Fingerboard Decks of Different Brands and Sizes 2024

Fingerboard Decks

The term “fingerboard decks” refers to the small skateboard decks used for the sport and pastime of the fingerboard, which includes pulling off tricks by manipulating the deck with the fingers. Typically constructed of wood, fingerboard decks are fashioned after real skateboards in size, shape, and graphics. Blackriver, Flint, and Berlinwood are a few well-known brands of fingerboard decks.

Dk fingerboards 

A brand of fingerboards called DK fingerboards is renowned for producing realistic, long-lasting, and high-quality fingerboards. To meet the requirements and preferences of various fingerboards, they provide a variety of deck designs, forms, and sizes. DK Fingerboards supplies trucks, wheels, and other components in addition to decks to assist in constructing complete fingerboards. They are a well-liked option among fingerboard enthusiasts because of their focus on detail and dedication to offering the essential items for the activity.

Opal fingerboards

For those who enjoy using fingerboards, Opal fingerboard is a brand that sells a variety of high-quality decks and accessories. They are renowned for their original designs, meticulous attention to detail, and emphasis on offering high-performance fingerboards for stunts and tricks. Acrobatics and stunts with opal fingerboards. Opal Fingerboard also offers a selection of wood species and graphic styles, along with a range of sizes, forms, and materials for its decks. For their dependability, playability, and style, their products are appreciated by numerous fingerboards.

Fingerboard Decks

Broken knuckle fingerboards

Broken Knuckle Fingerboards focuses on making excellent fingerboards and accessories for fingerboard fans. They have a reputation as a leader in the fingerboard scene thanks to their creative designs, high-performance goods, and attention to detail. A variety of decks, trucks, wheels and other accessories are available from Broken Knuckle Fingerboards to assist in constructing whole fingerboards. In addition, they provide made-to-order items and distinctive designs that distinguish them from other fingerboard companies.

Fingerboard trucks

The little skateboard trucks used for fingerboard are known as fingerboard trucks. The fingerboard trucks are generally made of metal and available in various sizes, shapes, hanger widths, and baseplate angles. They perform the same role as regular skateboard trucks by connecting the deck and the wheels and enabling the fingerboard. Fingerboard trucks come from famous brands, such as Blackriver, Y-Trucks, and Berlinwood. Since the trucks are so crucial to the fingerboard’s overall performance and playability, fingerboards frequently test several setups and truck brands to see which works best for their particular playing style.

Fingerboard Decks

Dynamic Fingerboards

For the community of fingerboards, Dynamic Fingerboards is known for providing high-quality fingerboards and accessories. They supply various items, like decks, trucks, wheels, and other accessories, that are made to give fingerboards a comfortable, responsive ride. A leader in the fingerboard sector, Dynamic Fingerboards is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to offering the best goods for the sport. Due to their products’ dependability, effectiveness, and style, many fingerboards like them, and those wishing to assemble a whole fingerboard setup frequently choose them.

Flatface fingerboards: 

Flatface fingerboards are small skateboards used for trick and stunt performances. They are made to feel and operate similarly to skateboarding but in a smaller size. Flatface fingerboards are primarily made of wood and available in various forms, dimensions, and patterns. As a form of art or valuable object, they are frequently employed by collectors and individuals who desire to hone their skating abilities. Many people participate in online forums to exchange tips and techniques and compete in tournaments as part of the popular sport and hobby known as the fingerboard.

Berlinwood fingerboards

High-quality, handcrafted fingerboards manufactured of berlin wood are very well-liked by fingerboards. They are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and realistic feel, which accurately captures the skateboarding experience. Berlinwood Fingerboards are composed of wood and available in various styles, each with a distinctive concave and kicktail shape. They are frequently utilized as collectible objects and by fingerboards to pull off acrobatics and stunts. Berlinwood is a well-respected company in the fingerboard community because of its dedication to quality and creative design.

Fingerboard Decks

Fingerboard Decks 34mm/32mm 

The fingerboard deck’s width is indicated by the 34mm/32mm measurement. The width of the fingerboard deck significantly influences the feel and performance of a fingerboard.

A 34mm deck is an excellent option for beginners because it is considered more comprehensive and is typically simpler to balance. It offers additional stability, which is advantageous while carrying out tricks that call for balance.

A 32mm deck is a fantastic option for experienced fingerboards because it is thinner and typically more maneuverable. Narrower decks are harder to balance but provide greater control for tricks that call for accuracy.

In the end, whether you choose a 34mm or 32mm deck will depend on your particular preferences and level of fingerboarding proficiency. To accommodate various riding techniques and tricks, many fingerboards have a variety of decks with various widths.

Skull fingerboards: 

A well-known manufacturer of handcrafted, premium fingerboards is Skull Fingerboards. Skull Fingerboards are renowned for their meticulous design and authentic sensation, resembling skateboarding. The company offers a wide range of forms, patterns, and wood species, all with distinctive concave and kicktail features. In addition to being utilised by collectors as a sort of art or collectible object, fingerboards frequently use to perform tricks and acrobatics. The fingerboard world holds Skull Fingerboards in high regard as a company dedicated to quality and creativity in fingerboard design.

Fingerboard Ramps: 

Skull Fingerboards is a well-known producer of fine, handcrafted fingerboards. Skull Fingerboards are recognized for their exacting construction and authentic feel resembling skateboarding. The company’s forms, patterns, and wood species have recognizable concave and kicktail traits. Fingerboards are sometimes utilized to execute tricks and acrobatics, in addition to being used by collectors as a kind of art or valuable object. Skull Fingerboards is regarded highly in the fingerboard community for its commitment to excellence and innovation in fingerboard design.


To summarise, fingerboards and related equipment, including ramps and decks, offer a tiny version of skating. They provide fingerboards of all skill levels with a pleasant and exciting hobby and enable the execution of tricks and stunts in a safe setting. Different brands offer unique features and quality, and fingerboards come in various shapes, sizes, and patterns. Fingerboards can test their limits and improve their skills by using ramps and other obstacles. Fingerboarding is a creative and dynamic pastime that keeps gaining popularity, whether done for fun, practice, or competition.


What is the best fingerboard brand?

The “best” fingerboard brand can only be determined subjectively because fingerboards’ personal preferences influence which brand they believe to be the best. Berlinwood, Flatface, skull Fingerboards, and black river ramps are a few of the most reputable and well-known fingerboard manufacturers. These manufacturers are renowned for their premium components, meticulous attention to detail, and cutting-edge styles.
The ideal fingerboard manufacturer for you will ultimately depend on your tastes, including form, concave, and deck material. It depends on your expertise level and preferred kind of tricks. Many fingerboards have a variety of boards from various brands to accommodate their riding styles and preferences. It is advised that you test out many products to determine which one works best for you.

Is fingerboard still popular? 

The sport and hobby of finger boarding are still quite popular. Fingerboarding has a devoted fan base despite its tiny size, and it is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger generations. Without requiring a full-sized skateboard or a skate park, fingerboard offers an enjoyable and convenient method to enjoy the thrill and inventiveness of skateboarding.
As technology progresses and fingerboard contests become prominent, more people become interested in the sport. All ages of fans continue to be enthralled by fingerboard, which is still a vibrant and changing pastime.

Are fingerboards or Tech Decks better?

Whether fingerboards or tech decks are superior depends on the player’s preferences. The one that is preferable for you will depend on your specific needs and tastes as both have advantages and disadvantages.
Handcrafted hardwood skateboards called fingerboards provide a more authentic and conventional skating experience. Each one has a distinct concave and kicktail shape and comes in various sizes, styles, and types of wood. They are frequently employed for both collecting and pulling off tricks and stunts. Tech Decks are frequently less priced than fingerboards, but fingerboards are generally superior quality and have a more genuine skateboarding feel.
On the other hand, Teck Decks are widely accessible and more reasonably priced plastic boards that are produced in large quantities.
They come in various sizes and forms with different designs and logos and are made simple to use. Tech Decks are frequently used to gather and pull out stunts and tricks. They are better for younger children and those just beginning out because they are more lightweight and robust than fingerboards.
The decision between fingerboards and teck decks will ultimately be based on your requirements and preferences. A fingerboard can be a better option if you want a more authentic and traditional skating experience. A Tech Deck can be the best choice if you seek an accessible and economical option.

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