Destructo Skateboard Trucks A Complete Review 2023

Destructo Skateboard Trucks

A brand of skateboard trucks is called Destructo Skateboard Trucks. Metal axle assemblies placed to the underside of the deck make up a skateboard’s trucks. They support the wheels while allowing the board to rotate.

Aluminium used for use in weapons is used in the construction of Destructo Trucks vehicles. The use of hollow kingpins, a modern innovation they have incorporated into their designs, reduces the weight of the trucks.


Destructo, a skateboarding distributor owned by Giant Distribution and headed by professional skater Arto Saari was established in 1996. Destructo concentrates on making the best skateboard trucks.


The team members of destructo Skateboard trucks includes:

Destructo Trucks size chart

The detail about board and size of  destructo trucks are given below in detail:

5.07.5- 7.75
5.257.75- 8.0
5.58.0- 8.25
5.758.25- 8.5
6.08.5- 8.75


Destructo have attractive trucks and good pinch. The modest pop balances out heavier or steeper decks while also making manuals easier.

Additionally, they have a lot of base plates for slides and are solidly manufactured.These trucks little taper at the end that might lead to unforeseen grinds on some skateparks metal ledges.

The trucks run obviously tightly, which could be a concern for people who want their truck to run loose.

Destructo Skateboard Trucks Review

Trucks with Prices

There are various types of destructo Skateboard trucks. But some of the well knowm destructo trucks with prices are given below:

Vintage Destructo trucks$34.99
Destructo skateboard trucks single$32.00
Destructo 5,75’’ D1 Raw Mid$67.19
Destructo Mid D2 Lite$23.42
Mike valley Destructo trucks$55
Destructo  trucks 5.25’’$16.99
Destructo D1 bastien$54


In 1996, skateboarding distributor Giant Distribution launched Destructo in Los Angeles, California. Although Destructo is a smaller business than independent and tensor, they nevertheless offer high-quality trucks with a lifetime warranty.

They are impervious to bullets. If they ever fall, Destructo will also replace them. Super formula bushings and Pivots that provide a smooth ride, hollow kingpins, smooth weight, and weapon-grade aluminum are used in the construction of Destructo Skateboard trucks.

They have attractive trucks and a good pinch. The modest pop balances out heavier or steeper decks while also making manuals easier. Also, they are solidly constructed and have a lot of slide bases.


What trucks were created by Tony Hawk?

Numerous more techniques were also created by him, such as the gymnast plant, the frontside 530 rodeo flip, Hawk accomplished a feat that had never before been accomplished.

How was the kickflip created?

One of the earliest feats in skateboarding was the kickflip, developed by Curt Lindgren in the 1970s.

Who created the biggest skateboard ever?

The biggest skateboard in the history of the sport was launched on February 25, 2009, by American skateboarders Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia. The board’s dimensions were 37 feet 7 inches long (11.14 metres), 8 feet 8 inches broad (2.63 metres), and 3 feet 7.5 inches high (1.1 metres).

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