Powell Peralta Skateboard Brand

Powell Peralta Skateboard Brand

George Powell and Stacy Peralta created the American skateboard business Powell Peralta in 1978. The business became well known in the 1980s as skateboarding developed as a sport.

The organization featured the Bones Brigade, a group made up of the best rivals of the time in 1991, Peralat departed the business, but Powell Bones bearings, Roller Bones carried on making skateboard accessories. Under the name Powell classic, the two firm founders got together to manufacture the business’s now classic merchandise.

IndustrySkateboarding, quad roller skates
PredecessorPowell Corporation
FounderGeorge Powell and Stacy Peralta
SuccessorPowell corporation
ProductsSkateboard decks, wheels, quad roller skate wheels, bearings, and accessories
Powell Peralta Skateboard Brand


In 1975, George Powell began building his own skateboards while attending Stanford university to study engineering. Powell’s son arrived and requested a skateboard in 1974.

Powell’s son complained that the vehicle did not ride smoothly so Powell took an old one out of the garage. Powell rekindled his interest in skating after realizing how much better urethane wheels made a skateboard ride.

Powell was inspired by this and began creating his own skateboards and wheels. He purchased urethane, then made his own wheel bakes. He also created his own composite boards by using modern materials like aluminum and fiberglass.

Stacy Peralta participated in a test ride on one of his flexible slalom boards. Powell relocated from Los Angeles to Seattle after losing his career in the aerospace sector.

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Products of Power Peralta

The Power Peralta brand just not only known for skateboards but there are many other products that they produce and have high quality:

  • Skateboards
  • Accessories
  • Backpacks
  • Belts
  • Bufandas
  • Books and Magazines
  • Caps
  • Cases and bags
  • Glasses
Powell Peralta Skateboard Brand

Team of Power Peralta Skateboard Brand

Skateboarding group the Bones Brigade rode under the Powell Peralta and later Powell banners. During the years, notable Bones Brigade participants have included:

  • Steve Saiz
  • Ray Bones Rodriguez
  • Ray Barbee
  • Steve Caballero
  • Jami Godfrey
  • Alan Gelfand
  • Nicky Guerrero
  • Tommy Guerrero
  • Tony Hawk
  • Chad Goodman
  • Brandon Novak
  • Guy Mariano
  • Clin McKay
  • Lance Mountain
  • Mike Vallely
  • Per Welinder
  • Perry Caravello

Best Skateboards of Power Peralta

The Power Peralta Skateboard brand is famous for its skateboards. Some of the famous skateboards of power Peralta are given below:

  • Powell Peralta Vato Rats Leaves Complete
  • Powell Peralta Retro Black Series Flight Skateboard deck
  • Powell Peralta Ripper’s one-off completes
  • Powell Peralta Vato RTS Complete Skateboards
  • Powell Peralta Old School Ripper
  • Powell Peralta Andy Andreson Heron Flight Skateboard
  • Powell Peralta GeeGah Skull & Sword skateboard
  • Playwheels frozen 21’’ wood cruiser skateboard, Make Magic

Power Peralta Flight Decks

The flight models are at least two times stronger and 5-10% lighter than maple. They also retain pop longer and resist dents. The deck is also thinner, which has pros and cons because it makes the razor tail faster and more acute thanks to the fiberglass.

Powell Peralta’s factory serves as the sole manufacturer of all Flight decks. This can be a significant benefit for collectors who are pursuing it.

Fiberglass creates a sandwich of wood that stops this from happening linked to the maple with fiberglass.

Powell Peralta Skateboard Brand

Power Peralta Maple Skateboard Decks

Skateboard decks made of maple have a long history. They have been around for a while and pop or wear in a manner that is familiar to all skaters.

In fact, some riders still favor the feel of maple decks. Last but not least, maple is typically cheaper. Moreover, getting razor tails may take longer with maple decks due to their great thickness.

There are two locations where Powell Peralta maple decks are made: directly by Powell in Santa Barbara or through their build partners in Mexica.


High-quality and long-lasting boards are a trademark of the Power Peralta Skateboard Brand. These skateboards are owned for high quality.

These skateboard brands are ideal for beginners or those looking for a long-lasting board.


Do Powell-Peralta decks perform well?

In the past five years, Powell Peralta Flight decks have skyrocketed in popularity, and for good reason: they’re great. We advise against having an automobile run over your skateboard. Yet, you had best have a flight deck if you do.

What is the reputation of the Power Peralta Skateboard Brand?

George Powell and Stacy Peralta created the American skateboard business Powell Peralta in 1978. The business became well-known in the 1980s as skateboarding developed as a sport. The business featured the Bones Brigade, a group made up of the best rivals of the time.

Are Power Peralta made in China?

With our own skateboard manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, California, we employ American hard rock maple, AirLam is fused with type 1 adhesive, and Powell Peralta decks are assured against delamination for the duration of their users like.

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