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Tensor Skateboard Trucks

Professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen established and created Tensor Skateboard Trucks, a manufacturer of skating trucks, in 2000. The parent organisation of Tensor is Dwindle Distribution. The company produces trucks in three different heights (lo, mid, and hi) that are made for various wheel diameters; the hi is made for wheels with a diameter of 58mm or less, the mid for wheels with a diameter of 54mm or less, and the lo for wheels with a diameter of 52mm or less. For design elements used in Tensors, Mullen is the owner of US Patent. The trucks made by Tensor are produced in China.


In an interview from 2010, Mullen outlined the brand’s beginnings. “To simply construct another truck Independent Truck Co. didn’t seem right in my opinion.How could I approach it differently, I wondered. Flip tricks setting up your feet and landing were how I would make it easier for you to accomplish such taska. Because it will help me, I wanted to design a vehicle that doesn’t turn very well. That other truck is already there if you want it. I don’t think mimicking someone else will earn me a place in society. Being a part of something greater has always been the value that kstaing has provided for me.”

There are other truck skateboard truck brands that be considered as good alternate of this brand. The best example is the Krux Skateboard Trucks brand.

Tensor Skateboard Trucks Team:

The team for Tensor Skateboard Trucks as of August 2014 includes:

  • Theo Fisher
  • Ortiz, Felipe
  • Mr. Joey Brezinski
  • Robert Mullen
  • Bassett, Zered
  • Manny Salvatore Daewon Song
  • Brophy, Andrew
  • John Rogers

Several prominent ex-team members are Chris Cole, Chris Haslam, Kanten Russell, Ronnie Creager, Enrique Lorenzo, founder, Gailea Momolu, Dave Mayhew, Ryan Sheckler,and Jake Duncombe.

Tensor skate trucks

Key design features:

The key features of tensor Skateboard trucks are given below in detail:

Slider Baseplate:

Except for the Response model, the polymer base plate slider is the most noticeable component on the Tensor truck. The nose and tail slides on trucks can cause baseplate wear. It claims to glide more smoothly than regular aluminium baseplates and is interchangeable.

Bushings that lock together:

In order to stablize the truck, Tensor bushings use a patented design with a flange on the bottom bushing that links to the top bushing.

Nibs for Baseplate:

Tensor Skateboard  trucks include four teeth on each base plate that are intended to sink into the board and stop the truck from shifting when the mounting hardware becomes free.

Kings of the buttocks:

With machined splines to keep it from rotating in the baseplate, Tensor used a grade 8 buttonhead kingpin. The hex kingpin, the previous industry standard, weighs more than buttonhead. Buttonhead kingpins have since been employed by Independent, Thunder, Venture, Krux, Fury and Destructo.

Tensor low/ regular Review:

The removable base plate slider is not present in the updated version of the traditional Tensor design in an effort to lighten it. Although the Tensor’s classic shape is saddened by the loss of this distinctive marketing element, the weight savings are welcome.

There are alternatives to fit your preferred wheel size, available in regular and Lo. version. They have a simple aluminium finish and are the Tensor Truck with a lower price point. These would be a great option for skaters on a tight budget.

Tensor MAGLIGHTS Regular/ Low Review:

The MAGLIGHTs from Tensor are an improvement in engineering and design for the skateboard truck that promise to be 29% lighter than the industry standard truck.

They come in low and regular versions, with the lows being significantly lighter.

The use of superlight magnesium results in materials that are lighter while still providing smooth grinding and quick turning qualities for which tensors were not previously known.

These are a fantastic option for every style of skater thanks to a hollow axle and kingpin that contribute to significant weight savings.

Tensor Truck Sizes:

The various truck sizes of tensor are given below:

Axle Length:


Suggested Deck Width:

5.07.3’’ – 7.75’’
5.257.75’’- 8.125’’
5.58.125’’-  8.38’’
5.758.38’’- 8.6’’
6.08.6’’ +


You really can’t go wrong with tensor Skateboard Trucks if you’re seeking for some of the lightest skateboard Trucks on the market, from a reputable company, supported by the innovative skills of famed professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen and s lifetime return to manufacturer guarantee.


When were Tensor Trucks released?

Professional Skateboarder Rodney Mullen founded Tensor Trucks in November 1999 to create products that are specifically tailored to the technical requirements of contemporary skateboarders.

What materials do tensor trucks consist of?

Magnesium is used in the construction of the Tensor Maglight vehicles, making them incredibly light and easy to grind.

Are Tensor Trucks robust?

Compared to an aluminium made standard truck, the base plates and axle on a magnesium truck deteriorate more quickly. Tensor Mag light trucks will last you 10% to 15% less time if you scrape ledges frequently than an Independent or similar aluminium skate truck would.

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