How to Dance on Longboard Learn Cross Step Dancing – 2023

Dance on Longboard

Longboard dancing is a great way to resurface faded fun and see off the monotony. Dance on a longboard is an outdoor recreational activity that gives aesthetic pleasure while moving on your longboard. If you are on a social media platform, it is unimaginable that you have never seen reels of the famous longboard dancer “Ko Hyojoo.” She is the best dancer who has taken place in the heart of every skateboard dancing lover. Suppose she is your quintessential, and you wonder how to longboard dance like her; this blog is for you. We’ll reveal some essential tips and tactics that she follows. Moreover, the blog post will teach you “ how to dance on longboard like a professional.” 

Without further ado, let’s have a detailed insight into it and conceptualize from basics to advanced tactics.

How to select the best LONGBOARD FOR DANCING?

Dance on a Longboard

It seems you are a great lover of skateboarding and want to impress your friend with your audacious and wise moves but are obsessed with “how to choose the right longboard.” If so, focus your mind on the following tips:

  • Check for durable and accurate skateboards.
  • Choose wide trucks and soft wheels to have maximum control
  • Give priority to a comfortable deck with plenty of grips.
  • Pick up the right size – it won’t be too big or small
  • Check for ceramic wheels for outperformance

Dancing on a skateboard is a rational-level skill coordinated with agility and high-end equipment. With access rights and high-quality equipment, longboard dansing tactics will only go in flames. Comfortable and durable decks are a precious thing to consider in choosing a skateboard. To be frank, never compromise on the longboard gears as “ cheap is expensive.” Now let’s move on to the fundamentals!

What are the longboard dance basic tips – 5-minute glance

Suppose you are really into longboard dancing and gravitate the public eye onto you. You must practice carving beforehand because it is a prerequisite in longboard dancing as you tilt your feet. Get stuck to your lines and dancing step. Don’t imitate someone’s style. Always forge your dancing style, and invent your moves and transition techniques.

You have heard that listening to melodies while studying helps to retain knowledge for a longer time, but modern research claims listening to melodies during skateboarding or longboard dancing helps you to be unique and more creative. 

Don’t be discouraged by improvisation and normal hurts; these are only excuses that only hold you up! Always pat yourself on the back for stunning achievement.

That were only basic tips. Now let’s dive straight into the longboard dancing tricks:


This longboard dancing trick is a dime a dozen everywhere in the world. In this stunt, the riders walk along the board, placing a cross step on a longboard (crisscross). For your information, 4177 riders can accomplish this.

How to do it:

  1. Place the rear foot on the bolts and the front foot in the middle of the deck or somewhere nearer to the nose of the longboard, whatever feels more natural.
  2. Transmit your weight on the front foot,t and your front foot should be touching your rear foot at a 45-60 degree angle.
  1. Move your back foot around the front and keep it behind the front foot. Put weight on it now.
  2. Now the foot that you kept behind the front foot should move around it and place it down near the bolts.
  3. Place both feet in the original place, and here you are! 


Step 1&2 will be done at the brinks of the board, lying in an angle frontward direction, while step 3&4 will be accomplished in the center of the deck, transmitting weight on your toes, lying arc in the backward direction.

Basic tips to dance on a longboard

Peter Pan:

 This is the most common trick for longboard dance. Even most of the most incompetent riders can do it. In this trick, the rider only walks criss-cross on the middle section of the decks. 

How to do this:

  • Start off cross-stepping with your dominant leg based on whether you are a goofy or a regular stunt.
  • Now let your back leg go around the leading legs and place it on the other side of the longboard.
  • Your soles and movement should be side-by-side in addition to your arm to maintain balance.
  • Now you are in the position to do as many steps as you wish


To attain more beauty in your dance, put your weight on the edges of the longboard during stepping and attempt to lean backward.


As its name sounds scary, this trick has nothing to do with its name. It is one of the rudimentary skills that is downright simple to many of the riders. In this trick, you just need to jump off and on over and over again.

  • Put a shoulder-width distance between your feet and place them between the bolts.
  • Place your front foot at 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the back foot in the center of the board near to edges.
  • Now, your back foot will go around the rear leg and off the longboard. Concurrently, push the longboard and jump off it using your front leg.
  • Your back foot will end up on the ground, and your front leg will go around it and eventually land on the starting position.

Ghostride Nose Manual

This is tricky but no more difficult for the riders, who are adept at the Ghostride stunts. Only 255 people are used to doing it. In this trick, the rider will get off the skateboard, twirl the longboard using their arms and again get on the longboard nose manual position.

How to execute it:

  • Commence with Ghostride 
  • Use your front foot to jump on the board nearer to the bolts. This way, you can prevent the board from clinging to the surface.
  • Do the same with the rear foot and have the balance. As your front will land nearer to the bolt, you will have to put more weight on the front truck instead of the center.

Ghostride Shove-it:

Only 303 lucky riders can render this trick. In this trick, when the front foot is on the surface, the rear foot stirs and spins/whirls causing the board to turn at 180 degrees horizontally.

How to get a grip on it:

  • Commence with a ghost ride.
  • Jump on the bolt with your front foot and ensure that some part of your front foot is touching the nose of the board. This will help to accomplish smooth elevation.
  • At last, place your rear foot onto the board and instantly spin the board to shove it. 

Ghostride Kickflip:

The ever-easier flip that most is a piece of cake for the most rider. In this trick, you flip with your back leg while the front leg is placed at the surface.

How to kick-flip:

  • Keep a shoulder-width distance between your legs, the same starting step to ghost ride
  • Make sure your feet are in the center of the deck and between the bolts
  • Jump off the longboard and keep onto your dominion leg. Make sure the jump should be majorly frontward so that your back leg can settle appropriately on the middle of the deck.
  • Lower your hips and knee approximately 90 degrees, drag the longboard with the assistance of your toes of the rear leg and jump off simultaneously to complete your flip. Grasp your board with your legs as it goes down to the surface.


The trick is straightforward as it is made of three basic tricks: Cross Step, Peter Pan and Ghostride Kickflip. Only 723 people can fulfill this stunt.

How to accomplish:

  • The first act is a simple cross-step, 
  • The second step will be similar to the cross step, but place your foot on the edge aligned to the board ridge because you are doing Peter pan.
  • The third phase is simply the peter pan movement.
  • In the fourth step, your foot goes over the brink and bounce off the board.
  • During the stunt, the front leg will also rise off the board and land somewhere closer to the nose simultaneously, use your back leg to spin the board for a ghost ride kickflip and then jump onto it again.

Is longboard dancing a conscientious job?

Of course not, Don’t get disgruntled and troubled by it. With appropriate tricks and tips, it will be easy.  Nothing is complicated in the universe. To dance on longboard, professionals suggest a few cautions to assist you in dancing on longboard.

To begin with, the right size of the longboard is a prerequisite as too baggy or too small can hinder you and sometimes, God forbid, you might lose balance and control and get hurt. 

In second place, you need to invest magnanimously in your shoes. You need to get flat sole shoes with extraordinary grip. I know you will not climb up the mountains, but what you’re going to do is no less than miraculous.

Thirdly, start dancing in wide and open spaces like skateparks and baggy-open fields. In this way, you can divert misfortune and mishap from colliding with anything.

Finally, adequate longboard safety tools will also help to practice freely without fearing sprain, bruises, and contusions. Be sure to put on an elbow pad, helmet, and knee pad for a good initial step.

Is dancing on the longboard cutting down its life span?

Indeed, dancing on a longboard makes its soul fragile. It has been researched to change the longboard after 1 or 1 and a half years. Change your skateboard or longboard as it can cheat on you at any time.

We are intelligent enough to rationalize that if you are a skateboard dancer and use your longboard to fulfill your keen desire to dance, you should be very conscious about your longboard condition. As dancing affects longboarding more than riding, always work on changing your skateboard.

To prevent any mishaps and tragedies, be sure to change your longboard after every 10 months. It also depends on your weight and height when to change, so never stick to the prescribed tenure.

What is the most considerable point of the longboard?

There is a certain considerable point to dwell on. We can stick to any specific point, as skateboarding is an amalgamation of several things, like a human body. If there is any incompetency in it, the whole body will be affected, and there is no exception to skateboards or longboards. Every point has its own characteristic that assists the boat to move on smoothly.

However, the most substantial point is the board’s deck. It must be comfortable and robust enough to bear you easily. The appropriate size will assist you in riding and dancing at the peak of balance and control.

Another imperative thing is the truck. It is the pivot part of the board and accountability to hold all the other parts in the proper position. It should be vigorous and of high quality.

Last but not least, the Wheel plays a significant role. The more good quality you pick, the more fun it will bring you. Ceramic wheels are more stunning quality-wise than the metal wheel. The hardness and suitable sizes also are prominent factors to consider.

What are the top 2 longboards for dancing?

Longboard dance is a flowy and skillful activity as dancing includes flatland and jumpy tricks. A longboard bears different kinds of swift movements and jerks during dance movements. Therefore, for dancing, you need a flagship longboard. Here we’ll suggest three best highly prolific and reasonable longboards. 

Best Dancing Longboard #1: the Loaded Bhangra

 Loaded Bhangra The Best Dancing Longboard

The Loaded Bhangra has been instilling its ensign in the realm of longboarding since 2010. The bhangra is counted 1st among all the best longboards ever due to its durability and high quality.


Length: 48.5″ / 123 cm

Width: 9.5″ / 24 cm

Wheelbase: 32.75″ / 83.19 cm

Profile: rocker

Weight (deck only): 5.1-5.5 lb / 2.3-2.5 kg


Flex <1: 130-300+ lb / 60-136+ kg

Flex 2: 90-190+ lb / 40-86+ kg


Bhangra V2 : 400$

This has been quite a good choice for users over the years. The board is available in two Flex choices. The stiffer Flex 1 is designed for heavy riders, and Flex 2 is for more responsiveness in carving. Stout-size wheel cutouts diminish the hazard of wheel bite when carving tough.

Best dancing longboard #2: Loaded Mata Hari

Loaded Mata Hari Best dancing longboard

The Loaded Mata Hari is manufactured in consideration of modern needs. It is a refreshed and significant update on its predecessor. Moreover, it is also light-weighted than its predecessor. With this longboard cruising, carving, pushing, pumping, popping and flipping, walking and spinning, or even freeriding will be no more agonizing.


Length: 44.5″ / 113 cm

Width: 9.25″ / 23.5 cm

Wheelbase: 27.25, 28.25, 29.25″ / 69.2, 71.8, 74.3 cm

Profile: rocker

Weight (deck only): 4.6 lb / 2.1 kg


One flex fits all.


Price: $339.00

Loaded Mata Hari stands out over the bhangra longboard because of its single flex that fits in all. Moreover, it is cheaper than the bhangra longboard.

Best dancing longboard #5: the Rayne Whip

 Rayne Whip A Good Choice for Longboard Dancing

 The Rayne Whip longboard contains rounded edges that reduce the chances of damage. It is manufactured chiefly for board walking and riding with styles and flow. You can also check for this longboard.

Length: 47″ / 119.38 cm

Width: 9.5″ / 24.13 cm

Wheelbase: 31’’ / 78.74 cm

Profile: Peacock


Medium Flex 



The Rayne Whip also features a 3D wheel well, rocker, graphics on both sides and varying wheelbase. It is often recommended for the riders to weigh between 60-90.


Learning how to dance on longboard causes a draconic appetite for longboarding. wondering what one can ever think of dancing on the longboard. Longboard dancing is a great way to stun your friends with fantastic dance tactics like cross-step, peter pan, Ghostride, Ghostride nose manual, and Ghostride shove-it. But all these stunts are only possible when you choose an adequate longboard size and its other part with proper research according to your purpose. Hope you had a 360-degree answer to the query “ how to dance on a longboard’’. Give more importance to skateboard decks and wheels as they play a significant role. Never forget to share your ideas in the comment section below.

Have fun! 


Can any Girl Dance on Longboard?

Skateboarding is a skillful and pleasure-bringing activity. With adequate knowledge, research, and tricks, everybody can dance on a longboard, so it is no exception for girls.

How to Choose the Right Longboard?

First of all, it depends on your pocket. If you have a reasonable budget, you have high-end parts for a longboard. Look for the right size, it should be a manageable size. Decks should be comfortable and durable in addition to ceramic wheels and their hardness. 

How to Dance on Longboard?

Longboard dancing is just not brisk walking in the park. It might be tricky without proper knowledge and hacks. To do this, we recommend watching youtube tutorials and hiring a longboard dancing teacher. Furthermore, some hacks are enunciated step by step; you can follow them. 

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