Are Blank Skateboard Decks Good

Are Blank Skateboard Decks Good

If money is tight, buying a blank skateboard deck is advised. The drawback is that many blank decks are notorious for deforming and are not single-pressed. Ensure that the merchant you choose doesn’t mass-press blank decks.

You only need to know what to look for because there are some excellent blank decks available. Not all blank decks are created equal, but if you choose the correct brand, you can obtain a wonderful one. In this article we will provide you with information about Are blank skateboard decks good.

Why do people skate blank decks?

Branded and pro decks might easily go out of reach if you enjoy skating and skate every day. Some skaters buy premium blanks to save money.

The same facilities that produce pro and branded boards also produce premium blanks.  The same kind of wood, glue, and moulds used to make pro decks are used to make these blanks.

Are Blank Skateboard Decks Good

Pro decks accommodate professional skaters and various scenarios, and the graphics are incredibly cool.  However, whether you choose to save money or simply enjoy the look of blanks, a high-quality blank is what you need.

How can the quality of a blank skateboard deck be assessed?

A board’s quality can only be determined by riding it. You can feel how stiff and poppy your board is as you ride it.  You can observe whether it begins to chip, delaminate, or break over time.

It is challenging to evaluate a skateboard before purchasing.  What can you then do?

Ask the proprietor of the skate shop where the blanks are manufactured, and look up the woodworking facility online.

Follow our buying advice online if you don’t have a nearby skate store or are having problems locating reliable information.

Skateboard blanks come in a variety of variations. However, they don’t simply differ by

If you don’t get an expensive skateboard that won’t break, sometimes boards simply break due to a hard landing. These boards are available, but they cost more, therefore they should only be taken into consideration if you break decks every two to four weeks.

When purchasing those large purchases of inexpensive blank skate boards, you need exercise caution. Sometimes, you can purchase 10 empty decks for around $150, which seems like a great deal.

Are Blank Skateboard Decks Good

The issue is that they aren’t pressed separately, which increases the possibility of obtaining warped boards and inconsistent concaves, which affects how the boards perform and feel. Although it may seem like a wonderful value, you can receive subpar boards.

Where are Blank Decks made?

 They start in factories that are manufactured and shipped in bulk around the world. Many AKA distributors (wood stores) operate under one umbrella in the industry. This review will give you an idea of ​​what I mean. 


Manufacturers have been outsourcing for centuries. One reason is cost savings. Dissatisfaction with low quality products occurs in all parts of society.

From my personal point of view, the difference is noticeable in the concave structure and size of the kicktail. People think that the garbage comes from outside of Canada or the US. I’m not here to argue or take sides. As a skater, you build awareness by researching and testing products.

Outsourcing saves money. It raises unanswered questions that we may never find an answer to.


Do plain skate deck shops have custom decks? Did you ask who the supplier is? All businesses need support from others to survive. Mom and Pop stores also produce semi-finished products.

Companies can purchase bulk orders through these dealers. This allows companies to display profits on their products. If you’re addicted to your local thrift store, you’ll be amazed at the custom packages. 


Home to the best manufacturers and suppliers. Not to mention premium materials and industry-leading developments. Control and Woodchuck mention only a few areas.

Benefits Of Purchasing A Blank Skateboard

 If you are looking for Are blank skateboard decks good? Then given below are some benefits of a blank decks:

Are Blank Skateboard Decks Good

Spend less

Pro models typically sell for $50 because blanks are only $50. Get 10 blanks for the value of two.

High Quality

The only differences between pro models and blanks are the brand name and graphics. However, blanks do not originate from the same source.


It can be altered to serve as a blank canvas for original artwork creations. This is how friends have created book or CD bookcases.

Concave options 

You can choose from different levels of concave to suit your preferences. whether you want a rough or smooth ride.

Recommended black skateboard decks

Some of the best blank skateboard decks are discussed below in detail which also helps you to decide which one is suitable for you:

Moose BK175D-NAT Blank Skateboard Deck

Make your board exactly what you want next. One of the purest skateboard decks available on the market is the Moose Blank. With this board deck, you may completely alter it to create something wonderful. You can add the design you choose, which is a feature I appreciate.

This board deck may be made into a trustworthy trick board by adding a free grip tape. The best-fitting deck board for you might be one that you can customize and includes a grip tape that can hang on to you when performing tricks.

Canadian Maple wood serves as the frame for the Moose Blank Skateboard. It has a 7-ply construction and wonderful elements that are noticeable. 

Blank Decks 1DEWBN775 Skateboard Deck

You ought to get ready for this one. This one’s for you if all you want is a plain, unadorned deck without any decorations or frills. All the qualities listed above are present in the Blank Decks 1DEWBN775 Warning Skateboard Deck.

This one has width sizes of 7.75 and 8 inches, which is excellent for beginners. The board has a high nose and tail configuration and is composed of sturdy maple wood. Because of this, the basic deck design is produced in China and is available in a random assortment of colours.

Because blank skateboards are sold at various rates, some of them can cost more than a complete beginner skateboard. For skaters on a budget, this one is one from cheap blank skateboard decks.

What Does a Blank Skateboard Deck Cost?

It goes without saying that the cost is usually a top consideration when purchasing something. One of the finest decks to buy might be a blank one. They are as durable as any board and can withstand a great deal of pressure. Due to the lack of graphics, blank decks are usually always less expensive.

 The price of a blank skateboard deck can range from $20 to $50. While some individuals choose to buy cheap blank skateboard decks in bulk and customize them, others are willing to spend more to get the greatest blank skateboard decks.


Blank skateboards are available to make them more affordable for everyone. You can still get a skateboard even if you don’t have a lot of money. Simply purchase some empty skateboards and make sure you skate a little more slowly. uncut skateboard blanks are also a choice of many skateboarders.

You will gradually come to understand what you can and cannot accomplish with blank skateboards. You will also discover some of the pro ones’ advantages. However, something does not necessarily live longer just because you spend more money on it. If properly cared for, the blank ones can last just as long. Hope this article helps you to get enough information about Are blank skateboard decks good.


Can you paint a skateboard deck from scratch?

Yes, you can paint a skateboard using acrylic paint. It’s a fantastic choice because water soluble paint makes cleanup much simpler. After the skateboard has been primed, apply your unique graphic using acrylic paints and brushes.

Is it a smart idea to paint your deck black?

If you want to make a bold statement or include great contrast in your outdoor design concept, black is one of the best deck colours. But be careful—black is less forgiving to deal with than grey. You’ll need to thoughtfully plan your outdoor furniture to go with this striking colour.

How are skateboard graphics applied?

When it comes to printing personalised skateboards, heat transfer is the industry standard. Ink is basically printed on tiny plastic layers using a screen or a digital printer during the heat transfer process. After that, the plastic layers are modified on the board. The heated silicone roller machine is then used to process the layers.

Are blank skateboard decks good?

Blank decks can be incredibly useful, provided you choose the right one. Those blank decks are too good for anything else, which is why so many people utilize them for woodworking projects. A blank deck can be among the greatest ones to buy. They are capable of feeling equally powerful and withstanding as much violence as they can. Due to the lack of graphics, blank decks are usually always more affordable. All of this makes a blank deck a highly practical option for every skater in the globe. Whether you simply want to save some money on your next skateboard or simply want to skate alone, a high-quality blank deck is your greatest buddy.

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