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Zero Skateboard Brand

Zero Skateboard brand an American skateboard manufacturer that is based in Carlsbad, California. Professional skateboarder and businessman Jamie Thomas developed the brand, and his  Black Box Distribution firm handles the distribution process.

Thomas revealed that the EI Segundo, California-based Dwindle Distribution firm in late June 2014, would distribute the brand. A couple of years larer, Thomas and Dwindle declared in 2016 that Thomas would run this Skateboard company  independently.

FoundersSteve Rocco
Head QuartersEl Segundo, California, United States
AuthorityTransom capital group


Former skateboarding pro-Jamie Thomas started this brand in Carlsbad, California. In addition to being a skilled skater, Jamie Thomas was also well-known for his savvy financial decisions.

 Thomas founded it in 1996. Originally a manufacturer of skateboard clothing, the company has since grown to become a significant supplier of decks, complete skateboards, trucks, wheels, and other skating hardware. As these Skateboards expanded, they constructed two additional production facilities, one in Carlsbad, California, and the other in Tijuana, Mexico.

Zero Skateboard Brand

Main Reasons Behind the Growth of the Company

Three efforts can be used to analyze the growth of these Skateboards over the previous 25 years. Producing top-notch skating goods, supporting professional skaters, and making periodicals and videos about skating.

One of the most popular and well-known skateboarding brand in the world is the Zero skateboard brand. No matter what your preference is, you will be able to locate the ideal skateboard from its wide selection of sizes.

Pros Who Skated for this Brand

Several professionals and amateur skateboarders have received sponsorship from this company throughout the past 25 years. Also, they have supported numerous professional and amateur skating competitions.

A few of the pro skaters who represent this company are listed below:

  • Adrian Lopez
  • Chris Cole 
  • Jamie Thomas
  • Jon Allie
  • Dane Burman
  • Tommy Sandoval
  • Chris Wimer
  • Reggie Kelly
  • James Brockman
  • Jonno Gaitan
  • Colin Lambert

Awards of Brand

From 2004 through 2006, this firm defeated teams like Girl skateboards, Toy Machine, Darkstar, Flip, Element, Habitat, Almost, and baker Skateboards to win three straight Thrasher Magzine King of the Road competitions.

In order to launch the “Black and White” tour with the Mystery skateboard team, Zero Skateboard Brand declined to defend their 2007 King of the Road Crown.


The Skull featured in the “Little Skull” board’s graphic is remarkably similar to the one worn by Sid in the 1995 animated feature picture Toy Story.

The Proclaimers “I’m going be” soundtrack, which features John Ratrtray in the dying to live video, was twice covered by MxPx and less than jake shortly after the video release.

The Only One’s song another girl, another planet, which serves as the soundtrack for Garrett Hills‘ portion of the “New Blood” video, was covered by Blink-182.


This brand initially specialized in selling solely skateboard apparel like t-shirts and hats, but they soon expanded their product line to include skateboard decks and full skateboards. 

Although selling skateboards rather than clothing was a huge change for the business, it eventually contributed to the incredible levels of development the firm has had over the previous 25 years. They wouldn’t be nearly as well-known as they are now if they continued to sell clothing.

This Skateboard brand is renowned for supplying complete skateboards and high-quality skateboard decks that are suitable for both novice and expert skaters. We admired how sturdy and simple to ride these Skateboards were during our assessment. 

The team is very focused on producing a product of the highest caliber. The company is able to produce high-quality skateboards because of its collaboration with Black Box Distribution and Dwindle Distribution, and they are then able to ship them to clients all around the world.

Zero Skateboards

These Skateboards are manufactured from premium materials, giving them a smooth ride and a long-lasting skateboard. You may learn to skate and skate as hard as you can on a sturdy skateboard without having to worry about the board’s condition. Customers who purchased these skateboards as their first skateboard has raved about them in Zero Skateboard Brand reviews.

This Company makes high-quality skateboards that are also offered at a reasonable price, making it a fantastic skateboard company for beginners. Having a sturdy skateboard is one of the most crucial things for beginners. 

Zero Skateboard Brand

The best Skateboards of this brand are listed below:

  • DC Men’s Lynx Skateboard
  • Chris Cole Hybrid
  • Misfits  Skateboards Gold
  •  Chris Bat Glow
  • Tech Deck  2021 Skateboard
  • Power 8.4’’ Windsor James pro


Throughout the past 25 years, people have adored these Skateboards because of the very high quality of their skateboards. They initially only sold skateboarding gear, but soon expanded to offering whole skateboards and skateboard decks. Both novice skaters and seasoned pros will enjoy using the Skateboards of this company, in our opinion. Hope this article, Zero Skateboard Brand is helpful for you.


Is Zero a Good Skateboarding Brand?

In business for 25 years, these Skateboards have earned a reputation for producing skateboards of astonishing quality. It began as a company that sold only skateboarding apparel but soon expanded to offering whole skateboards and skateboard decks. For both novice and seasoned skaters, we believe these Skateboards are fantastic.

For What are Zero Skateboards Renowned?

Jamie Thomas started this Skateboard brand in 1996 as a reaction to the lackluster skateboarding of the time. A brand that spoke to underdogs and embodied skateboarding rebellious heritage was what was intended.

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