How to Push on a Skateboard Learning New Styles Faster 2023

how to push on a skateboard

Skateboarding is a great skill to learn. Learning any skill is just like learning the piano. Skateboarding is one the delightful skill to master, but several times it refers people to the hospital. We may guess its draconic results from a report which divulges that in the year 2021, more than 245,000 were treated in hospitals of which 73000 young injuries have been reported. So the point of all this is to teach you about the fatal consequences of skateboarding without proper knowledge. Therefore, don’t push your luck without proper knowledge. Always start from the basics and gradually go for advanced. 

             “ Never Rome was built in a day, neither will you’’

Don’t be disgruntled. Go get yourself tiger. In this article, you will learn basics about skateboarding chiefly how to push on a skateboard. Within an hour, you will be able to move on the skateboard shrewdly, but learning to push off on a skateboard proficiently and effectively will take a lot of practice. Let the cat get out of the bag and enjoy the fun.

How to push on a skateboard

Are you a regular or goofy skateboarder?

We have gone through these concepts in our previous writings, but for the convenience of our reader, we’ll discuss them explicitly there. Two skateboard-pushing styles are considered the most in pushing the skateboard correctly.

Goofy style:

If you are left-handed, your stance will surely be goofy. In goofy style right foot is placed on the front of the bolt and the left hand is put on the tail of the skateboard. So you will push off the skateboard with your left foot.

Regular style:

If you are right-handed, you will place your left foot on the front bolt and your right foot will be put on the tail of the board. In this stance, your right foot will be the dominion foot. So you will push the skateboard with your right foot.

If you are a beginner, check out both of these two stances that better suites you.  

How to push on a skateboard

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How to get in the proper stance to push on the skateboard correctly?

Besides the regular or goofy stance, there are a host of things to consider while learning how to push on a skateboard. Pushing a skateboard is not limited to only standard and goofy stance, but balancing, kneeling, and orienting gaze in an intended way is quite a useful and essential factor to be learned. Let’s spill the beans and unravel the beans beyond learning how to push off on a skateboard.


In the beginning stages, balancing sounds a little bit tricky but have faith, it is not rocket science. Once you, ve learned the proper stances balancing won’t bother you. Here are some tips to keep up the balance while riding the skateboard:

Shoulder-width distance:

To have the highest control and balance always adopt a natural stance while maintaining an appropriate distance between your feet. Your feet should be placed right directly beneath your shoulders. In this way, your weight will be tantamount across both legs. Try shifting weight from one leg to another for advance 

Kneeling and lowering buttock to push on the skateboard:

Your knees and tushies should be lowered and bent to achieve a stable position to dash the skateboard quintessentially. If you do this your weight will be equally distributed across the hip, you will retain a great deal of stability on a skateboard.

Direct your eyes in an intended way:

Your mental focus and gaze should align with the contemplated direction. During skateboarding, a narrow distraction can cause you draconic and incurable injury. So be sure to not get your focus and gaze raveled into such kinds of distractions. If you’re right-handed or prefer a regular stance should be looking over to your left shoulder as opposed to the goofy stance which prefers looking over to your left shoulder.

How to push on a skateboard


Weight should be centered over the truck:

Place your feet on the bolts of the truck so that your weight can be centered over the truck. Your feet shouldn’t be too wide or narrow since they may destabilize your balance. 

How to skate faster on a skateboard like a pro rider

After achieving great fluency in balancing and pushing, we wanna skate faster as it is coded in the instinct of human beings to explore novices and sapling relentlessly. Once you have specialized in the previous tactics, it will be monotonous for you to accommodate slow speed. So the query ‘’ how to go faster on a skateboard may raise in your mind’. Therefore, we are here to relieve your agony. Learning new skills per day is a great way to progress in life. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Don’t hang in there at a slow speed if you have learned the basics by heart. Pushing and pumping are two great ways to bring brush up on speed. Some additional factors might influence your speed, such as wheel size, hardness, and softness besides your health and power to push the skateboard. 

Here are two techniques to boost pushing speed

Kicking and Pushing faster:

  1.  Keep up a proper posture either regular or goofy
  2. Lift your weight on the center of the deck by placing your feet on the bolts
  3. Slightly lower your buttock and knees 
  4. Use your back foot for kicking 
  5. Toes must place first on the surface before the front wheels
  6. Kick your back foot off the ground as far as you can 
  7. To get more and more speed kick and push your back frequently
  8. Don’t let your toes stay too long

Pumping faster to gain more speed:

If pushing is recommended for flat surfaces, then pumping is suitable for curved and bumpy surfaces. This is similar to the pumping that we do on a swing by lifting and down our legs to speed up.

  • Slightly lower your knees.
  • Your upper body structure of body must be positioned forward and down while skateboarding the flat bottom of the curved surfaces.
  • While transitioning, straighten your legs as you rise.
  • This position will give you full speed.


Skateboarding is a high-skilled sport, but it requires a lot of practice to be mastered. Pumping and pushing are advance level skills that help you to increase speed. Learning how to push on a skateboard and balance might be challenging in beginning, but practice will launch you into a greater connoisseur of it. It is more important to better safe than sorry. Therefore, don’t cross the speed limit, it might hurt your body. We hope you had a thoughtful comprehension of learning the basics throughout the blog.

Have fun a be careful!


Which pushing style is better, either goofy or regular?

If you’re right-handed give preference to a regular stance as opposed to goofy which is a niche for left-handed. But you can give try both styles to check out which is effective for you.

How to maintain balance on a skateboard?

Keep a shoulder-width distance between your feet and slightly lower your knees and buttock to achieve high control and balance.

How to speed up the speed of skateboarding?

Pumping and pushing faster will assist you to catch a greater speed, but your skateboard wheels, sizes, hardness, and other pieces of equipment play a major role to grasp a greater grip on speed.

How to push on a skateboard meticulously?

Pushing is not a difficult task to be stuck with. It is just simple a brisk walk in a park. Place your back foot on a surface while putting pressure on your toes time and again to move on the skateboard.

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