Mini Logo Bearings

Mini Logo Bearings

In 1996, Skate One founded a skateboard brand bearing the Mini logo bearings. The company was founded to provide high quality skateboards at affordable prices to skateboarders of all skill levels. The mini-logo beanie was an instant hit and recognized as a mainstay in the skateboarding world.


The first Mini Logo skateboard was built using the same components and technology as the more expensive brands. The graphics were less complex and less expensive, and that was the only difference. Skateboarders looking for the perfect skateboard at an affordable price soon became fans of the Mini logo brand. 

The Mini logo brand has evolved and improved over time. Mini Logo Skateboards are renowned for their performance and durability and are made with the best materials and manufacturing methods available. The company sells a range of skateboards, from entry-level models to professional models.

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Professional Team

The professional team includes

  • Mikey Weber
  • Cody Clayton
  • Steven Lemus
  • Elijah Koch
  • Robby Hargreaves
  • Mikey Martinez
  • AndrewEli Rashad
  • Kiana Parra
  • Eddie Sanders
  • Michael Ruiz
  • Mike McCarthy
  • Travis Reid
  • Jordan Griffin
  • Joel Jones
Mini Logo bearings Review

Key Features

Skateboards with small logos use high-quality components, which is often one of their distinguishing features. The manufacturer uses only premium trucks, wheels and Mini logo bearings to ensure that the skateboards work efficiently and last a long time. 

Mini Logo’s commitment to quality has made it one of the most recognized companies in the skateboarding industry. In addition to skateboards, Mini Logo sells a variety of accessories, including grips, bearings and hardware. Skateboarders can get the most out of their board with the Mini Logo Skateboard and accessories that match perfectly.

Mini Logo Bearings Review

Bearings with the Mino logo are specially designed for non-electric motors and skids. With a removable metal shield on one end and a removable rubber shield on the other, the design is really attractive. 

This mechanism not only extends the overall lifespan, but also facilitates maintenance and cleaning. High-speed precision ball bearings with high quality chrome steel raceways and balls are provided. Speed ​​cream is pre-applied to the bearings to ensure a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. 

Mini Logo Skateboard Bearings are a great option for experienced skateboarders due to their strength, durability, versatility and high speed.


Mini logo bearings features a removable rubber shield on one side, a removable metal shield on the other, a high-speed die-cast ball retainer, precision grinding, and highly finished Speed ​​Cream chrome steel rings and balls. So it’s smooth, fast and easy to install and maintain.


Are bearings of Mini Logo fast?

features precision grinding, a high-speed die-cast ball retainer, a removable rubber shield on one side and a removable metal shield on the other, as well as highly polished Speed Cream chrome steel rings and balls. It is thus seamless, quick, and simple to install and maintain.

From which maple Mini log boards are made?

100% North American hard rock maple is used to make Mini Logo boards. These maples are known for their durability and strength.

Which grade is of bearing?

The quality of a bearing can be determined by various degrees, such as the degree of roundness. High quality steel ball bearings belong to class 25. Angle numbers represent tolerances in millionths of an inch. 25 degrees equals 25/1,000,000 inches. 

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