How to Clean Skateboard Grip Tape

how to clean skateboard grip tape

Too many Skateboarders need to learn that their grip tape needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the grip tape on your Skateboard won’t make you feel self conscious; it will help you perform better because you will have more control over the board. It is termed grip tape for this reason. If you are looking for how to clean skateboard grip tape, then the answer is in this article.

Cleaning the grip tape on your skateboard also delays the day when you need to replace it, which is an annoying and time consuming task. Even though it won’t make your board seem brand new, cleaning your grip tape will extend the life of your grip.

Skateboards with soiled grip tape are unsightly and challenging to ride. Mud and dirt accumulations can reduce traction and resistance, which makes it challenging to land any tricks. You may save money and extend the life of your board by learning how to clean skateboard grip tape. 

Although it might seem difficult, the method is actually fairly simple. For How to clean skateboard grip tape? You can also use grip tape cleaner machine which is now available in every store.

What you will require while cleaning griptape

 People really get confused while searching for how to clean skateboard grip tape? as, It costs $5 to $10 per board to replace the grip tape, but doing so can be time consuming.

  • If your grip tape has become a little slick, start by getting:
  • A chunk of rubber
  • Gentle wire brush
  • One made of microfibre

These three cheap items ought to be kept in every rider’s board pack, in my opinion. They will help preserve the life of your skateboard and your cool tricks and cost roughly the same as completely replacing the grip tape.

how to clean skateboard grip tape

Cleaning a Shortboards Grip Tape ( Method 1)

Purchase a gentle wire brush:

The bristles should not be too sharp to rip your grip tape, but they should be strong. At your neighbourhood hardware store, you can pick up a decent metal brush for a few dollars, or you can purchase a specialised one from the skate shop.

Brushes that are small enable precision. A sturdy toothbrush can also be used.

Thoroughly brush the grip tape:

Section by section, begin at one end of the board and work your way to the other. You may largely sweep the deeper dirt off with your hand after it rises to the surface as a result of this.Avoid pressing so hard that the grip tape begins torn.

Donot remove the grit.

Continue until there are no more soiled areas.

Replace the grip entirely if there are tough stains that just won’t come out.

Use Grip Gum to get rid of any remaining dirt:

The majority of skate stores sell grip gum designed exclusively for skateboards, and these are excellent cleaning products. Brush off the residue after rubbing the grip tape with a pencil eraser.

Grip gum applied thoroughly will make your board appear brand new.

If you do not know how to use Grip gum? Then You can buy brand name griip gum at your neighbourhood store or simply buy some sanding belt cleaner from your neighbourhood hardware store. Simply rub the group gum along the grimy regions of your grip tape to get rid of the dirt.

how to clean skateboard grip tape

Paper Towel and Hair Dryer grip tape wax (Method 2)

It can be particularly difficult to remove wax if you step on a waxed ledge and then get it on your grip tape since it gets embedded in the tape and even grip gum won’t get it out.

Instead, we advise removing it with a hairdryer and paper towel. The Wax can be heated with a hairdryer until it melts, and then the task can be completed by whipping it off with a paper towel.

Sander Belt Cleaner ( Method 3)

 Go to your neighbourhood hardware store and purchase some belt sander cleanser, which is similar to Grip tape cleaner but is intended for heavier duty tasks. These reasonably priced rubber chunks should be effective in removing dirt from your board.

Regardless of the method you use, maintaining your skateboard should include frequent cleaning of the grip tape. To keep your board in the finest condition possible so that you can constantly challenging yourself to get better, you need good, clean grip tape.

How to Clean grip tape without a grip gum:

If you do not have grip gum, you can remove the residue using a tooth brush or an art store rubber cement eraser.

The usage of a belt sander cleaner is an additional choice. Cut out a portion that is strong enough to hold, then rub it firmly in an straight line on the grip tape’s surface. Rub the tape as vigorously as necessary to get rid of the grime and debris.

As soon as the grip tape is clean, continue rubbing it with the belt sander cleaner to remove any remaining residue.

What not to do while cleaning skateboard grip tape:

Online, I see a lot of advice about using water or cleaning products like Windex. Sincerely i fail to understand why this is advised. Water or any other liquid should not be near your board. 

Its terrible, it would be wiser to get fresh grip tape, which costs only $6. Use steel brushes with caution. Avoid exerting too much pressure since this will damage the grip.

How Frequently ought I to replace my grip tape:

When your grip tape is too worn out or damaged to be of any use to you, or when it is too dirty to clean with the instruments previously mentioned.

You will need to decide for yourself when that time is best for you in wither case. Although just rising and looking at your board should give you enough knowledge to make that choice with confidence.

What Store Sell good grip tape:

Checkout the list below to learn about some of the top choices now on the market if you are having difficulties deciding which grip tape to use to replace your old one or which grip tape to add to your new deck.

These grip tapes are best if you to want to replace your old ones with new ones:

Grip Tape by Jessup:

In 1975, Jessup was the first business to provide silicon carbide grip tape to the skating community.

Their grip tape is simple to use, anti bubble, and strikes a good balance between how effectively it holds your shoes and how quickly it degrades them.

Grip Tape Grizzly:

Like Jessup, Grizzly Grip tape has grown tremendously since its 2010 debut. Their grip tape has perforations and anti bubble features that make application more simpler.

Tape for Mobs:

Mob Grip Tape is simple to use and is made to prevent air bubbles, like Jessup and Grizzly.

The grit level, which most skaters appreciate since it makes landing tricks simpler is what sets mob apart from the rest of the pack.

Sandpaper Tape:

A type of sandpaper or emery that is adhered to the top side of a skateboard deck is called griptape. It provides you with stable background and enables you to pull off a variety of stunts

Off white grip tape is also available in amazon if you want to purchase.

Longboard Grip Tape Cleaning:

It many consists of different steps that are given below:

  • The best wire brush to buy is a soft one
  • Soak a bowl in soapy water
  • Make sure your grip tape is clean by dipping your brush in the bowl and scrubbing
  • Microfiber cloth can be used to dry the grip and board
  • Three hours is the minimum amount of time you should allow your board to dry
  • Grip gum should be used if residue remains

Some tips:

It might be simpler to clean your board if the wheels are taken off. Keep your shoes as spotless as you can to preserve the condition of your grip tape. On boards with severely damaged edges or worn grit, grip tape needs to be removed and replaced.


An efficient method for quickly cleaning the grip tape on your skateboard, along with three recommendations for grip tapes you should look into if you are in the market for any. Can you clean grip tape with water ? This is frequently asked so the answer is that a big no you can not clean with water.

Now that you are aware of your requirements, hurry to get your materials. Soon, you will be skating with grip tape that is either new or nearly new. Hope you will get your answer of How to clean skateboard grip tape.


How to clean grip tape without grip gum?

Start by adding ½ cup of water or window cleaning to a measuring cup. Start scrubbing the grip tape after dipping your soft wire brush into the mixture. Starting from one end of the board, move to the other end while brushing in small parts to ensure that all of the dirt is removed.

How to clean grip tape at home?

You can find your anwer of how to clean griptape at home by using following things, this will also answers you how to clean your skateboard griptape with household items:

Supple wire brush


Cloth or paper towels

Rubber grip tape skateboard

Griptape ruined by water?

Even when its wet grip tape good traction for your feet on the board. But frequent soaking and drying might cause grip tape to lose its adherence over time. If that occurs, the decks tape will begin to come off.

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