Thunder Trucks the Top-Rated Brand for 2023

Thunder Trucks

America made a  division of the renowned Deluxe Distribution business. Thunder Trucks was established in San Francisco in 1986. Thunder is preserved and is still a pioneer in the sector. Their trucks are made on-site in San Francisco by Ermico Enterprises.


Thunder, which makes skateboard trucks, is the oldest firm on the Deluxe roster. The lightest and most durable trucks on the market are Thunder skateboard trucks. The lightest materials are used and extra weight is eliminated from the vehicles to make them as light as feasible. This enhances your skateboard’s pop and makes it even more responsive. 

Thunder has not always been a business that led the way in technological advancements. In Santa Cruz, California, a basement served as the company’s first office. When they were first introduced, These trucks were just Independent trucks with punk artwork. They didn’t start creating their own trucks and getting them produced until the trucks gained greater popularity. Still manufactured by the same company as Indies, trucks.

The instant Thunder began producing its own trucks, things progressed quickly. For instance, Thunder was the first company to release a line of profitable pro-model trucks. A few well-known players on the Thunder team are Jamie Thomas, Mark Appleyard, Chris Cole, Rick McCrank, and Ed Templeton. These trucks are currently the most popular trucks worldwide.

Thunder Trucks 148

The Crew of Thunder Trucks

Ed Templeton, Chima Ferguson, Mikey Taylor, Chris Miller, Collin Provost, Chris Cole, Justin Brock, Mark Appleyard, and Neen Williams make up the Thunder crew, according to the organization’s fall/autumn 2012 catalog. However, in 2012, a number of celebrities, including Tom Asta, Kyle Frederick, Ishod Wair, Dane Burman, Zach Miller, Walker Ryan, Mark Suciu, Luis Tolentino, Erik Ellington, Bryan Herman, Ernie Torres, Trevor Colden, Sean Malto, and Alex Perelson, shot advertisements for the company.

Thunder Truck Sizes

Thunder trucks are available in four variant sizes. Detail of each of them is given below:

Thunder 145

For the old-school skinny board crew, these are ideal for boards with a width between 7.4 and 7.9″.

Thunder 147

 The 147 Thunder trucks are ideal for boards with a width between 7.9″ and 8.125″.

Thunder 148

The 148 fits nicely for boards that are between 8.125″ and 8.38″ broad, making it the most popular size for the average board in 2022.

Thunder 149

 The Thunder 149 is the ideal truck size for wider boards that measure between 8.38″ and 8.62″ in width, offering stability for a larger board.


While all of the different designs of these trucks are quite similar, there are a few important distinctions that help to distinguish them. We’ll go over these distinctions in more detail below to help you narrow down your options:

Thunder Team Editions

 The Team editions have superior-grade kingpins that won’t wear down within a week, making it impossible to loosen your trucks. The trucks are designed in the traditional Thunder style and shape. They offer quick turn geometry and are 50mm in axel height, in addition to being lightweight and incredibly sensitive. an age-old mainstay for every board.

Thunder Lights

 Thunder Lights are a lighter-weight update to the traditional Thunder Team Trucks. They have hollow premium kingpins that are still incredibly durable but much lighter than a typical kingpin. The Thunder Lights are also substantially lighter than the usual truck without sacrificing quality because of their 49mm axel height and aluminum baseplate.


I advise you to try Thunder Hollow Lights if you’re seeking to buy new trucks, especially if you want to try something lightweight.

The Polished Thunder Hollow Lights 149s are fantastic skateboard trucks, and I am really digging them. They provide me with the performance I’m looking for in a skateboard truck. Despite being relatively light, they are durable. They are quite stable, have responsive and smooth turning, and provide a very comfortable ride.


 Are Thunder Trucks Stable?

Connoisseurs frequently favor these trucks. They are a little bit more stable than Indys since they have a slightly bigger turning radius.

What Materials Makeup Thunder Trucks?

Thunder skateboard trucks offer an incredibly quick turning response and are made of sturdy titanium. Their vehicles are quite stable and will last for a very long time! Use Thunder skateboard bushings to give your trucks more flexibility.

What Components Comprise Thunder Trucks?

Thunder skateboard trucks are composed of dependable titanium and provide an incredibly rapid turning reaction. Their vehicles are remarkably stable and have a very long lifespan. Use Thunder skateboard bushings to increase the flexibility of your trucks.

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