Best Cheap Skateboard Trucks to Choose the Affordable One 2023

Best Cheap Skateboard Trucks

Trucks join the wheels to the deck and are regarded as the skateboard’s heart and soul. You can not travel very far without trucks. The price of trucks depends on the pair’s brand, material, kind, height, and quality.

When choosing cheap skateboard trucks, there are a few factors to consider.

Here are some of the best options on the market right now. For guidance on selecting the best cheap skateboard trucks for your board, continue reading.

Best affordable skateboard trucks:

The best cheap skateboard trucks are given below, they are not only cheap but their performance is also good. So let’s discuss those trucks. If you can afford more reliable skate trucks then read out our complete review on the Best Skateboard Trucks.

CCS Skateboard Trucks (Best Budget Skateboard Trucks)

[CCS] Skateboard Trucks Black

This skateboard truck is taller to provide the skater with better clearance. A variety of sizes are also available, making it even more convenient.

  • Lightweight
  • Budgeted
  • Different sizes

It’s okay if our pocketbook occasionally appears to be underfunded. But that shouldn’t prevent us from skating. Here is my assessment of one of the best inexpensive skateboard trucks for those days when money is tight.

Although having a tough exterior, one of those vehicles appears to be highly lightweight when performing feats. In light of this, this alternative sounds like a lifesaver if you need more preparation to handle larger boards.

These are good trucks, I’ve had them for a month and haven’t encountered any issues; they turn too well. I wish they had harder bushings because I have them tight, but that’s just me; I enjoy the trucks.

This skateboard truck is taller to provide the skater with better clearance. A variety of sizes are also available, making it even more convenient.

Also, the axles guarantee that you won’t experience any sliding when executing stunts.

Furthermore, the axles prevent any slipping while performing tricks. Thus, selecting this truck sounds like a terrific deal for the highest level of safety.

So yes, this skateboard truck is appropriate when trying to save money for a high-end model but currently requires something that provides better value.

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent clearance due to the Tall design
  • Available in variant sizes
  • Very affordable
  • The bushings might be too soft

Mini Logo Trucks:

Mini Logo Skateboard Trucks With 91a Bushings

They are equally as inexpensive as CCS trucks. Despite their low pricing, I explicitly emphasized promoting them as high-end.

  • Slightly curved hanger to lock you into grinds
  • Lightweight
  • Beginners friendly

Even though mini logo trucks are not the best, they are one of the better options for riders on a tight budget. They are equally as inexpensive as CCS trucks. These skateboards cheap but good if you won’t afford high-quality trucks.

Because I think Mini Logo trucks have very good quality standards despite their low pricing, I explicitly emphasized promoting them as high-end. Compared to trucks, which are twice as expensive, they are cleaner and more attractively made. Moreover, they are one of the few low-clearance trucks.

Since you won’t be performing any grinds or big ollies. It is a decent option for beginners. These trucks are frequently found on skate one-sold completes and are a part of powell-peralta and skateOne.

The hanger of the trucks has a little bend, or slight camber, which is claimed to make it simpler to lock your grinds. However, most people won’t pay attention.

Be aware that updating your trucks will initially be irritating because you must break in bushings and understand how they behave. Typically, trucks under 8.0″ come with 84A bushings, which are softer; trucks beyond 8.0″ come with 94A bushings, which are rather hard for lightweights.

  • Recommended for beginners 
  • Budget-friendly
  • cheapest skateboard
  •  Bushings could be better


ByBaiz Skateboard Trucks:

ByBaiz Skateboard Trucks

We can not say that these are the cheapest skateboard trucks, but they are the best affordable trucks.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Includes 2 Trucks

Bybaiz is famous for producing top-notch goods that meet the needs of both novice and expert skaters. Its trucks are among the best skating trucks available today since they successfully combine functionality and beauty.

These are awesome trucks all around, having used them for months and finding them to be sturdy, I would suggest them to both beginners and experienced skaters.

We can not say that these are the cheapest skateboard trucks, but they are the best affordable trucks.

Although I debated acquiring the silver variety, I decided against it because I felt the black one gave my board more personality.

The green hemp emblem complements my personality; therefore, I am satisfied with it. It enhances my character.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a green hemp icon
  • The paint might chip after a while


Although your skateboard’s trucks are its most crucial component, you can always modify them and finally replace them once you know what you want.

Sometimes buying skateboard trucks is not possible for skate lovers, so we have discussed some cheapest and best skateboards that everyone can enjoy skating.

I hope this article helps you in buying the best cheap skateboard trucks.


What are the benefits of low skateboard trucks?

Low trucks are typically used for technical skating since the wheels are positioned closer to the board, creating a tighter center of gravity that facilitates flip tricks. You should ride wheels with a 48 to 53-mm diameter to prevent wheel bite. Ledge grinds and other “tech” skatepark skating are better suited for low trucks.

What is the opinion about according to best cheap skateboard trucks reddit reviews?

A person on Reddit commented that hollow is more expensive, whereas titanium is more expensive, and Mini logo trucks are the best option.

Are Trucks that are lighter better?

For instance, lighter trucks are preferable for street skating and flip tricks, and larger trucks for vert skating and grinding. Ask a skate for help if you are still determining which weight suits you.

How long do cheap blank skateboard decks last?

Skateboard decks typically last two to four years, depending on their quality and owner usage. If you give your blank deck enough attention and care, you can still extend its useful life.

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