How to Tighten the Trucks on a Skateboard With & Without tools

how to tighten the trucks on a skateboard

The metal axles in the front and back of your board that supports the wheels are known as trucks. They must be routinely tightened because they gradually become loose. In this article, you will find your answer on how to draw trucks on a skateboard. How to tighten the trucks on a skateboard? This article will give you the answer of this question.

A board with properly fastened trucks will ride smoother and cleaner and be better suited to your turning style. They also help you maintain your equilibrium. Learning to tighten your trucks is crucial if you use your board frequently. How to draw the trucks on a skateboard? This question has a variety of answers.

The trucks might not be configured for you right out of the box, even if you have selected the correct size board. Everyone has different shoe sizes and weights, and even your preferred riding style may impact how you set your trucks. how to tighten

In some configurations, the bushings (the rubber discs in the trucks may be softer than in others). How to tighten the trucks on a skateboard? Have significant answers given below.

Best Skateboard Tools:

The greatest skateboard tool is a skateboard tool that is affordable, effective, and lightweight. The truth is that this instrument won’t endure much use and abuse over its lifespan, the materials used to create it are inexpensive, and there is no good need to spend a lot of money on it. Simply put, you probably won’t ever replace it.

The following are the best tools used for Skateboards:

  • Skate tool by Lorje
  • Tool for independent skateboarding
  • Skate Tool by Paris Truck Co.
  • The tools used for tightening trucks are:
  • Socket A9/16
  • Crescent wrench 9/16
Best skateboard tools and brands

 Making Loose Trucks Fixed ( Method 1)

Here is the first method of how to tighten the trucks on a skateboard.

Grab a board you like, turn it over, then tilt the truck back and forth to test the trucks:

Spending on how tightly the trucks are packed, the wheels will tilt in either direction. Test the tightness on a board you like ( or a friend’s board) and attempt to recreate it on your own. How tightly they are cinched determines how much they sway right and leave.

To Tighten or loosen the large nut in the center of the truck, use a skate tool or practical Tool:

The tightness of the trucks is regulated by the lone bolt. It is located between the wheels and, when skating, points directly down.

To get tighter turning, spin it anticlockwise to tighten the trucks.

To get gentler turning, the anticlockwise rotation will loosen the trucks.

Even a small amount of turning can have a significant impact, be sure to tighten the trucks in very modest steps.

Test your trucks by going for a ride:

You will need more than just tightening the trucks to get you to the skate park. After tightening, ride about and practice some basic skating, turns and ollies. Keep in mind that there is no correct tightness, you must determine what is effective for you.

Bring your Tool along for your first few rides:

This helps you to test it out and make quick modifications. After a long day of riding, you can see all the benefits and drawbacks of your new truck setup.

However, it does not follow that you must remain in your setup all day. A skateboarding tool is portable and lightweight. Bring it along and make any necessary modifications.

The Kingpin is the nut that holds the trucks in place. A locking nylon strip, a strip of nylon with a flat top, should always be present. The loving nylon won’t be connected if the nut is higher than the Kingpin; as a result, the truck will eventually become free and disassemble while you are riding.

Adjust Skateboard Trucks

Be aware that one’s preference will determine how tight should longboard trucks be? 

 There is no ideal amount to tighten your trucks, in the end. The harder it is to turn the board, the tighter you have to turn the trucks. If you ride too loosely, you won’t feel stable, and your turns will be broad and challenging to manage. 

Your optimal tightness, which lies halfway between these two extremes, depends on your personal preferences and style. Fortunately, there is a wide range of rideable tightness; this is not complicated.

Adjusting your Trucks Further (Method 2)

Adjusting your bushing packing to match your skating style:

Bushings can be arranged freely or tightly; the former configuration increases turning, and the layer decreases it. You can achieve the same results by replacing the bushings entirely because tightening your trucks actually compressed the bushings.

Although not challenging, many skaters opt to have this done at a nearby skate shop out of convenience.

Attempt a different truck brand:

Different Truck Brands

Every truck manufacturer has unique specifications and designs; therefore not all trucks are created equal. Although a lot of it comes down to trying out various boards and figuring out what you want, there are several factors to take into account for all trucks:

  • High or Low Kingpin:

For grinds, manuals, and other tricks, higher pins work best. The optimal kingpin position for popping ollies and kickflips is lowered.

  • Wider Wheels:

The majority of wheels are conventional, but bigger riders may choose wider trucks since they more evenly distribute the extra weight for improved handling.

Do you know the top skateboard truck brands

Do You Know???

The top 5 truck brands are; Independent Trucks, Thunder Trucks, Tensor Trucks, Venture, Krux Trucks

What if, after adjusting the trucks, they are still too stiff or loose:

Your Skateboard may have inexpensive parts. Try switching out the bushings for a set that is harder or softer. Sometimes the bushings, unless expensive completes are manufactured from plastic rather than rubber to save money.

Replace them quite its simple to do and then try cutting again around a slalom course. To avoid buying a junk skateboard, we usually advise spending $40.

How to Loosen/ Tighten Trucks on Skateboard without Tool:

 Consider it a sign that your skateboards wheel bearings need to be adjusted if it makes a grinding noise or spins jerkily. You can do this by either adjusting the wheel bearings tightness or looseness. It won’t be simple, though, because you rarely have the necessary instruments on hand.

You will learn to remove skateboard wheels without using any tools in this article. Therefore you will find it straightforward to alter your Skateboard whenever you choose.

The wheels of your Skateboard need to be correctly fastened in order for them to rotate freely. Keep the wheels from being too loose to be on the safe side. To determine if you need to tighten or loosen skateboard wheels to turn, try flicking the wheel as hard as you can.

You need to loosen the nuts on your skateboard wheel if it does not spin out of control or stop abruptly. On the other hand, if your wheel wiggles and spins excessively, you should slightly tighten it.

Only use your preferred Tool to gently loosen the nut. Then, rotate it in the opposite direction of clockwise.

Check to see whether it stops abruptly by slicking it. Repeat this process until all of the wheels can move freely.

Go back and tighten it up a little if you overdo it and a wheel starts to wiggle. You just need to locate the right hit.

Tighten and loosen the longboard:

 Almost all longboards will concur that excessively tight trucks are not very enjoyable. And what’s more, they might even be harmful. The freedom of using a large skateboard is the essence of longboarding. Signature longboard movements include enormous carves down newly paved country downhills, tight or winding spins through town, and other tricks that call for loose trucks.

Trucks with tight cargo:

Tick Tocking through a turn is possible on skateboards with tight trucks. Longboards don’t tic tac quite as smoothly because of their size. The best strategy is to lean into a turn.

Tight turns are impossible with tight trucks. Expert lonboiards who slide are also hugely popular. Simply put, sliding with tight trucks is impossible.

Your first instinct might be to tighten the trucks if your board feels squirrely. It’s time to get some harder bushings. So that problem is solved.

Loosen Trucks:

Longboarding is synonymous with loose trucks. But do not go too crazy. When you initially start off, the trucks should be as slack as you feel comfortable with. When adjusting your trucks, be careful not to crush the blushing’s.

Once you are at ease with your board, slightly loosen your trucks so that they are uncomfortable. You will be forced to master your balance, for starters. Additionally, it will enable you to quickly turn in an emergency.

Trucks for Skateboards: Tight vs. Loose

Should I keep my vehicles tight or loose? That’s a question that skateboarding newbies regularly ask. Problematically, no place seems to have a single obvious solution.

Some individuals feel that tighter trucks provide them with greater control, stability, and an all round superior riding experience. However, the proponents of “keep your vehicles loose” have a different viewpoint. They claim that trucks that are sufficient slack enable for better craving and turns as well as smoother rides.

Here is the issue though. Even slightly tighter set trucks do not always perform better than looser ones, and the opposite is also true. However, there are various circumstances in which you will wish to maintain tighter or looser vehicle securing.


Tightening your skateboard trucks is quite simple and easy. If you have a skate tool and are familiar with it. The trucks should be easy to tighten if you follow the guidelines mentioned above.

Skateboard truck adjustment is very important. You can adjust your skates while skating with the Tool if you are a beginner. When you have made a few adjustments, you will know how much tightness feels good for you. 

Furthermore, imagine yourself as a novice who is unclear of whether to ride a loose or tight truck. To determine which is best, you should ride both in such scenario. Hope you will get your answer of how to tighten the trucks on a Skateboard.


Should I tighten the trucks on my Skateboard?

They must be constantly tightened because they gradually get loose. A board that has properly fastened trucks will ride smoother and cleaner and will ride smoother and cleaner and will be better suited to your turning style.

Do tight or loose trucks perform better?

Your vehicles should be more closely spaced the faster you plan to ride. Tight trucks give drivers more stability at faster speeds, lowering the likelihood of experiencing the dreaded speed wobbles. Consider tightening your trucks for safety’s sake if you are planning to ride downhill or use a vert ramp.

What equipment is required to tighten trucks?

The wrench is the ideal skateboard tool for tightening the trucks. It is simple to tighten or loosen the axle nuts as necessary because the wrench is made to fit perfectly onto them.

How to tighten the trucks on a Skateboard with tools?

Get a skate tool or a spanner, and adjust the Kingpin to adjust the skateboard trucks. The Kingpin is the truck’s biggest nut. Turn anticlockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten. Every time, your trucks about a quarter turn.

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