Which Way do Trucks Face on a Skateboard 2023 | Placement & Direction

Which Way do Trucks Face on a Skateboard

Are you putting your skateboard together? You might find the skateboard trucks on board to be the most perplexing of its many parts.  In this article, we will give you a piece of information about how do trucks go on a skateboard.

Smooth rides will be guaranteed if you are familiar with how to attach each component of the skateboard, and you will eventually be able to adjust its settings.

Continue reading if you want to learn which way do trucks face on a skateboard.

Which Way do Trucks Face on a Skateboard

Which way do Trucks go on a Skateboard

The Kingpins and bushings should be allowed to face each other inward due to the direction of the skateboard truck. Kingpins are bolts that join the baseplate and hanger.

Rubber rings commonly referred to as bushings, surround kingpins. If you want to learn which way do trucks face on a skateboard, you must have to follow these instructions.

Use a skate tool to gently install the truck if you have one. Put the nuts on the screws once the screws have been inserted through the board holes, and then carefully tighten them with a wrench or skate tool.

Following that, skate around for a while and then modify the position of your skateboard truck properly. You might need to tweak the screws and the kingpin if they can not turn freely.

By doing this, you can explore until you find the skateboard truck direction and movement that you prefer.

Considerations for Selecting Trucks

 Now that you know which way a skateboard’s truck face, you may take into account the following information regarding these components, especially when choosing the truck size that is right for your board and wheels.

We will go through truck maintenance strategies for long-term use.

Size of Truck

You have a variety of truck options to select from, so try to look at the product chart for each brand to see what size is best for your board. Simply check to see whether your axles are the same width as your skateboard to see if the positioning of your skateboard truck is best for your preferences.

It will provide you good stability if the trucks are 0.5-1.0 cm wider than they should be; these trucks are made specifically for high-speed cruising.

Conversely, if your skateboard truck is narrower than your deck, it will become less stable when it comes to balancing but more effective when it comes to navigating.

Provide Maintenance

Which Way do Trucks Face on a Skateboard

The truck is the most resilient component of the skateboard, and it typically lasts between two and ten years before needing to be replaced. 

Even though skateboard trucks are highly durable, they occasionally need to be properly maintained in order to guarantee your safety and mobility.

Due to the fact that they bear the majority of the pressure, pivot cups and bushings are frequently prone to tearing and wear. It is important to regularly check your pivot cups and bushing to make sure there are no signs of cracking.

Also, you can use lubricants to shield your trucks from corrosion and rust. Therefore it is advisable to remove the rusted pieces as soon as corrosion is found.

Longboard Truck Placement

 You must determine truck placement if you need to assemble a longboard, install a new truck into a deck, or even order replacement trucks

One of two TRUCK mounting hole standards, or both, are adopted by all longboard and skateboard deck manufacturers:

Patterns From the Old Schools

There are 2.5’’ between holes along the deck’s length and 1.625’’ between holes along its breadth. The holes are spaced 2.125 inches apart lengthwise and 1.6 inches apart widthwise; This pattern was adopted by all skateboard truck manufacturers in the 70s.

The Pattern of the New School

The holes in the New School pattern are separated by 1.625 inches along the width axis and 2.125 inches along the length. When tail slides and pool tricks gained popularity in the 1980s, the industry shifted the outside bolts 3/8′′ inside to prevent hardware snags, and the New School mounting pattern became the norm.

You can only use specific longboard trucks or “vintage” street trucks with some re-edition longboard decks since they only have the Old School pattern. Although many longboard trucks adopt the New School standard, several feature additional holes (such as six or eight) to meet both patterns and enable wheelbase modifications.

Which Way do Trucks Face on a Skateboard

Placement and Wheelbase of the Truck

 The truck placement you select will define the wheelbase, which is the distance between your trucks, If your deck uses both old school and new school mount hole standards, i.e. it has a 6 or 8-hole pattern.

The size of the longboard’s wheelbase is a crucial component that influences how it rides; typically, this information is listed alongside the longboard’s length and breadth.

Wheelbite, board flex, and weight distribution can all be changed by changing the truck placement from one set of holes to another. As the turn radius of the board gets smaller with a shorter wheelbase, you normally have a greater turn. The wheelbase could be shortened to lessen the flex of the board.


If you take care of your skateboard properly, it will last you for many years. Moreover, keep in mind that your trucks must be correctly positioned and facing inwards. When assembling your skateboard trucks on board if you want to maintain your stability and mobility.

Do you know which way do trucks face on a skateboard and all the important details to take into account? If you enjoyed the article about which way do trucks face on a skateboard spread this to your skater friends.


On a Skateboard, does it Matter Which Way you Face?

Your deck can be used in either direction if its nose and tail are similar. But if you always skate with one end front, the deck, trucks, and bushings will all deteriorate in that direction.

A Skateboard has a Front and Back Truck, Right?

 The front truck and the back truck are typically found on a skateboard. The steering is done by the front truck, which is located at the front of the board. The back truck, which is located at the back of the board, aids in maintaining balance while skating.

Which way do Trucks Face on a Skateboard?

The short answer is Kingpin, which is the fundamental rule to keep in mind at all times. When looking down at your board, your truck hangers on the nose and tail should be pointing outwards, and both of your truck kingpins ought to be facing each other. Your trucks won’t operate and turn together in any other manner than this.

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