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Welcome Orbs Wheels

The ORBS wheels were invented by Welcome Skateboards. With a Welcome twist, hand poured in the USA from finest urethanes. Superhumanly fast, eerily hard, and flat-spot-free wheels.

A few new sizes and shapes in the ORBS line are offered in both hard 99A and soft 85A durometers. The two options will have you comfortable on the streets, parks, and rougher terrain throughout town. It’s all about skating whatever in your way. Let’s examine some ORB activity in more detail.

Orbs Wheels

The orbs wheels produce a variety of wheels. Some of their wheels are given below:

  • Orbs Pugs 52mm
  • Orbs pugs 54mm
  • Orbs shawn hale specters 56mm
  • Orbs Ryan lay specters 52mm
  • Orbs corey duffel aapparitions 54mm
  • Orbs ghost lited 52mm
  • Orbs lavender specters 52mm
Welcome Orbs Wheels

Orbs Wheels Review

A subsidiary of welcome skateboards called orbs wheels was started in 2010. The decision is made considerably easier by orb’s small range of wheels if they suit your style.

For instance, orbs spectres are good all around wheels that are similar to spitfire OG’s but less durable and have a bigger than typical contact patch.

Orbs are a great for both street and transition skating because of their widing riding surface, which is why beginners will like them.

The majority of orbs wheels cost less than 27 USD, which is a fantastic price. If you have a tight budget and want a distinctive configuration for skating in parks and on the street, these wheels are your best chance. They rank among the best skateboard wheels.


The qualities of welcome orbs wheels are given below:

  • A wonderful option for beginners is the jack of all trades.
  • Great for skating in parks and on the streets.
  • Extremely reasonable price.


These wheels are better option if you have a limited budget and want a unique setup for skating on the streets.

They have a really smooth ride and they look awesome. Although their wheels don’t have a particularly distinctive form or construction, they do have some amazing colours. 

This specific set of wheels has a broader contact patch, which is excellent for the extra stability and grip that many beginners seek. They are still thin enough, though, to perform admirably for more intricate flat ground grinds.


Which wheel wear faster?

Front tires tend to wear faster, up to 2.5’’ times faster on some vehicles. The front left wheel is hardest. It has the highest load and is responsible for transferring most of the steering during right turns.

What is the history behind Welcome Orbs Skateboards?

Welcome was founded in 2010 by Jason Celya outside his home using his $2,000 credit card. Welcome started as a way to create something out of the ordinary for a small group of friends, something that was unfashionable at the time.

How to choose a skateboard?

For beginners, we recommend choosing a skateboard based on your age and height. Junior size skateboards are recommended for those under 10 or under 5 feet tall. If you’re 10 or taller than 5 feet, a full size skateboard is fuine.

Robert Henry-Author Skate Orb

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Growing up in sunny Southern California, I fell head over heels for skateboarding at an early age. From the moment I stepped on a skateboard, I knew it was my calling.

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