the material used to make skateboard wheels. The diameter of each wheel ranges from 49 to 75mm. Wheels made of plastic and polyurethane are available from Penny boards.

Each wheel ranges from 59 to 69 millimeters. Penny boards have larger wheels than standard skateboards. Penny boards can go quickly thanks to their larger wheels. With the wheelset of skateboards, gaining high speed could be challenging.

The Penny wheels, on the other hand, are challenging to handle as they roll faster. Skateboard wheels move more slowly than other wheels, but they provide a smooth ride and are simple to maneuver.

BasisWheels of Penny BoardSkateboard Wheels
Diameter of wheels59mm – 69mm55mm – 59mm
Durometer of wheels 83a (Soft)95a – 101a (Hard)
PurposeCruisingTricks, Street Skating
GripMore GrippyLess Grippy

Performance of Penny Board vs Skateboard

The details about the performance of penny skate board and Skateboard is given below:

WeightPenny size boards. This kind of board does not contain a lot of metallic components. The majority of penny items’ components are made of plastic and polyurethane.
Stability Skateboards with smaller wheels are easier to manage but do not support fast riding. The Penny boards plastic deck, on the other hand, might not be able to sustain extreme weight.
DurabilityWhereas one Skateboard is made of wood, the main part of a penny board, the deck, is only comprised of plastic More so than Penny boards, the bearing construction of skateboard is another area of emphasis for manufacturers.
Price RangeA penny is less expensive than a skateboard.Penny: $20-$100Skateboard: $30-$200

Which is Better, Penny Board vs Skateboard

Your age, body size, level, and the objective of the usage time all factor into the response. The Penny board is a good purchase if you shop for young children. On the other hand, if you’re an adult or an adolescent, get a normal skateboard.

Penny boards and skateboards are both suitable for beginners. At skate parks, you can utilize them to learn skateboarding.

The materials used to make skateboards are often superior to those used to make penny boards, so they will last longer and perform better.

Penny boards are built of weaker, less durable materials than skateboards. This implies that even if you ride them hard, they’ll last longer.

Conversely, Skateboards are less likely to break than penny boards. They can’t withstand as much wear and tear because they are composed of inferior, less expensive materials.

Pros and Cons of Penny Board and Skateboard

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of both boards which help you to decide which one is of your type.

Pros of Skateboard

  • Skateboard’s substance encourages stability and toughness.
  • You can pull out sophisticated tricks.
  • You can pick from a large selection that comes in various sizes and colors.
  • Skateboards are faster and more adept at handling downhill riding.

Cons of Skateboard

  • You run the risk of tearing your shoes while doing complex maneuvers.
  • If you are vigilant, there are greater risks.

Pros of Penny Board

  • It’s beneficial for kids to understand the fundamentals of skateboarding.
  • Portable, lightweight, and small.
  • Excellent for cruising and commuting.
  • Usually affordable


  • Not suitable for trick playing.
  • They are not very stable.

Ease of Learning

It’s advisable to start with a skateboard if you want to learn any tricks. With a skateboard, tricks are far more difficult to execute. But if you learn to ride on a skateboard, switching to a penny board is rather simple.

Penny boards are a little more challenging to balance due to their smaller size. Also, it is more difficult to control and balance flexible plastic. Most people who ride penny boards are skilled skateboarders who want to use them to move around the town quickly.

Characteristics of Penny Board and Skateboard

The penny boards, as you can see, are smaller than the majority of skateboards. Also, they are lighter than skateboards because they are composed of plastic.

Penny boards come in a variety of colors. As penny boards are made of plastic, you may easily modify them and pick the color you desire. Overall, a penny board is portable because it is tiny enough to fit in your backpack and is easy to transport.

A skateboard, as opposed to a penny board, is composed of durable wood. Also, the majority of skateboards have longer, larger trucks. It also comes in a variety of hues and patterns.


We thoroughly compared every aspect of the two types of boards. A smaller board, such as the penny style, is best for a tiny skater. On the other hand, the enormous size of typical skateboards would most likely excite you if you are a skilled skater who frequently performs fantastic feats.

Now it’s your chance to think about and choose the kind of skateboard that best suits your needs. I hope that this article helps you to get all your queries clear about penny board vs skateboard.


Which One is Safer Skateboard or Penny Board?

Penny boards are not recommended for trucks, cruising, or carving down hills. They are also uncomfortable to push over long distances and dangerous when traveling at higher speeds. You would be better off acquiring a longboard or a skateboard instead of a penny board in any of those scenarios.

What is a Penny Board’s Advantage?

Penny Boards aren’t horrible, they just are not as adaptable as a longboard or a skateboard for mobility. Penny Boards are handy because they are tiny enough to put in a rucksack and are suitable for riding on flat terrain in crowded situations (hills can be problematic).

How Come Penny Skateboards are So Well-Liked?

Due to its ease of storage in a rucksack, penny boards have long been a favorite among students and have continued to be a popular option for young people.

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