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Bullet Skateboard Trucks

The trucks on Bullet Skateboards are well-built, turn nicely, and grind reasonably well. They have a nice design and are medium weight. For riders of average build, 88A bushings are ideal, and the soft pivot cups go well with them. 

Each component is of a high calibre. Personally, I added Krux inverted hollow kingpins and 78A Independent bushings in their stead. On the skatepark’s metal coping, for transition and flatground, I prefer these the most. A a you might want to pay more for Independents if you work with wide gaps, tall staircases, or harsh concrete grinding.


Bullet trucks originally manufactured safety equipment but has subsequently expanded into the trucks and accessory industries. Bullet likes to stick with a clean, minimalist aesthetic for its products, using just solid colours and no graphics. If you are looking for some other brands we recommend you to have a look at the Tensor Trucks Brand.

High grade axles on bullet Skateboard trucks are rigid and won’t bend or slip. Every time, their trucks enable an extremely smooth ride.

They take great delight in producing inexpensive goods of excellent quality. Which is ideal for anyone who wants to skateboard but doesn’t want to spend the money on the best trucks and equipment.

Bullet Skateboard Trucks Review:

Axels on Bullet skateboard trucks are of the highest quality and won’t bend or slip. It’s always a smooth ride in a bullet truck! The 4.25″ hanger and 6.9″ axle on these silver Bullet Skateboard trucks are measurements. The most dependable trucks on the market are known as bullet skateboard trucks, and they won’t let you down.

These are excellent trucks. You should get two of these trucks right away. Unlike some other trucks, the bullet trucks turn great, last a long time, grind quickly and have excellent bushings that don’t break or shatter the trucks as a whole. They do cost a little more than other trucks, but that is the only drawback.

Size of the Trucks:

No matter what size vehicle you require, these trucks can accommodate your needs. In many instances, we enjoy trucks but find that when we choose a size, they have a cap, which is extremely odd. 

With these trucks, however, every size is accessible, allowing you to decide in accordance with the width of your deck. The fact that these Trucks come in a range of truck widths is their strongest feature. 


If you prefer to add trendy trucks to your board. Design Bullet Skateboard trucks will satisfy you. These trucks are special because they have non-slip axles and high quality cast straight wing hangers.


For tricks and skateparks, a light-weight truck is necessary because the skateboard as a whole should be as light as possible. These trucks are lighter than other trucks, but not by as much. The majority of the time, Bullet trucks are not the lightest vehicles.

The smallest and lights trucks weigh about 10.9 oz, while the heaviest weigh about 12.77 oz.


A product must be produced using high-quality materials if it is to be long-lasting and sturdy. It doesn’t matter how costly and loaded with features your trucks are. They won’t last if they’re not built of high-quality materials.

Best Bullet Trucks:

There are various types of the bullet Skateboard trucks. But some of best from them are given below

  • Bullet Skate trucks 130mm polished skateboard trucks
  • Bullet Skate trucks 130mm black skateboard trucks
  • Bullet skate trucks 110mm silver skateboard trucks
  • Bullet skate trucks 130mm Red skateboard trucks
  • Bullet skate trucks 120mm silver skateboard trucks
  • Bullet skate trucks 130mm blue skateboard trucks


You have just finished reading the Bullet trucks and buying advice. We appreciate you reading this article and hope it in giving you the thorough review you sought. These trucks are great in quality if you want to purchase them.


Do bullet trucks work well?

Among the many truck brands in this category, Bullet is a trustworthy brand that sells high-quality, long-lasting trucks at a reasonable cost. Regardless of your skill level, this truck will serve you well.

What is the weight of bullet trucks?

Although these trucks are light, they are a bit heavier when compared to some other well-known models. The lightest and heaviest Bullet trucks weigh roughly 10.9 oz and 12.77 oz, respectively.

Are bullet trucks good?

If you are tight on budget then bullet trucks can a great option but if you have enough to spend on a long lasting product then Independent or Thunder trucks will be better to go with. These trucks can save you about 40$ which can be an attractive factors for many.

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