Hardest Skateboard Trick 2023 The Impossible Skate Tricks

Hardest Skateboard Trick

Skate tricks also have development levels, similar to how skaters are divided into beginners, intermediate, and professionals. There are abilities suitable for beginners as well as feats that can only be performed by experts.The hardest skateboard tricks may help you to become a professional skater.

As a result, if you have mastered basic and intermediate manoeuvres, you might as well try the trickest skateboard moves to guage your level of competence.

I’ll show you some sophisticated skateboard manoeuvres in this article that you might not have known existed. May we all be inspired to improve as athletes rather than feeling dishearted.

This article help you to get your answer of hardest skateboard trick.

Which trick is the hardest skateboard trick?

The hardest tricks in skateboarding is debatable more than it is objective. I’ve included the hardest skateboard trick in order of difficulty. The hardest skateboard trick helps you to become a professional skater. The hardest skateboard tricks  So the tricks given below are skateboard tricks ranked by difficulty. 

Hard skateboard tricks names:

The hard skateboard tricks name are listed below:

  • Laser flip skateboard
  • Backwards Slide
  • Gazelle flip
  •  Impossible Skateboard Trick
  • A reverse heelflip-720
  • Hardest Skateboard trick 900
  • Thrifty Flip: ( Tre-Flip)
  • Nightmare flip
  • Ollie Trick
Hardest Skateboard Trick

Laser flip skateboard:

laser flip skateboard is a front shuv pop, and 360-degree rotation of the skateboard are all combined in one extremely difficult feat. Your legs must jump high and your back heel must exert enough to pop the board.

It is possible that you won’t comprehended how the skateboard twists and flips in midair if you’re learning about this trick for the first time. This is how it goes down.

1st Step:

Push off on the skateboard while standing on both of your feet.

2nd Step:

Complete a 360-degree shuvit as soon as the board gains the sufficient momentum.

3rd Step:

To rotate the board with your heel, perform a variety of heelflips at the same time. The Skateboard will then flip to finish the 360 degree revolution.

4th Step:

Step onto the board with both feet. 

The Laser Flip is arguably the move on a skateboard that requies the most skill. So, make an effort to practice this skill. So, make an effort to practice this skil gradually and with patience.

Hardest Skateboard Trick

Backwards Slide:

For this trick, we’ll be experimenting with rails and ledges. So, at the park, look for a flat bar, a rall, or a concrete ledge. Let’s pretend that your right foot is in front for the skate of clarity. Take these actions.

1st Step:

Skateboard in a position that is somewhat parallel to the obstacle as you approach the ledge or rail. We will assault the ledge from behind, as opposed to a frontside.

2nd Step:

Pop the skateboard and rotate your body 90 degrees as soon as it gets close to the rail. Bring the deck’s tall onto the platform of the rail.

3rd Step:

Without looking, you will tail slip onto the cliff. Try to maintain your balance both while sliding along the rail and after.

Gazelle flip:

The gazelle flip is one of the hardest skate trick from all skate tricks. The Gazzelle Flip is essentially a Gazelle spin with the addition of a kickflip.

A 540 shoveit with a 360 body varial is known as a gazelle spin. The spin is easier than the Gazelle flip. Similar toa larger flip on steroids, this trick.

If you know how to accomplish this, you are as magnificent as a gazelle.

 Impossible Skateboard Trick:

No, that’s not as literal as it sounds. The skateboard will rotate in a vertical direction as compared to a 360 degree shuvit’s horizontal trajectory. This is the procedure of impossible skate trick.

1st Step:

is to skateboard forward while doing an ollie with your feet. As a result, you put your foot behind the front truck bolts and your back foot rests on the tail.

2nd Step:

 To complete a 360-degree spin, push the skateboard’s tail down with your rear foot. In order for the deck to revolve, lift your front foot up.

3rd Step: 

As soon as your skateboard rotation is complete, find the stepping surface with your feet.

Hardest Skateboard Trick

Hardest Skateboard trick 900:

The hardest skateboard trick 900 Tony Hawk’s is what made him the person he today. This trick involves skaters making 2.5 spins in the air while riding a large halfpipr ramp. To do this ruse:

1st Step:  

Place the skateboard’s one end up against the steel coping in step one. Lean forward while riding the skateboard down the halfpipe.

2nd Step:

Make a turn back to the opposite side of the halfpipe as soon as your skateboard hits the opposite coping.

3rd Step:

Continue the previous steps as manny times as necessary to build up the necessary speed and momentum for a 900.

4th Step:

Two and a half spins on air are necessary for the 900. So, attempt to perform these actions and land safely.

Thrifty Flip: ( Tre-Flip)

The tre flip is hardest skating trick. In this tricks you requires to scoop the board backward, as opposed to a 360 degree front shuvit that allows you to do the opposite. This move combines a kickflip and a 360 degree back shuvit. Here is how to accomplish this somewhat challenging feat on the list.

1st Step: 

Slightly angualte your foot such that it is in the centre of the deck.

2nd Step:

Ride the skateboard in the second step as though you are ready to perform a flip.

3rd Step:

Flick the tail backwards after the skateboard has gained enough momentum.

4th Step:

Remain on your toes until the skateboard has finished its turn in the air.

5th Step:

In the fifth step, plant both of your feet firmly on the stepping surface.

A reverse heelflip-720:

A reverse heelflip is 720 skateboard trick. Heelflip 720s are yet another problematic skateboarding trick.During this trick, the skater performs two full turns at 720 degrees, before doing a heel flip.

Successfully pulling a heelflip during the already intimidating 720-degree turn is the most challenging part of this trick.

 According to skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, performing this stunt comes almost entirely down to luck.

Nightmare flip:

The nightmare flip skateboard is an aerial skateboarding move that is also referred to as nightmare kick flip or nightmare varial flip.

The skateboarder kicks their board to cause it to flip 720 degrees along the board’s long axis. While turning 180 degrees toward the board’s toe edge, essentially combining a double kick flip and a pop shove it. 

Most likely, early skateboarder Rondey Mullen invented it. But it’s also possible that it’s just a different version of one of his tricks that someone else came up with. 

Ollie Trick:

Ollie is the easiest trick from all flat ground skateboard tricks. It is also hard but not gazelle flip. like  The Ollie is the cornerstone of skateboard tricks. These are the linking tricks for all skateboard tricks. A skateboarder should attempt to laern the ollie as soon as they start skating.

The confidence you gain from learning this simple skateboarding trick will help you learn more challenging tricks in the future. The rider’s height and weight have little impact on how easily they can execute the Ollie.

List of Tricks from easiest to hardest:

When we talk about the easiest to hardest skateboard tricks we have to list them. So, the list of tricks from easiest to hardest are given below:

  • One of the hardest trick Ollie
  • Ollie Nose
  • Shove it, pop it
  • Kickflip
  • Gazelle flip
  • Hardflip

These tricks are one of the most hardest tricks that a skateboarder can practice.

List of skateboard tricks easiest to hardest: (For Beginners)

 These are simple skateboard tricks to the hardest tricks. The list of skateboard tricks easiest to hardest are given below.

  S.NoSkateboard tricks
02Nose pivot
03Behind the back No-Looker
04Roll off a Club
05Ghost Ride
06Hippie Jump
08Bunny Hop
09Nose stall
11Skate Sim
12Beginner’s kickflip
14Flatground 360 pivot
15Casper Stall Flip
16Roll up a curb
17Standing Rail Flip
18Throw down Revert
19Beginner’s Boneless

Basic Skateboarding moves:

Some basic skateboarding moves are given below:

Exerting pressure:

You should feel at ease pushing on the board as soon as possible. This involves removing one foot from the board, planting it firmly on the ground, and then putting the foot back on the board to go ahead. 

Your right foot should be the one pressing if you are in a typical posture. It will be your left foot if you are standing awkwardly.

Switch for riding:

Switching your posture on the board is known as riding switch. To ride goofy means to put your right foot front, ride normal means to put your left foot forward, and vice versa. It will feel strange at first as it is not your natural attitude.

It will become much less intimidating with consistent practice and repetition. It is not only a terrific method to rest your main pushing leg, but it is also a definite way to stand out among your peers.

The manual move:

The guidebook is in fact an endlessly useful gift. It is a trick that skaters of all skill levels can enjoy performing. Even experts occasionally manually navigate a parking lot or a sidewalk intersection. You must first set your back foot on the boards tail in order to perform this manoeuvre.

The next step is to put weight on the rear foot and lean back a little. The front wheels will lift off the ground as a result of this action. The manual balance is achieved in the posture.

The pop-up:

This is a trick that will undobtedly give you some style points. Depending on which foot feels most comfortable, you must first take your front or back foot off the board and place it on the ground before performing the pop up.

You need to pop the tail firmly enough for the nose to rise into the air while keeping the other foot on the board. If you are regular, you must catch the board with your left hand; if you are goofy, you must catch it with your right hand.

Turns on the kick:

The kick turn won’t be difficult if you already know how to manual. On level terrain, you must prepare your feet as if you were about to do a manual before doing a kick turn.

From this point on, you should shift your weight to your rear foot. When you are ready, follow the manual’s instructions, but instead turn your head and shoulders in the desired direction.

Start-up on the run: 

Get a running start when you wish to skate vigorously in the direction of an obstacle. Getting a running start is considerably preferable in the near term, even though pushing is a terrific long term technique to pick up speed.

To begin this trick, you must first hold the board’s nose in either your left or right hand, depending on whether you are a normal or goofy surfer.

A tick and a tak:

Skaters of all ability levels can perform the tic tac, a straightforward but addictive trick. A tic tac is fundamentally just a kick turn that goes back and forth.

Contrary to the kick turn, you do not need to make this manoeuvre by turning as sharply and widely. Turns from side to side can be made quickly and easily.

Kick turn fakie:

As the name suggests, the fakie kick turn involves turning while riding in a fakie position. You must first ride at a comfortable pace while in the fakie position before doing a kick turn.

This indicated that you should place your foot on the board’s nose and your back foot around the bolts.


Shuvit is a move that requires the skateboard to turn 180 degrees without the tail popping. In order to perform this trick, the rider must turn the board with the force of their feet and their own momentum.

A skater performing a shuvit stands on the board. While rotating, not even the board’s tail touches the ground.

The Ollie and the Shuvit are fundamentally different from one another in that the ollie involves the rider rotating alongside the skateboard.  Shuvit, on the other side, does not include the rider rotating with the skateboard.

Feeble backside:

The backside feeble is a favorite at skateparks. You need to be proficient at backslide boardslides and backside 50-50s to do this move. A small to medium sized flat bar is the easiest obstacle to perform a backside feeble on.

Approach the rail as through you are about to do a backside 50-50 grind into this grind. Once you have ollied onto the rail and popped your board, place all of your weight on your back foot and slightly adjust the board’s nose to prepare for a backside boardslide by dipping the nose down. This is very interesting move.


These are the only skateboarding maneuvers you need to be aware of. Each one can be practiced and mastered separately. It is not essential to pick up any new skills. 

What matters most is how well you can execute the ones you are familiar with. It is good even if you only know a few skating moves. You can find out more whenever you want.

Learning new skateboarding tricks can also be greatly aided by some of your existing abilities. Hope you get your answer of hardest skateboard tricks.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The advantages and disadvantages of  tricks of skateboarding are:


  • To better integrate the body and mind
  • Boost the skater’s self assurance.
  • Help skater’s stay in shape
  • An opportunity to unwind cons


  • You more vulnerable to injuries
  • It’s difficult to practice
  • You need time for learning and mastering.


What is the hardest skateboard trick?

The gazelle flip is one of the hardest skate tricks from all skate tricks. The Gazelle Flip is essentially a Gazelle spin with the addition of a kickflip. A 540 shove with a 360 body varial is known as a gazelle spin. The spin is easier than the Gazelle flip. Similar to a larger flip on steroids, this trick. If you know how to accomplish this, you are as magnificent as a gazelle.

What does a skateboarding dragon flip entail?

Flips and shove it maneuvers(Riders advanced) dragon flip. A 360 forward flip combines a front foot impossible with a 360 kickflip into one rotation.

Who rode a skateboard to land the skateboarding 1440?

Although Shaun white has won four gold medals at the Olympics, they are not the only ones. Few skaters prioritize the triple cork 1440 because it once caused him to go to the hospital.

What skateboarding move is the Ugliest?

Simple skateboard tricks, in vogue skateboard tricks and more tricks you should not attempt are all available. The Willy Grind may be the worst skateboarding move ever. When you witness it, It frequently occurs by mistake. A Willy approached like a backside. However, as soon as the skateboard is close to the rail or ledge, the rider pops the deck and uses the front foot to guide the front truck over the platform. This skateboarding trick is considered to be a ugliest skateboarding trick.

What are some basic skateboard stunt names?

Some basic and crazy skateboard tricksnames are listed below:
Air layback
Air on the frontside
Air Lien
An impossible plantollie
Kickflip 360
Spin with plasma
Flipping big

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