How much does a skateboard weigh

How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh in Kgs and Pounds 2023

Is there any impact of the weight of the skate on performance? That is one of the burning questions among skaters and specially beginners. That is why they are curious about the weight of a skateboard. So, here we have a detailed article for our users that discuss the term” How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh”.

What is the difference between light and heavy skateboards in terms of performance?
If you are curious about all these questions, this article will answer all your questions in detail.

First of all, the skateboard’s weight ranges from 1.74 to 3.27 kilograms (7.8 to 11.2 pounds). However, the electric skateboard, also known as an e-board, is about 12 to 14kg due to its battery and electric motor.

The skating board concept comes into being in the 1950s and the first ever skateboard was invented from a concept of a crude box within a while. Currently, there are different shapes and sizes. It was to relieve the boredom. But choosing one of them depend on your personal choice and liking. The different types of skateboards included classic skateboards, longboards, cruiser or unique shape skateboards, old-school skateboards, and Mini-cruiser skateboards.

Skateboard has six components: skateboard deck, hardware grip tape, wheels, bearings, and Trucks. All these components make a skateboard. And all their combined weight is the weight of the skateboard.

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Light weight skateboard is easy to carry, and it has easy to maneuver, while weighted skateboard has difficulty maneuvering for those with more weight; as their name suggests, the light one is for the smart physique; on the other hand, the heavy one is for those who have more weight. But it is recommended to keep in mind that all these traits like weight, speed, maneuverability and endurance depot only depend on the weight of the skateboard. Still, it depends on the individual parts of the skateboard, like wheels, Decks, and trucks, with their respective weights and other measurements.

The table given following summarizes the weight range of the skateboard

Table of Skateboard Weight

Skateboard part Average weight In LBSAverage weight in KG
Skateboard Deck 2.20 — 5.071 — 2.3 
Trucks0.74 — 0.830.33 — 0.37 
Wheels 0.41 — 0.57 0.18 — 0.25
Bearings 0.19 0.09
Hardware 0.011 – 0.013 0.004 — 0.005
Bushings 0.123 0.055 
Griptape0.19 – 0.440.09 — 0.2
Average total weight 3.86 —- 7.2361.74 — 3.27

We hope that is table will answer the term “How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh”

A skateboard consists of different parts and each part contributes in the aggregate weight of the skateboard. So, including them clear our concept of the whole weight of the product.

The Components of a Skateboard

What is a deck skateboard?

The Deck is the skateboard’s wooden part where the rider places their feet and to which other parts are connected. It comes in different sizes and shapes. The m ore weight it has, the more it will contribute to the total weight. Generally, its weight is about 1 to 2.3 kg. It is generally made of wood, or it can be made of plastic.

One must consider the weight of the Deck and the length and width while keeping their requirements in mind. The narrow Deck has more maneuverability; on the other hand, a more expansive Deck provides more stability to riders, Especially those who ride in the streets and downhill places. Typically, the length of the Deck is about 28 to 24 inches.

Hardware Grip Tape:

This is the beautiful part of the skateboard. The beautiful theme of the hardware grip tape p is to keep a rider’s shoes and feet safe on challenging and rough surfaces. It weighs about 0.09 to 0.2 kg.


The most crucial part of the skateboard is its wheels as the speed and maneuverability depend on the wheels. It is made of fine plastic; it has elasticity and durability. The weight of the wheels is about 190 to 260 grams; if one loves to flip, he has to go for the smaller size.


There are small rings used in the wheels to make them functional. About 8 bearings are used in the 4 wheels of the skateboard. The less weight of the bearing, the faster a wheel rolls. The weight of the bearings is about 90 grams.

Do You Know???

Bearing spacer size is measured by two things: axle diameter and overall spacer width


The truck is the essential part of the skateboard underneath and directly to the Deck. It is an integral part of the skateboard because it has to bear the weight load and board. The truck weighs about 340 to 380 g, which is 0.77 pounds. It also comes in different sizes and shapes. Usually, it is made of steel and aluminum.

Now we come to discuss the weight of the riders

Yes, it does matter to some extent. Your weight is a factor: it does not have any limit. You can always find a skateboard according to your physique. The smarter you are, the easier for you to carry yourself. Generally, it is recommended that if someone is 100 kg, he should have to choose a skateboard. If someone is about 136 kg, he has to go for the longboard and 150 kg for the electric board.

However, one can generally find a suitable skateboard according to their physique. If someone is smart, he would be able to do more tricks. But for those who carry more weight should go for a heavier option.

Conclusion of How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh

Finally, if someone is passionate about skateboarding, and curious about “How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh” he or she should consider all the relating aspects like, deck, wheels, bearings, etc. For this you can consult YouTube and other such platforms that provide valuable information about skateboarding.

FAQs about How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh

How much does a skateboard weigh?

First of all, the skateboard’s weight ranges from 3.5 to 5.5 kilograms (7.8 to 11.2 pounds). However, the electric skateboard, also known as an e-board, is about 12 to 14kg due to its battery and electric motor.

How much weight can a skateboard hold?

Generally, it can hold around 275 pounds.
Skateboard weighs without wheels?
Roughly, it could be around 1.5 to 2.9 kilograms

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