DGK Wheels Street Formula 52mm and Other Sizes 2023

DGK Wheels

Am american firm called Dirty Ghetto Kids makes skateboards and clothes. The Kayo Corp, a collaboration started by The Kayo Corp’s Stieve Williams and Troy Morgan, distributes the brand.

FounderStieve Williams
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California
Area servedWorld Wide
Key peopleStieve Williams, Josh, kalls, Marous McBride
productsSkateboard hardware and apparel
ownersStieve Williams, Troy Morgan
parentThe Kayo corp


Williams stated in 2012 that the idea for DGK “really came out of nowhere” in the “Est.” section of the Berrics website. He added that the business was based on the Gold skateboard wheels brand that he co-owned with his close friend Eli Soto. 

Williams said in the interview that he “didn’t really second-guess” because it was what he “really wanted to do” and that the moniker “Dirty Ghetto Kids” came to him very quickly. Williams also said that he purposefully established a brand that was distinct from the pre-launch assumptions, such as the rumour that he would only hire African-American skateboarders.

Josh kails, a personal friend and fellow skateboarder of williams, was hired, according to a september 2009 announcement. Williams and kalis skated together in the 1990s in philadelphia, united states at the Love park site.

Kalis was formerly associated with the Allien workshop brand. With william strobeck, kalis and williams frequently shot films.

In July 2014, Boo Johnson and Marquise Henry were introduced as the DGK team’s newest professionals. On july 18, 2014 a video celebrating their new status was made available. It was hailed as one of the year’s top video.

DGK Wheels


The professional team of DGK wheels who skated on it are given below:

  • Stevie williams
  • Dane Vaughn
  • Josh Kalis
  • John Sanahan
  • Marcus McBride
  • Chaz Ortiz
  • Boo Johnson
  • Kevin Bilyeu

DGK Wheels

There are many wheels produced by DGK. Where some of the best DGK wheels are given below:

  • DGK strength 52mm 101a skateboard wheels
  • DGK skateboard wheels 53mm tuner white 
  • DGK spacey 53mm 101a wheels
  • DGK swirl formula wheels 53mm
  • DGK Street formula skateboard wheels
  • DGK skateboard Wheels grand 52mm
  • DGK Swirl formula green 52mm

DGK Wheels Review

Even if the graphics of Dirty Ghetto Kids fade quickly when moving, this is one aspect I adore. Stevie Williams started DGK in 2002, and they quickly gained notoriety. I have one of their Bruce Lee limited edition cards, and it will remain on my wall.

The skateboard wheels that DGK sells aren’t the best, but they’re also not the worst you can find. Harder wheels (101A) with a diameter ranging from 48mm to 54mm are available from DGK wheels and are designed for street and park skating.

The broader shape of their wheels is its finest feature. Similar to orbs wheels. DGK wheels have a broader than usual contact patch, which makes them exceptionally stable and a suitable option for street skaters who seek more stability.

For bumby roads, 101A wheel’s aren’t the best skatepark is where they shine. The wheels profile has both flat and round sides. This shoes that inside is greater looking.


This company chooses vehicles from china  which hurts the US economy and their wheels are made there as well. They do make sure to use the components of the proper calibre where creating their circuit boards.

There is space for growth in terms of being more ecologically friendly, but they recycle what they can. Other than that, there is nothing negative to say about DGK skateboards.


What Causes the Speed of Skateboard Wheels?

You may accelerate your skateboard in afew different ways. Make sure your wheels are not worn out as one method. Another method is the guarantee that your bearings are greased and clean. To make your trucks more responsive, try replacing the bushings on them.

How do I know that Wheels on my Skateboard are Good or Not?

Wheels with a durometer grade of 99a and higher are suggested for the majority of street skating. On smooth terrain, harder skate wheels are more responsive, glide more easily and maintain speed better. They are more suitable for popping and flipping tricks since they absorb less energy than their softer sibling.

What do you Call Hard Skateboard Wheels?

Durometers, a unit of measurement for hardness are used to describe skateboard wheels composed of polyurethane. The majority lie between 75 and 104 a. Any wheel between the harness rating of 78a and 90a is refereed to as a soft wheel, while those between 98a and 99a are considered to be in the medium.

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